Sunday, 9 January 2011


 Nutter Nadine's new beau, crinkly Christian arsehole, John Butler, 55,  walked out on his wife shortly after Christmas Day and within days began his affair with Mrs Dorries.

He added: “I believe strongly in marriage and the marriage vows, only not obviously the ones about forsaking all others, or  in sickness and in health or for better or worse, or 'til Death us do part, for fuck's sake man, I 'm a Tory and a Christian, despite the fact I’m now an adulterer, and I tried and tried to make my marriage work. But reluctantly and after a long, long time, I decided I had to leave. The children were unhappy and their development was being impacted by what was going on at home. So now I'm banging this mad old slapper”

He said the final straw came when Mrs Butler, 54, began drinking heavily and passed out on her bed while she was meant to be preparing Christmas lunch for the family. He said: “We couldn’t even have a happy Christmas. She passed out after starting to drink, leaving me and my children to have lunch on our own.”

 “Over many years, through the children growing up and through into their adulthood, she had a series of alcohol problems. It was very difficult for me and the children,” he said.

Tory leader, for now, and unelected prime minister, Mr CallHimDave, said that he was incredibly sorry about what had happened . Look, if people want to commit cocaine, I mean adultery that's just an incredibly private, um, thing. Unless, of course, Mr Coulson was listening to their phonecalls, in which case it becomes Mr Murdoch's property. And how incredibly right that must be.

Mrs Dorries said on her blog, slagwatch, that if people didn't leave her and her silly old fucker alone she would put herself on suicide watch.

Nothing quite like a gentleman slagging off his wife of thirty years, the mother of his children, is there ?


lilith said...

I thought the press announcement about his wife's alcoholism was a little vindictive. After all, he was stupid enough to put up with it for 30 years.

snarkbogle said...

Will just he be able to claim for all this on expenses, or will Nadine be up for some too?

Dick the Prick said...

It's a Robin Cook expose - the fact that the Screws phoned him and said 'we've got pictures, ya dirty little fuckwad' has absolutely no bearing on the timing of his decision and in no way has influenced any sequence of events, which it did.

'Cheers love, thanks for all the good times, now do one biatch. Toodle pip'.

Hmm..a traditional divorce, how quaint.

mrs narcolept said...

‘As the pub door opened, he was framed in the light, and as we looked at each other I realised that for the first time we were looking at each other in a different way.’

And they say romance is dead.

she's not as daft as she's stupid looking said...

Didn't Nadine win damages from Damien McSmear who claimed she was a slapper ?
And The Telegraph never did find out where she lived. Or which home was first or second.
And she managed to get the family onto the payroll before the rules changed.
She's obviously clever so the newspapers will be treading carefully.

mongoose said...

One doesn't wish to intrude. The notion that a geezer can decide to leave his wife in the morning and in the afternoon find out that a woman he has known a decade was his new Juliet. Well, it's drivel, isn't it?

And maybe the lady drinks because her husband is a cunt.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, they tell us any old shit, don't they? I'd punch him in the gob, me. And her.

black hole sunset said...

Same thoughs here, Mr Mongoose; him being a cunt won't have helped, nor did he, by the sound of it. Still, at least he's there for his kids at this difficult time ... oh, hang on.

HenryJ said...

While she's an MP Nads is open to any verbal abuse from think of the children to she is supposed to show leadership and right in everything she does,but as she said she's an MP by profssion,then she's a hypocritical cow and when is she going to take the Chiltern Hundreds,if she's not an MP then it's none of my business.

Never forgiven her on a tv interview saying that she was an MP by profession,I always thought being an MP was a public service you have taken on to help the public,but Iam a nieve twit at times,

mongoose said...

Quite so, Mr bhs, and the man does not look as if he is a stranger to a drink himself. And if you must leave the woman, leave the woman and do whatever but remain silent. Do not root around for an excuse which serves the fragrant Nadine politically and decide to brand your wife of a few decades as a drunk. It is the sure sign of a coward and a cunt. Still, every other woman in the land now knows to steer clear of the bastard.

call me ishmael said...

It's right mr hj, the terms public service and career being, to my mind, mutually exclusive.

Not all that fragrant, close up, I suspect, mr mongoose.

Woman on a Raft said...

It's the 9th January. Christmas was 14 days ago.

Such bollocks as they only started the affair in the last two weeks is worthy of the Archers scriptwriters.

Anyhoo, let me be the first to tell the happy couple "I don't fancy yours much".

call me ishmael said...

The Archers scriptwriters seem to have shit, I mean shot, their own fox, left their gates open, infected the flocks with NVCJ disease and burned all the hay. They don't like it, the listeners, all this shit happening to Nigel.

That Vanessa Whitburn, she'll pay with her job. And about time, too