Thursday, 27 January 2011


THURSDAY 11.35pm (12.05am in Wales and N Ire)

Andrew Neil, Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo

Greg Dyke, Mary Ann Sieghart and Imelda May

Tonight on This Week:
Thursday 27th January

On me 'ed son! … We're sticking the boot in to sexism! Yeah!!

So, we've coaxed a couple of comely bits of stuff onto the This Week sofa.

Former Cabinet Minister Charles Clarke will be joining Michael Portillo for a girlie pillow fight! ...stand well back.

Ladylike media queen Greg Dyke will be telling us why the phone hacking investigation is ruining that cosy old sisterhood between the papers and politicians.

And Mary Ann Sieghart is turning her hand at rat-catching in her vermin-infested roundup of the politcal week.

As if that wasn't enough, rockabilly queen Imelda May will be here to explain why sexism isn't music to her ears.

So, come on sistas! Kick off your comfortable shoes and join us!

We are on live - after Question Time - at 23:35 in England and Scotland - and 00.05 in Wales and Northern Ireland. If that's too late, catch us on BBC Parliament on Friday at 18:00 or later on the BBC iPlayer.

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MaryAnn Shitbag, Mr Ratty AND Fat Charlie, not to mention Playboy Jock  - he went to grammar school and university, you know -  and  La Portilla.  AND none of them will be wearing a tie! The things people have to do for a measly grand. Fuck me, I don't know if I can wait.


ferretfiddler said...

And it will all make perfect sense.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Brillo is alright but the show has become too cosy and they seem to feel the need for guest who the plebs have heard of in order to be inclusive.

What they need is a drunken Nick Cohen on it (vintage the Orwells) or Frankie Boyle or an outrageous Queen who would make Portillo look uncomfortable and worried he was about to be outed.

Yep, its too cosy and all the Blue Nun in the world will not turn it into entertaining tele.

call me ishmael said...

Neil's function in the Establishment is to short-circuit any genuine opposition to Globacorp - he has millions in Sky shares, from his time as Rupe's cocksucker-in-chief - the idea being that he is some sort of doughty scrutineer of politics and nothing will get past him, viewers can go to bed safe and secure knowing that this cunt is on their side when, in fact, he is to journalism what the dwarf, Hislop, is to satire - licensed by the govament to play-up, but just a little bit. When was the last time you saw a radical thinker on This Week? It's just the same old gang of greedy, time-serving wankers, week after week, Jacqui Schmidt the biggest demonstration of the contempt in which the programme's makers hold us - except, of course, that we regularly hear from Neil's pimp, Peter Stringpenis, who shares fascinating insights with us about What Needs To Be Done, two disgusting old slags together.