Friday, 14 January 2011


Hi, alarm clock voters, deputy prime minister Noddy, here,
doing some heavy lifting.

Nick Clegg said this morning: "It was always going to be a big ask to take this seat from Labour, given the circumstances. We are undertaking some enormously difficult decisions because Labour left Britain's economy in a mess and we are now forced to clean up after them.
"By 2015, I hope that the people of Oldham and Saddleworth will see, like everyone else in the country sees, that I am a complete cunt and that the difficult choices we made were the wrong ones and that Britain is in worse shape than when we entered government, our tongues up Mr Cameron's arse."

It was always going to be a big ask;  he really said that. Undertaking some enormously difficult decisions;  he really said that, too.

He also said this, a couple of days ago: 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Mr Clegg said: "It looks like it's going to be a very close race between ourselves and Labour but I fully expect Elwyn Watkins to win."
more by Nick Clegg , below - 9 hours ago - (2 occurrences)

Or lose, by three thousand votes.


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Was in the US working, so missed the 'alarm clock workers' line.


Don't we all know that the squeezed middle are Worcester woman and Mondeo man? Pebble dash people with an alarm clock?

Caratacus said...

Come on Ishmael - cut the chap a bit of slack...

It must be terribly difficult to decide, on a daily basis, just how far he has to push his tongue up Cameron's arse.

Dick the Prick said...

I know i'm biased, ffs, if I wasn't then it'd be important and that would never do but there was a spat last night on QT when an odious Lib Demmer was whinging about Libbers abandonment of pledges, principles - you know, that stuff that people vote for. Well. it was a bit strange.

What's the point of power if you don't wield it, direct it, design it? Why has Clegg become more Tory than the mother fucking Tories? If Cammo had got a 40 majority then us numbnut right wing bastards would be strutting around like we owned the gaff and become the odious prima donnas that we naturally are; blocking legislation, amending shite, arguing the toss over esoteric shite and 5 years later discover that fuck all has changed.

Clegg has got a weakened Tory party at his mercy and yet has fucked his generalist youthful power base. It's just wierdly stupid. I don't understand. Politics is either short or long term - no-one gives a fuck about medium term benefits, that's for the officers or civil servants. Madness.

mongoose said...

Clegg has messed it up for a generation, Mr DtP. Why exactly should anybody now vote for the 'Shooters? Exactly. No reason whatsoever. Cameron's fantastic gamble is that they will be eviscerated and he will reap more of the spare votes than the Millitwat. Clegg's only escape is to scupper the coalition asap. And he won't. And now that Vince is dead, nobody else can, I think.