Monday, 31 January 2011

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY, THE FILTH-O-GRAPH,Police use CS gas on tax protesters Police used CS spray on protesters at an anti-tax avoidance demo today after an activist was arrested while pushing leaflets into an outlet of Boots.


Well, sir, I was proceeding in an orderly fashion down Oxford Street with a patrol of heavily armoured  friendly neighbourhood beat officers when, acting upon intelligence, we noticed some young people - and we know how dangerous young people are to the govament, don't we, sir - we noticed some young people pushing paper leaflets under the door of Messrs Boots the Chemists, sir. Quickly perceiving that these were paper leaflets and that these people were protesters, legally protesting about the taxation arrangements of some very respectable business gents I had no alternative but to order my men to gas them and if necessary set about them with items of security apparatus. Yes, sir, big sticks, and boots and fists. Some of them we arrested for causing criminal damage with the paper leaflets and removed to the police station for further beatings, I mean interrogation. One and the same thing, sir? Oh, I don't think so, sir, not now that we have the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, which stipulates quite clearly that when we are beating people or crushing their testicles   or hanging them up from the cell windows,  the cameras must be clearly switched off. I mean, sir, we can't have people going around protesting about things can we now, sir? So I think, sir, what with the upsurge in so-called protest,  we might all come to call CS gas  Democracy's truest friend, the rubber bullets, too.

Criminalising  lawful behaviour, using the media to distort the truth,  gassing dissenters, Egypt, sir? Yes I believe it is what they do in Egypt but we are a long way from Egypt here, sir. Move along now, please, or I shall have to call in the army. Harrier jets, over the Enbankment, sir? No, the govament have sold them off, sir. To pay for my overtime. Of which, sir, there will be a great deal. A very great fucking deal.

An out-of-control mob, bent on bringing violence to the nation's capital.


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Amazing. Borrowing up last year another 7 percent and the middle class students are all waving their arms about.

When this government actually stops borrowing even more, I'll be sniffing CS gas by way of celebration.

mongoose said...

All coppers are bastards, eh? Headline in today's Telegraph... "Chief Superintendent acquitted of arson as barrister lists police investigation 'blunders'." And it goes on...

"Chief Superintendent Jim Trotman of Thames Valley Police was cleared of setting fire to his own car and then trying to frame his mistress’s husband in October 2009. Despite his acquittal, he remains suspended on full pay from the force while an internal investigation into conduct unconnected with the case is carried out. John Beggs QC highlighted a number of alleged police errors including a half-hearted search of the crime scene – missing a key piece of evidence – and the destruction of the burned out car before defence experts could examine it."

Who'd a fucking thunk that! They made a cock-up of investigating one of their own Chief Inspectors. You cannot make this stuff up. They're just taking the mickey now.