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McBonnie and Clyde.

The dapper, serial fornicator, gabshite, bully, sexist pig and class traitor, Mr Tommy Sheridan, was jailed for three years, today. Mr Justice McSlag said Sheridan had, through his legislative efforts, materially and historically altered the fabric of Scottish society, both through his organised resistance to the poll tax and, in parliament, by the abolition of forced bailiffs' sales, or poundings. Didn't matter a fuck, though, said His Honour, and he was right, Sheridan put former friends  through  years of anxiety and aggravation, damning former comrades as slags and gold diggers whom he was determined to destroy, merely because they would not lie on oath, on his behalf. Triumphalising after his defamation hearing victory, Mr Sheridan, frothing at the mouth, vitriolic, fists waving,  resembled Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, any number of ranting demagogues; that he retains control of a threadbare and ridiculous Solidarity Party, which may yet see Mrs Sheridan listed into the Scottish Parliament, says something for the gullibility of the poor, something not very nice.

In a fifty minute plea before sentence, Sheridan played the family-man card and in truth one has some sympathy for any family sundered by a jail sentence, the judge, in sentencing him to three years, seemingly took account of Sheridan's contribution to public life and did not impose a swingeing or - as Sheridanites had feared - vindictive sentence. The Sheridans themselves, however, insist still  that Tommy has done no wrong.

Skymadeupnewsandfilth  can pursue Mr Sheridan for costs estimated at over a million pounds, effectively bankrupting him. Knowing how they work, though, one would not be surprised to find a Tommy Sheridan column in the News of the World, sometime next year,  the same self-obsessed rhetoric which saw Tommy in court fighting Murdoch, now used in justifying his redtop  employment. The wiping-out of the Left in Scotland and an unnecessary  victory handed to the Murdoch Empire of Filth. Sheridan, eh?  The man's a slag.

 Team Sheridan plan an appeal and are firing-off writs at the Met and Mr Coulson and anyone else they can think of.

Tommy Sheridan case: Lord Bracadale's summary

"On any view you were a highly effective and hard working politician. You supported individuals in the community; both in the parliament and in the street, you were able to use your undoubted powers of oratory to press home your cause; you led the Scottish Socialist Party to considerable electoral success; and your contributions to the anti-poll tax campaign and the abolition of warrant sales will become part of the fabric of Scottish social and political history.
"By pursuing, and persisting in the pursuit of, a defamation action against the proprietors of the News of the World you brought the walls of the temple crashing down not only on your own head but also on the heads of your family and your political friends and foes alike.

"You were repeatedly warned by the comrades that it would come to this.

I have considered the various cases to which you have referred me. These are helpful, though in considering them it must be borne in mind that each case turns on its own facts..."

"In your case you embarked on an action in the Court of Session knowing that for it to be successful you would require to tell lies under affirmation. You went on to commit perjury in the course of successfully pursuing that action, as a result of which you were awarded a very large sum of damages. In these circumstances the only appropriate sentence, as you yourself recognise, is one of imprisonment.

"I leave out of account your previous convictions which I do not regard as relevant.

"I take into account the terms of the social enquiry report; everything that you have said today; and the references which you have produced. I take account of the significant reduction in the scope of the charge against you. In all the circumstances I impose a sentence of three years imprisonment."



jgm2 said...

Just like Archer. Good-time gobshite reckons he can lie his way to a shed-load of cash and gets rumbled.

There's a clip on you-tube of Ian Hislop getting stuck into Mary Archer back in the day. The gist of it being that it was entirely down to her fucking husband that Blair could do what the fuck he liked because Blair would bat away any criticism away with 'Sleazy Tories - look at Archer - now excuse me while I put a lunatic in charge of the economy and wage war in Iraq...'

Same with Sheridan. Labour and the SNP will simply point to Tommy and say 'How can you vote for that shower of crooks, gobshites, hypocrites and faux-tanned arseholes...'

call me ishmael said...

Yes, exactly, mr jgm2, it's what I call the Escalation of Impunity - because Clinton was bad, Bush was worse and he was allowed to be worse just because he wasn't Clinton and because Bush was so fucking awfully bad Obama, just because he isn't Bush, is allowed to be even worse. And because Major was shit, Blair, as you say, was allowed to get away with murder, just because he wasn't Major. And now, God help us all, Cameron is permitted to put civilisation on ebay, for some cunt bastard financier to buy, simply because he's not who some of us call the maximum imbecile. The Escalation of Impunity, people get away with murder, simply because they're not the last guy. We are all too busy denigrating the previous incumbent, to properly scrutinise the current one. Harold Wilson started it, with his Thirteen Years Of Tory Misrule mantra.

They let Bush shit all over the Constitution and invent laws to put himself beyond the reach of the law. And we're letting Cameron install himself in Downing Street for five years until he can gerrymander a certain victory for the amalgamated Tory-Toiletmen parties. The fact that Cameron is not Brown is immaterial; he's worse than Brown; that's the way it works.

mongoose said...

The masters make the rules, Mr I, for the wise men and the fools.

jgm2 said...

simply because he's not who some of us call the maximum imbecile.

Quite so Mr Ishmael. Even though you (or I for that matter) don't like how he's shaping up he will have some way to go before he surpasses Brown for utter fucking muppetry. With fuel prices through the roof Brown would have already, to great BBC fanfare, boarded a flight to Saudi to give those Johnny Arabs a good talking to like some latter day Gladstone and give them the benefit of his colossal intellect (as reported by Polly). Like he was going to send a gunboat down if they didn't step back in line and cut the price of oil. Cameron has at least resisted that although he has adopted the 'keep your head down when the going gets tough' policy of Brown.

