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Speaking at Southwark Crown Court, Mr Justice Gob, QC, told former MP and cabinet minister,Mr Jonathan Slime,  that he would be failing in his duty blah-blah-blah, if he did not impose an immediate custodial sentence.  The public has every right to expect that when some rotten slimy cunt like you goes on the telly at every opportunity proclaining what a reformed character you are and how you should be given newspaper columns to add insult to the original injury then a custodial sentence is inevitable. It's not as though you were ever even charged with all your proper crimes, Judge Gob continued, pimping young women to coke-snorting arabs, being involved in sordid spanking practices and takng bungs for arms deals whilst a minister of the Crown, fuck me, no, all you did was seven months for perjury, when you shoulda got ten fucking years.  And no use claiming to have come out and bootstrapped yourself back up,  Aitken,  that's just more lies, you managed to shift you corrupt wealth to your mad bint of a Mrs before usefully declaring yourself bankrupt. How many other ex-cons come out to a multi-million pounds North Street mansion? Eh?  Never mind, take him down.

Some turd of a political blogger - Jesus, these fuckers are worse than the real politicians  - speaking pompously  to the Beeb,  insisted that Chaytor's eighteen months wasn't enough; shallow, stupid, self-righteous and vengeful, this arsehole echoes the voices of his masters in MediaMinster - let the punishment fit the soundbite, worthless piece of shit. Chaytor is punished enough, as are his family and friends,  the question which "  political bloggers "   should be asking is why, in an institution so corrupt from top to bottom, only a handful have been charged, although that, of course, would not suit Power's purpose.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Not sure if you will like this..

I argue the same thing, but from a different perspective.

PT Barnum said...

Well, some bloggers (or one blogger) are under an illusion that it was them wot dun it, for which cue spite, schadenfreude, bile and other verbal excreta. Call the man what he is, a thief, and leave it at that.

I'm half-expecting Jim Less Than Devine to be deemed incapable to stand trial on the grounds that he has an IQ a turnip would be ashamed of. Call him a thick thief and turn off the media coverage.

mongoose said...

That Aitken is a swine crafted from the purest shite cannot reasonably be disputed. He is the very personification of the cat litter tray left a couple of months too long before being emptied - vile, unspeakable, unwelcome, reeking and corrupt. (And a bad idea to start with; let the cats crap outside, for God's sake.) That the rich and powerful evade justice as the norm is axiomatic. That this new litter tray will be out and free in time for Easter or thereabouts is one more fresh turd in the face of honour and justice. In any decent country, not a single one of the bastards would ever have been allowed to stand for parliament again. They should have had to draw lots for the gallows - one in ten would have been about right. In any decent country, it would be the law that any thieving bastard MP is forever disqualified from standing for any bastard thing but the stocks. Is there any crime that disqualifies one more from public office than thieving the fucking public purse? I despair of the whole fucking country. Hands up - who voted for a sitting MP? You may as well just vote for Aitken and be done with it.

call me ishmael said...

I read your blog, thanks, mr weasel and I think that your point is, with respect, a bit of a black herring. I don't think that it is - for instance - Baroness Scotland's ethnicity which protects her but her connectedness, her agreement to the status quo, thus far, not to rock Power's boat, she is, far more importantly One of Them, than she is a Black person. As you say yourself, in the case of the bent plod, Ali Dizzel, or whatever his name was, he started pissing inside the tent and so they fucked him, nothing to do, I suggest, with his race, just his failure to properly team-play. WHilst I agree that the absurdity of enforced multi-culturalism IS used to cover the multitude of sins I feel that in promoting and protecting pliable villainous ethnic minorities MediaMinster merely serves its own traditional constituency, itself, they can let-in a few wogs without diluting the gene pool.

Lord Taylor of Warwick is an interesting example, he was ennobled in compensation for local Tories calling him a coon when he sought selection for the Cheltenham (?) safe seat. Maybe his recent fall from grace is as a result of people still being irritated by his presumption. My own experience of him, as my counsel, left me wondering how the fuck he got to be a QC, if they'll give one to him, they'll give one to anyone.

Name the blogger, mr ptb, is it our friend Col. von Fawkes(Iron Cross, First Class, Lebanon)? Yes, a thief is all he is, Chaytor, and there are far worse things, slithering around the green and red benches.

I am happy to say, mr mongoose, that I have never been guilty of voting for a sitting MP; if only the nation, with one voice, could say the same.

yardarm said...

Chaytor and chums are patsies, a distraction to get us looking the other way while the high octane corruption continues. Stand by for a barrage of " time to move on...a line has been drawn " bloviage from the sockpuppets, pointing to the Calvary of half a dozen obscure dummies as proof positive that the stables have been cleansed....move along now, nothing more to see...

The doctrine of institutional infalibility means that a prominent office such as Home Secretary cannot be tarnished by the conviction by one of its holders, despite her manifest, brazen necked fiddling.

To do that might unravel the tapestry of party funding, contract awarding and post Parliamentary career feather bedding so many depend on.

It has happened; in Italy in the nineties. In Milan the owner of an old people`s home complained to magistrates he was being shaken down for a cleaning contract. In the next two years the Socialists and Christian Democrats collapsed in ruins.

