Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Mr Clegg said: "It looks like it's going to be a very close race between ourselves and Labour but I fully expect Elwyn Watkins to win."
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 Mr Nick Noddy, Tory gimp and DPM.

Asked what he would do if his candidate, Mr Wotsisname, lost, Mr Gimp relied, Well,  Look, just because we have an unelected govament, imposing rotten policies which no-one voted for, it doesn't mean that this isn't  a democracy.  Of course it is.  In fact, this is the very essence of democracy, shit-eating millionaires, liars, bullies, child molesters  and degenerates  doing what is best for each other.  I mean, that's as good as it gets. Are you asking me if I am a democrat? Of course I am.  I am the greatest living democrat. And in the unlikely event of Mr Wotsisname not commanding a huge majority of AlarmClock people then I and my party will be democratic about it. And challenge the result in the courts.

Mr Straight Simon Hughes? Yes, we gave him a job, commensurate with his abilities.  And that's why he doesn't get paid anything.  Keeps him happy, revolting  old queen. 

Mr Straight Simon Hughes, Universities Czar,
at the LubeDem, sorry, LibDem Christmas Party.


PT Barnum said...

I fear you've mislabelled your second photo there. Miss BallGag 2001 is surely the lovepainchild of Ann Robinson and Bernard Manning?

Every time I see N.Clegg all I can think of is rancid chip oil. Glad I have never been near enough to smell him. Hughes always used to smell of some very very masculine eau de cologne cos he was so butch.

Dick the Prick said...

The turnout figures could be interesting, what incentive is there to bother?

call me ishmael said...

Just the incentive of upsetting Clegg, times like these, mr dtp, we must take our plesures where we can. Looking at the mainstream message boards, it appears that he has succeeded Mr Snot, in the nation's affection; such a fickle world, showbusiness.

HenryJ said...

One of the places where old Yorkshire (White Rose) is joined with a shit heap called Oldham to make another shit heap called Metro County of Manchester,where they will vote for anything/body as long as it wears a red rose same as a Red Rose of Lancashire
,shame as Saddleworth apart from the unknown grave of a little boy is a lovely area,happily the bitch who helped is dead and the twat is kept in a secure nut house outside Southport where he will die.
Why anyone would want to be an MP for that area must really want help or just in it to make money.

Agatha said...

Hi, Mr. Henry J, don't recall having read your stuff before,just wanted to say I have a close friend who loves Manchester, its liberalism, its multi-culturalism, its acceptance of crazy adult sexuality, its fabulous art gallery and pre-Raphaelites and amazing Victorian architecture and the wild moors surrounding it, with the cotton plants blowing in the breeze and the blue harebells and the clear, free calls of the moorland birds. She loves Manchester because it is lovable and she was born there and her family and chums are there. Just like everyone else loves the place where their connections are. And they are entitled to Parliamentary representation just like anyone else. Hope they get someone who also loves Manchester. Probably won't.
Hey, Mr. Ish, I really hate your sado-masochistic pictures. They are not nice. And the ginger bint with the scold's bridle should be downright ashamed of herself.

Agatha said...
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jgm2 said...

I went to Manchester once. About twenty years ago.

It was Sunday and it was shut. That's shut. Although it looked shit too.

Used the airport once or twice though. Best part of Manchester. Like Glasgow.

call me ishmael said...

They're not published for people to like them, I don't think they're nice, either. If you want nice, you're in the wrong place, it's Ruin we do here.

mongoose said...

I have been to Manchester twice. It was a Liverpool for posh people but I could live there. What is it about the east and the west? The Tees-Exe line perhaps but the west is so much more fun than the dreary east.

Agatha said...

Hi, Mr. Mongoose,
This is one I think I know the answer to. I was told in Social Policy class back in the day. The prevailing winds in Britain blow the smoke and smog of a city away from the West and over the East. Therefore, the folks with the money live and pleasure themselves in the city's West, away from the pollution. Like the West End of London.
I know you do Ruin, here, Mr.I. - still think they're nasty pictures.