Monday, 31 January 2011


Escaped Beefheartee, the man who gave Keef Richards his  riffs, world musicologist and Blues maestro, Mr Ry Cooder, plays the best slide guitar ever played.

Interesting how the worse this Egyptian shit gets, the worse Clinton sounds, stage managed events - election rallies and compliant press conferences - are one thing, real events seem to have revealed quite how inappropriate and over-promoted she is as Seckatry of State and thus how beggared has become Uncle Sam's political system, a fucking nobody appointed so that another fucking nobody can have a clear run at the White House, even though, considering the opposition, Obama should have pissed it; but his greatest enemy was not the GOP redneck motherfuckers but the ambition of the hideous poxed-up, patched-up, fucked-up, screwed-up, coked-up, bought-up, sold-out, draft-dodging Clintons; Jesus, talk about organised crime.

I hear fragments of Clinton static on the radio, disjointed, tub-thumping, meaningless old tripe, Uncle Sam a laughing stock. What's he gonna do now, another surge, maybe, more of that Shock and Awe filth - bomb a few ancient cities and strut about burbling Mission Accomplished, like a madcap emperor. Rally Round the Flag, Y'all, chickens done come home to roost.

Somewhere in between Skanky Sarah Palin and Hillary Trousers are some decent people, why don't they get off their arses and throw this lot, the occupants of Capitol Hill, with their big hair, their big teeth and their big bribes, straight in the pen, with the murderers and child molesters, because that's where they belong.


the noblest prospect said...

If this road to Ruin had a soundtrack, surely Cooder would write the score. Perhaps he already has. Greg stuff Mr Smith.

call me ishmael said...

He's like Richard Thompson, working away largely unrecognised, whilst lesser men - Knopfler and Clapton, for instance - reap garlands and riches.

I wonder who we never heard of, from Beethoven's day or Handel's or Mozart's, I wonder who was the Ry Cooder of the Baroque.