Mind you, look what arose from those ashes.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It is difficult indeed to decide which holds the most sway; the Establishment and its need to protect itself or a recognition by a pusilanimous government that you must not upset the Muzzies. After all, that is what the Lockerbie issue was about and that is why the police have been so woefully negligent in dealing with Asian trafficking gangs.


A senior officer at West Mercia police has called for an end to the 'damaging taboo' connecting on-street grooming with race.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards said: 'These girls are being passed around and used as meat.
'To stop this type of crime you need to start everyone talking about it but everyone's been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.

'No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication.'


I find it inconcievable in this day and age that high level memos have not been circulating, suggesting that a certain amount of leeway be given in cases where Muslim members of the government are implicated in wrong doing and also, I am surprised that no women have so far been arrested.

The British government refuses to accept publicly that certain ethic communities in this country get favours when it comes to profiling and prosecution. In recent protests in Luton when Muslims and counter protesters appeared bearing banners like "respect our troops" nine were arrested. None of them were the Muslim hatemongers, all of them were from the ranks of the counter protesters.

When in 2006, Muslim protesters carried placards inciting murder nobody got arrested and nobody wanted to talk about it until there had been an almighty pulbic outcry.

"Scotland Yard said a decision not to arrest protesters was taken because of public order fears"

The police and the government are running scared over this issue and it permeates every level of our society.

call me ishmael said...

I don't quarrel with what you report, mr weasel but I don't quarrel, either, with gay people who complain/ed of police harrassment or with black people who resent stop and search, it was never their complaint which bugged me, it was their plea for specialness, their complaint was bigger, more grave, than those of others, even though it was all the one coimplaint.

The wicked persecution of Otherness is a familiar hymn, hereabouts; I don't think anyone should be oppressed by the state and yet I always was appalled by the societal incendiary devices planted by the multi-cultural, equal opps, race relations industry - lawyers, trainers, pundits, all earning a fortune - and by the mealymouthed appeasement of so many career politicians. That doesn't mean, however, that I think that the remedy for our complaints lies in a restructuring of official attitudes to race. Fuck, no, if only it was that simple.

Far more children are groomed for unlawful sexual abuse by white, anglo-saxon christian males than are ever so misused by Muslems yet only very recently has this been spoken about, and even now it is but a half-hearted rebuke. It is the abuse of children which we should abhor, not just such abuse which is carried out by Pakistani men, even if that, superficially, may seem the more repellent, it is no less and no more of a crime than similat acts committed by white clergy or teachers or choirmasters.

Historically the police have been happy to lose evidence or fail to proceed or frame the wrong people; that they now bow the knee to a different pressure is unremarkable, it is why they are called filth; it is careers which motivate the Old Bill, and bribes and perqs, idleness and brutality and the force being the biggest closet in the world. What is it that you thought they were about?

In brief, the outrageous failures to police or prosecute Muslem public order breaches or Pakistani grooming rings is a tiny part of what ails us and if both were remedied to your satisfaction tomorrow we would be no further forward. Keith Vaz is a cunt because he's Keith Vaz, he wouldn't be any less of a cunt if he joined the C of E. The cops are bent and useless because they're bent and useless, not because of some Muslem conspiracy or some alien senibility in parliament. And the Lockerbie fuck-up, in passing, is a fuck-up because of the CIA, the FBI, the incomparably corrupt Jock legal system and the framing of Mohamed al Cancer. Don't take my word for it, just consult the families of the UK victims.

I do not intend to dismiss your concerns, they are valid and relevant but if we focus, separately, disunited, as Power wants us to, on gay rights or women's rights or black rights or union rights, if we emphasise the creep of Islam or the treachery of the EuroProject or the failure to, whaddatheycallit, curb bankers bonuses then we are pissing in the wind, whipped-up one day by the Mail, the next by the imbecile Heffer, in the Filth-O-Graph.

The answer is not to demonise solely this or that group, the answer, as my young friend, stanislav the plumber was wont to say, is to drag them from parliament and put them Up against the wall, motherfuckers.

We will probably return to this, in the light of former Obedience Minister, Jack Torture's, recent remarks.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, they did right by Benito Mussolini, too, the wops. They've had, what is it, fifty govaments since the war, and still enjoy a better standard of living than do we; something to be said for spaghetti, mr yardarm.

Agatha said...

Matthew Paris was on the Any Questions Panel yesterday, using his utterly beautiful voice to analyse the MPs expenses thievery, being, of course, even-handed and balance and letting us know that it was all Margaret Thatcher's fault (even though he is a lifelong conservative and all his instincts are conservative)in that she refused the MPs an appropriate payrise and so they were encouraged into claiming expenses for everything, because it was a private Parliamentary matter. During this analysis in his hypnotically modulated voice, he told the nation that, as an MP, he made unjustifiable expenses claims.
For God's sake, Inspector Japp, get out there and arrest the man!!

call me ishmael said...

Matthew Dreary is an arsehole. Just remember, when he starts blethering, that he thinks people outside Westminster are nobodies.