I think the main mistake Cameron is making is trying to hide whatever he's doing under this 'Big Society' nonsense. I happen to believe (and I thought you and I agreed on this) that whoever was in power would be making the same cuts because that is simply the only option we've got left after we blew all the money over the prior decade on cheap Chinese shit and over-priced houses. Unless we try 'unconventional economics' like printing money, raiding people's pension funds or mass confiscation from savers. Which is the sort of thing you can only do once. It really is that simple.

Trying to dress it all up as some 'Big Society' is just bollocks.

Be honest. Just say, like Byrne, 'Sorry - there's no money left and so we'll have to prioritise'. Then let people argue about their priorities. But trying to dress up these forced decisions as some 'Big Society' great plan is just pure horseshit and the voters know it which is why he didn't get a majority - or one reason he didn't.

Anyway, we're fucked. Whatever happens we are fucked for another four or five years. At least. Fucked by our own national and individual greed and stupidity.

BTW - Clinton wasn't so bad - even at the time, blue dresses and all and even though I'm not a yank so it had nothing to do with me I thought Clinton had done a fair job. Even if he'd done very little he hadn't fucked anything up too badly. It was Gore who was a shoo-in and threw it all away by shunning support from Clinton thus allowing the redneck's redneck to take control.

jgm2 said...

And re your theme of Incremental Idiocy, if you think Cameron is bad, just look at the rubber-faced imbeciles Labour have lined up to take the reins next time.

Ned-squared. Holy fuck. One with a blank sheet of paper in lieu of any fucking policies and the other with a blank cheque in lieu of any fucking cash. And that's not me making a comedy characterisation - that's the fucking truth. If there was an election tomorrow that's the clowns who'd be presented as 'Choice' or 'Change' or 'Progressive' or whatever the fuck they're calling themselves this morning.

It's gone beyond angry - I'm resigned to it Mr Ishmael. It's the final stage in the grieving process.

We have a full five years of falling living standards to look forward to according to Mervyn, and on this I don't doubt him, and all we have waiting in the wings at the end of that are proven imbeciles.

We're fucked.

Suddenly Major doesn't seem so bad.

HenryJ said...

To go into politics these days people know your doing it to feather your own nest,public service is just two words in a dusty dictionary,so why all this false anger,moans,winges, if your young and you want to change things, the greasey pole is the way to the top via your local council,duck,dive,conive and bribe,steal,screw and fcuk your way to your up and if you still have a sense of honesty then use it when youget to your mp-ship ,get other mp's on your side and bring changes from within,if things fail at the start,pick yourself up and try again,if you fail to be an mp,you will still have a nice little number as a local councillor,if you fail to get your goal as an MP, being showered with money and a pension should help to soothe your wounded dreams,yes I know living gets in the way but mp's seem to make it work.

mongoose said...

Ah, but, Mr HenryJ, there is much being written these days of a retreat of the ruling elite back to the toffs and their privately-educated offspring. Public service, one would have thought, ought to be a driver for such people, insured and protected as they are from the slings and arrows of economic meltdown and the repeal of civilisation. That little grammar school oiks are no longer manufactured to potentially pollute the political population is just another side effect of that particular barbarism of long ago. Things being different in Scotland, the finest part of England, I am told, the grimy horrible reptilian fucker Sheridan but poses as a public servant and a representative of the people. That he is little more than a fucking gangster is beyond dispute. A ganster, who, if I may add, I should be glad to see gassed at the earliest opportunity pour encouraging every other one of the weasel bastards toff and non-toff alike.

call me ishmael said...

It's right, I met some of his henchmen, hard, nasty little thugs, veneered with concern for the People. No doubt he'll recruit a few more, in the Big House.

Just a thought, the commenters in Scotland seem, almost to a man, incapable of despising equally the Hews of the World and Tommy Gatemouth Sheridan- it must, it seems, be one or the other, too big a concept, too unsettling, I suppose, that all their wine is water, all their pearls are clay...

mongoose said...

Everytime that "best part of England" thing comes up, I think of a film I saw a few weeks back - "Outcast". It is new-ish and is set up your way, Mr Ishmael, and whilst it has a mad, silly werewolfy plot, the locals are shown in all their glory.

call me ishmael said...

It's not that I disagree with your estimation of front benches, past or present, mr jgm2, I just wish I could prise you from your partisanship. They are all as bad as each other, the agendas they trumpet decided for them elsewhere. Polly Toynbee is no different to Simon Heffer, Toilets Maguire no different to Benny Brogan, they are all part of the same MediaMinster clique, all have more in common with each other than with us. Tony and Imelda have made, what, tens of milliuns for his services to GlobaCorpWeAreDeath Inc; the Clintons made 110 million dollars in the two years after his departure, and the shitty bitch still demanded that Obama supporters' money be used to pay her election debts. These people are filth, mt jgm2, all of them, no point in singling Brown out, he's history, no point saying one or other is marginally better; the ones who matter, as far as we are concerned are Spunkface, CallHimDave and that worthless airhead Clegg, anything that anyone can do to discomfort these cunts, that's what we should be doing, there's no more left wing or right wing, it's us and them.