Monday, 26 April 2010




Snotty's friends at the Guardian are saying he will defy a post-defeat coup attempt  seeking the installation  as NewGreatLeader of the even more useless Postman Pat, Johnson, with his arse bent, cheeky-chappily towards the hideous Clegg, C'mon BigBoy, lemme show you a good PR time.

Snotty will stay and fight and fight and fight, say his chums, even in the face of a complete Cabinet rebellion.  That an organisation which cannot even unseat its historically most divisive and unpopular leader insists  that it can nevertheless micro-manage the nation through a catastrophe in which it was enthusiastically complicit is as  cogent a damnation  of the NewLabour party as there could be.

Rank and file members must be aghast that the fate of what was once their party is now finessed  by a queening, unelected, joint prime minister; the unstable, bad-tempered, vindictive and  staggeringly incompetent former object of his affection and by a rabble of greedy, cowardly charlatans; slags, pimps, thieves,  ponces, nonces, murderers, blackmailers, embezzlers, money launderers and war criminals. Serves them right.


Dick the Prick said...

It reminds me of a quote from Black Adder from General Melchett I think 'a complete and total unwillingness to stare facts in the face will see us through'.

Rasmus said...

" ..he unstable, bad-tempered, vindictive and staggeringly incompetent former object of his affection and by a rabble of greedy, cowardly charlatans; slags, pimps, thieves, ponces, nonces, murderers, blackmailers, embezzlers, money launderers and war criminals.."

Well I think they are rather worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Worst packet of Revels ever:

Bourbon Brown
Peanuts Mandelson
Red Balls
Candy Burn`em
Soft Cameroon
Mints Cable

jgm2 said...

'And we'll all go together,
Where the wild mountain thyme,
Grows around the blooming heather,
Will you fuck up the entire UK's economy,
Laddie, go'.

It's just not scanning for me Ishmael.

mongoose said...

Jeez, the LibDems have called for his scalp. It is a meltdown. All that struggle, all that lying and cheating, the bearded wifelet, the decade under Bambi's bouncing backside, the horrible end to it all on the end of Clegg's bayonet. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. The poor bastard.

call me ishmael said...

Takes a lot to laugh, mr mongoose, takes a train to cry.

Maybe Mr Suit and Haircut has pushed his luck, peaked too soon, so excited he's come in his pants. Not even the braindead facebooking twittering imbeciles -aka The Young - can bear too much of this Cleggery, Can they?

mongoose said...

No, I agree, The Clegg hasn't sealed the deal - the Tories yet may outflank his destruction of the bereft Luvvies and deny him - but Snotty is dead. Finished, fucked, forever.

It is an odd business. If I had to pin a political label to my chest it would read "Liberal" and yet I feel no swell of victory or validation.

None of the above.

call me ishmael said...

THat's because the Liberals aren't liberal, nasty fucking bastards.

Memories of the Tory depredations are long and real and painful. I think the Labour core vote will harden, faced with this prat Cameron - might have been different with David Davies - whereas many former Tories now have the choice of UKIP, the Greens and - more or less legitimately - the BNP; Clegg, let us not forget, also denies a Lisbon referendum and will therefore be a hate figure to many Tories. The so-called floating voters, well, they are anybody's guess but I suspect that many of them, like you and I, will be swimming for the none of the above shore.

Might be worth a hundred quid on a Snotty victory.

mongoose said...

Cameron has failed his test. Worst government and PM in the history of the world and still he can't get a KO. It's all over now, Baby Blue.

God help us all come May 7th.