Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Mr Andy Gray, of SkyshitSports, a typical Murdoch employee, going about his normal  work,
before being sacked for crudeness.

It's good, this, SkySport sacking one of its bloated, fascistic, overpaid arseholes for being sexist.  Seems that Andy Something, a football commentator, in an unguarded moment, was slagging-off a female linesperson, or assistant referee, failing, like Mr Snot, to notice that his 'mic was still switched-on. What's the game coming to, he grunted, split-arses as officials, or something like that.  Even though it wasn't broadcast, the clip was posted on the internet and Rupert or his brat, anxious to show willing while the BskyB bid is being cooked-up by Jeremy Cunt, culture minister, suspended the horrible,  fat pig-in-a-suit and then, fuck me, he goes and virtually waves his dick at a female colleague, come and adjust this, he joked, the wag.  That was it, Andy was down the road, muttering.  Here at skymadeupnewsandfilth we don't put up with that sexist crudity, said sky afternoon anchorwoman, Ms Kay Burley, below,

it's political correctness gone mad, said the horrible old  witch, and you better print that,  she continued, or I'll bite your fucking face off.

Absolutely intolerable, said Sky grandee, Mr Kelvin McCunt, below, it's political wossaname, gone mad.

Next thing is we'll be 'avin teenagers flashin' their jubblies on page free of the newspaper. Yes, and lurid, made-up stories in the Sunday 'papers, fuck me, what sort of organisation do you fink we are? Sexist cunts or summink?

Mr Jeremy Clarkson, another employee of skymadeupnewsandfilth, at the Times newspaper said,  It's political correctness gone mad, that's what  it is;  it's worse than speed limits.

Mr Jeremy Cuntson, the popular Murdochite populist,
the paunchy boy-man in jeans who can't quite
hide his contempt for his audience.
And why, indeed, should he?

Next thing they'll be making you wear safety belts in your own car and forcing you to stop at red lights. Well, you, maybe, but not me, because like Germaine Greer and Billy Connolly, I go everywhere with a camera crew, apart from Birmingham, which I hate,  and I am quite amazingly rich and  can, therefore, do as I please. You know what I like best about Top Gear, apart from the money, it's all those dickheads standing in the studio waiting to applaud cars, as though they were people. Tossers.

It's political correctness gone mad, said Mr Michael Spit-Gove,MP, 

Gove the Apologist.  Never mind him, he's just a poor, wee waif, 
busy fagging for the Bullingdon Boys, apologising to Mr Balls and
dreading the reshuffle.

who used to work for Mr Murdoch at the Times and now works  for him in Mr Cameron's Toilet Coalition, I mean, frankly, if young girls want to get their tits out for a few quid, well, that's no concern of the education  seckatry (me), my job is to privatise the education system, so that the children of ToryDem voters get a good education, at the expense of the other lot.  And that our friends in the City make a nice few quid.  Respect for wimmen, that's nothing to do with me. If you ask me, it's political correctness gone mad, that's what it is. Buy the Sun, if you love freedom.


jgm2 said...

Word is that Andy Gray (a man of whom it was said, whilst a player, that he didn't think he'd had a good match unless he'd been kicked in the head) had, somewhat carelessly decided to sue his employer over alleged phone-tapping.

And then, fuck me, all these secret recordings get made public. What a silly boy. One kick in the head too many.

Dolt was probably too thick to realise that the same bloke who owns SKY owns NoW and that he might be leaving himself a bit exposed.

And No. I don't have SKY. Fifty quid a month? For TV? That's 600 quid a year. After tax. Are you fuckers out of your minds?

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck that Mr jgm2, my chum showed me the MyP2P website a few weeks ago and you get Sky sports for free. Last test of the Ashes was subsequently watched and enjoyed for the princely sum of £nowt - hurray!

I think in this case though i'm gonna pop it in the 'couldn't give a shit' box. Was he set up? How did the tape become public? Is there a case that by suing his employer that a charge was contrived? Dunno. Just to dismiss women as adjudicators on some sporting event is surely bollox, to laughingly mock that she was a minger and state that birds know nowt about that most complex of subjects 'footie' long heralded since ancient times as theologically divine and worthy of dedicated study. Well, fuck him.

