Wednesday, 12 January 2011



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Mr Bob Fingers Diamond,  today slapped up his two bitches, Flashman & The Fag, aka Spunkface.  We were only doing what he told us, said the notorious pair of whores, it's him who's living on immoral earnings, we just work for him.  Spunkface, who has convictons for whoring as a schoolboy, as well as on various yachts, said, I keep trying to tell him it's over and I won't work for him anymore but he just says turn a few more tricks for me, baby, and then you can retire from the game and come and work for me in the office, be a director, c'mon, sweet thing,  you know you love me.

Flashman said that it was just so incredibly hard to break free from Mr Money.  You know I've been whoring all my life, runs in the family, really, my great granny was a royal whore, and now I'm a bankers' whore;  it really is incredibly traditional. I expect that if Fingers tells me to, I'll wind up fucking everybody in the country.


Dick the Prick said...

Set of fucking pussies and stupid pussies to boot. Why did they tell people they were gonna crack down on the bankers and then not do so? Are these fucking teenagers that up their own arses that they'll think no-one will notice. Derren Brown they are fucking not. Not only mendacious but stupid - winning combo - hurray!

yardarm said...

Not just mere whores but frantic, passionate advocates of the dominion of City chair polishers.

Agatha said...

And the two jolly sailor boys were up, were up, were up, and the land lubbers lying down below.

Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.