Thursday, 1 April 2010


In the '90s the wife of Colman Treacy, QC, Laura Treacy, then a probation officer,  was one of many West Midlands POs bedded and in return promoted by the  then Chief Officer, Eric Morrell, who ran this public service - charged, inter alia, with the oversight  of child welfare, custody and access matters in the courts - as a private harem and was very happy to disrupt the marriages and childhoods of his staff and their families. At an employment tribunal, enquiring into Service racism, one bold officer brought Morrel's conduct to the attention of the tribunal.

Although his abuse of his position was widely known in the West Midlands, few, and none of his senior colleagues,  were willing   to challenge, much less expose him. He was a vain little thing, always combing his hair, surrounded by a coterie of promotion-hungry, clever boys and girls, many, like him, Cantabrians and he was well thought of at the Home Office, destined for greater things and probably an even more metropolitan  female workforce to exploit and abuse.

The upshot of the revelations of his fuckery was that the tribunal was slammed shut, a deal was done to ensure that he retained his lavish pension and he resigned without penalty or repentance and the person who brought the original complaint had one of her ten claims upheld.

It was a little, local version of the Monica Lewinsky affair, powerful man trades favours and positions for pussy, disadvantaging more suitable candidates and yet when exposed is deemed victim, at worst, of a temptress, or in Morrel's case, dozens of temptresses.

A few  years later, Colman Treacy, now divorced from Senior Probation Officer, Laura, was still exceedingly bitter and angry  the sort of Pull Yourself Together, Man advice which he had routinely pressed on his divorcing male clients buttered no parsnips in his customarily powerful bullies'  world.  Bitter doesn't do it justice, so to speak.

Colman is, these days,  the policeman's darling, regularly locking people away for over thirty years yet, as these people go, Colman Treacy was, as a young lawyer, fairly bright, a tiny bit unconventional but Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Fucking Dear, yesterday, in the first probably of many such trials he banged-up a quartet of men for a very long time, having sat alone and heard the evidence without a jury, hasn't happened in over three hundred and fifty years and it'll be down to the zealous, reforming nature of NewLabour, some career  fascist prick like Jack Straw or Blind Boy Blunkett will have deemed that it's ok, really, for their fellow citizens to be locked away in some shithole for twenty years, denied the scrutiny, the judgement of their peers.

The reason for this extraordinary  procedure was that those accused  of the armed Heathrow robbery were also suspected of jury nobbling;  the Met, happy to shoot us down on the street, to baton-whip our women in order to protect us from the swarming Jihadists or the IRA - now the government of Ulster - is apparently unable to protect a  mere dozen civilians from a handful of armed robbers.  Laughable, really, were it not so Brave New Wordly terrifying.

It doesn't matter, of course, that Mr Justice Treacy was famously and publicly cuckolded, mocked in the sour fraternity of the Courts;  that among the knowing whispers and secret handhakes,  his name provoked mirth, scorn; judges are flawed, damaged, fucked-up, just like everybody else, what matters, though, is that,   yesterday, he helped move us a little deeper into the most Northerly banana republic in the world. Shame on him. If he has remarried she should run off with the first man who asks.


Modo said...

Is this the same Mr Justice Treacy whose house in Donegall Park Avenue which had been languishing for sale some months had it bought under the Housing Executive’s Special Purchase of Evacuated Dwellings (Sped) scheme, after a pipe bomb found close to the house on the Boghill Road.

call me ishmael said...

No, Mr Modo, the Ulster Treacy has enough sins to his name without poaching on the Brummie, they may be related, stands a good chance.

lilith said...

He should stick to making hats.

Agatha said...

Sorry, Lilith,
I'm afraid I'm not following the hat reference?

lilith said...

Just being silly Agatha, referring to Justice Treacy's wife Philip.

Agatha said...

Hi, Lilith,
Not knowing very much about international hat fashionry, I hadn't heard of Philip Treacy. I've now Googled him and, my goodness,you wouldn't catch Miss Marple under one of those creations,

mongoose said...

I was listening to one of Straw's stooges on the radio burbling on about this. He justified the shredding of six or seven hundred years of precedent on the grounds of cost. "To protect the jurors would cost X million and would use Y policemen. To protect the judge would cost P and use Q police. QED. It is cost-effective to get rid of juries. Hard-working families don't pay their taxes to give scrotes their day in court, you know. We are getting on with erasing the Rule of Law and the right of a citizen to be tried by his peers. This will help the Great Leader to reduce the deficit which was caused by Johnny Raghead, started in America and is the cause of underweight babies. I am sure that my honourable friend is not in favour of underweight babies. Fuck you all, by the way. In fact, can't the TSG just blow them away and be done with it. Whose idea was it to capture them anyway? Dickhead!"

Complete drivel. Same old crap recycled to justify yet another ruinous abomination.

call me ishmael said...

I didn't hear that, mr m, but I can, if you know what I mean, just need to switch to my internal Channel Straw to listen to any amount of fascistic newspeak. They love him at the Guardian, you know, Straw, great survivor. they call him, charming and witty. too. Treacy for Lord Chief Injustice, that'll show the trollop, Laura.

Dick the Prick said...

Fucking hellski

call me ishmael said...

If they can do it to them , Mr dtp, they can do it to you.

Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mr Ish

I doubt it. Not saying i'm Eliot Ness or owt but i'd be incredibly impressed if they did, plus the fact I never do anything except listen to loads of local Tories whinge at me. Honest, not invent, but have about 28 (candidates pop out of woodwork - losing count) to deal with on me own - bit hectic hence booze & pot.

I really do appreciate you bringing this to the attention of a wider public. I think endemic corruption goes as far as it goes with any organisation. The next government is gonna be the next government (maybe) and officers will get paid off in vast amounts because of cuts needed in service and then the flotsam & jepson - screwers & screwees will pop up - ready for their deals in 5 years+ whatever. I dunno - money was never the reason, guess i'm still nieve in that just get job done.

I love select committees but I despise that the executive can just fucking ignore them and that public servants are so able to run ignorant cliques. Some cunt called me enthusiastic the other week!!!

Love the Buster photos. Have my best mate's brother coming to stay with me next week so am looking forward to that. He's cycling up from a sleepy village in Somerset to Yorkshire - nutjob!! Nah, serioulsy, very much looking forward to have him do a summer and maybe help each other out and stuff - he's had a hard time but he's been a stalwart to his parents. He also saved my life about 12 years ago too so bit sentimental.

Love to fam


frankflies said...

I can't believe I came upon this site! As a horrible/antisocial little scrote in the late eighties I was damn lucky to have laura as my PO. She was the bast fuck I ever had - What happend Laura you told me I was special!

Anonymous said...

Usual sexist crap. Take a dislike to Colman Treacy and criticise him, but leave his wife out of it.