Thursday, 22 April 2010



Page 3 hunk and the Sun's political editor, Trev, above, was surprised on this morning's Today programme. Trev, Rupert Murdoch's beardy UK Fellator-in-Chief, was asked what he made about Rupe Junior and the pugilistic  ginger freak, Bekka Wade, both of skymadeupnewsandfilth, shitting themselves and biting each other over the possibility of Sam 'n' Dave losing the election.  News to me, grunted hunky Trev, Dunno what yer on about. I though I was coming here to answer another question that I knew about in advance. You can't expect me to just answer a different  question that I didn't know about. How very dare you, bitch?

No, Trev, you lying fucking bastard, it's just what skymadeupnewsandfilth do to members of the public every day of the week, before proceeding to destroy their lives.

Trevor, the  beardy arsehole, calls the UK election, he feels, as he is told to by the disgusting Murdoch and bleats Treason! should issues like the truth come between he and His Masters Voice.

For thirty years or more this piece of shit, Kavanagh, has managed to conflate the interests of his non UK tax paying boss with those of the nation and successive prime ministers since the Bandit  Baroness, Thatcher, have sucked his cheesy knob, Blair more enthusiastically than anyone else.  If the rise of the airhead, Clegg, does nothing more than upset Kavanagh's anti-democratic applecart it will have been a wonderful, momentous development.


Dick the Prick said...

Yeah, it was quite amusing for the gimp to throw his toys out of the pram 'dunno, not telling, so there'. But the interview with Chris Huhne was unbelievable - it was pure comedy gold for fuckwittery as it's usually only Numpfreeze & Noncety who grind everyone down with their egregious ineptitude but Huhne was equal to it - priceless.

richard said...

What a revolting picture!

call me ishmael said...

You'll never know, mr richard, the hurt I suffer and all the pain I rise above. You should see the ones I rejected.

Trev is still up to his tricks, insisting to Sun readers that Cameron romped home in last night's farce, that what's good for Rupert Murdoch is good for us, cunt.