Sport is quite sexist - why not have lasses play in the same snooker tournaments, darts, motor racing (a girl won the world rally championship a bit back) and any other sport where strength doesn't make the game?

Yup, fuck him - as Bill Hicks would say regarding the druggy who thought he could fly when jumping from a building instead of taking off from the ground 'fuck him, we've lost another idiot'.

mongoose said...

Andy Gray needed to be got rid of. And, lo, it came to pass. Keys will be gone before the day is out. Collateral damage, as they say, in Baghdad.

That men when alone together say crude things about women is a revelation to us all, I am sure.

HenryJ said...

Well after watching some young woman park at the local Tesco today,I think her knowledge of the offside rule would be a lot better than her knowledge of driving the wrong way up a marked no entry and parking halfy halfy over two spaces but blocking a car that was in one of the halfy halfy spaces,whoever decided this was a good thing to bring in the open is really the biggest shit going,I now expect to see Loose Women any Ladies and Gents toilets have men and women in them,any women only or men only whatever are now open to both sexes, clubs,car insurance co's(something wheels),whatever if not then the ambulance chasers could make someone a lottery winner.

spreaditaboutabit said...

Well said HenryJ.

yardarm said...

Just a dream....just a cheering thought....maybe this is the start. Round and round it goes, where it stops, who the fuck knows ?

call me ishmael said...

...some young woman park at the local Tesco.....

Aye but for every one of her, mr henryj, there's a squadron of man-boy fuckwits,parking wherever they want, merely because they imagine that their gaudy four-wheel drive vehicles are Humvees, engaged in some war or other, and that they are Arnie Schwarzenneger, fucking eejits.

I hear what you say, mr spreaditabout, but I fear I do not recognise the sense of it.

It's odd, mr yardarm, but increasingly the customarily redneck commenters at the filth-O-Graph are posting: Enough of this shit, what we want is a revolution, I counted about one-in-three, last night, UpAgainsTheWallMotherfuckerites, so to speak.

Sport, I feel mr dtp, is sexist by definition, I don't know that women have the spatial and ballistic and geometric intuitions to enable them to compete at snooker; I think it's a fairly natural and acceptable segregation, although I would dearly love to see a feminine alternative to Fat Clarkson and his chortling, macho bozos. Perhaps one of their stunts will backfire, and they will all be crushed, drowned or burnt to death, roasted alive on a pyre of vandalised caravans. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love cars, sometimes, here in the best part of England, I even enjoy driving. It's just Arseholes.

mongoose said...

My lad likes Top Gear - which says it all really. The only worthwhile bit is the celebrities driving a normal car around the race track. Interesting to see, for instance, Kate Moss drive as fast as anyone and without all the squealing tyres and nonsense. The rest of it is bollocks about £700,000 Bugattis and such. Cars nobody will ever own. Like the rags on the fashion pages nobody will ever wear, and Michael Winner whining on again about Barbadian hotels nobody will ever stay at. It is all crap and stupidity, pissing in the faces of ordinary folk of ordinary means. But Kate Moss driving some piece of crap such as we have all driven is almost an excuse for the vile oafish cunt Clarkson to be allowed to sully my TV set.

jgm2 said...

My kids love Clarkson. And that stunt they almost pulled off with blasting a Reliant Robin into space was inspired. They should definitely have another go at that.

This year's Christmas special was shite though.

Plus although we, as sensible grown-ups can tut-tut, gah - Clarkson, what is he like eh? He really drives the bedwetters insane. The Toynbees, the Monbiots and other suchlike we-know-better wankers. And that can surely only be a good thing. Each extra PSI of blood pressure increases the likelihood they'll blow their stack and save us from having to listen to any more of their nanny hectoring.

mongoose said...

There is indeed cold comfort in that, mr jgm2.

mrs narcolept said...

I'll have you know, Mr Henry, that I recently got a round of applause off a gang of local builders when I parked the narcoleptmobile in a roadside space, only having taken about fifteen backwards and forwardses in the process.

My dear mr narcolept never misses TG but keeps up a spirited grumbling throughout along the lines of What does Clarkson think he looks like, can't stand the little squitty one, the third wheel is a waste of rations, Alvis, now there was a car.

There is a Ducati in the middle of the dining room at the moment. That is what I call offside.

call me ishmael said...

Lovely. Bravo,mrs n.