Wednesday, 28 April 2010



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skymadeupnewsandfilths's Jayne Tits said that they would always try to bug people's private remarks and conversatiions and hold their lives up to a scrutiny which so-called journalists - shit-eating drunken scavengers and bullies - could never tolerate.  It is what Mr Murdoch wants us to do for him; stay tuned, we're back after the break with Jeff Barrowboy and why the rich are so entitled to all your money. 


Rasmus said...

He is not Mort enough mon ami.

mrs narcolept said...

The silly fool bugged himself, though, didn't he?

The thing that worried me most was the way his tone of voice changed from that low soothing doleful brown murmur to that of a Glaswegian ice-cream van driver. And not one offering us a McCallum either.

Anonymous said...

There, for all the world to hear, was the scorn of a scoundrel for "a very good woman" who had married for love rather than political expediency. A woman who had outlived her husband, the husband who could not be there to see his wife scorned, and issue a defence of her honour. A man who could not be there to comfort and pet his wounded wife. Who would have understood all too well her cold anger at the realisation that there was another, unfamiliar, type of man, who would call her "a very good woman" in one breath, and "a sort of bigoted woman" in the next.

With her husband's support, they had raised a family, which in turn was raising another family. This woman who'd looked after children one way and another for thirty years and more. This woman who was entitled by her citizenship to clear and unambiguous answers to her legitimate questions from the figurehead of a political party. A political party looking to continue controlling the changed environment of her life, and the lives of another million like her.

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a million women,

Scorned by a sort of bigoted man.


My father's people came from this area of Oldham and Rochdale. Not the sort of people who bend in the breeze.

P.T. Barnum said...

I noticed that too, Mrs Narcolept. Eerie, wasn't it? Like an actor playing posh on the stage and then walking off into the wings cursing the Stage Director for a missing prop. His only selling point to the electorate has been What you see, no airbrushing, no PR. That turned out well.

TDG said...

The only problem is he did not say it to her face, the stupid old bitch. If her attachment to Labour is so easily loosened it can't be worth much. Who gives a fuck what she thinks anyway? She'll only vote for another fuckwit, like all the other fuckwits.

call me ishmael said...

Is it possible to agree with all of the above and not be a Liberal Democrat?

Elby the Beserk said...

TDG - You're a fuckwit.

A young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

I may be Irish and Catholic, but I'm also born and bred in Lancashire.

Labour has completely lost the plot with the white working class, or at least those they haven't bought off with unsustainable sums.

Lancs workers grew up and raised families by watching every penny piece and thinking ahead. The two things Brown hasn't done.

As my mother said a few months ago of the defiict 'we'll never get straight'.

She meant paying it off. She also might have been referring to the Prime Mincer, of course.

call me ishmael said...

Mr TDG voices a sentiment which, was not one of the antagonists Mr Snot, more of us, I suspect, Mr elby, might utter.

Aa I said, I found that whilst I relished Mr anonymous's chivalry outraged and others' damning of Snot, I also found Mr TDG's sharp realism persuausive; sure that Mrs Duffy would be in the front row at a public execution, organised for its readers by skymadeupnewsandfilth. I mentioned before that I don't buy the My enemy's enemy is my friend posture, although I am sure that Mr Snot's malevolence and falsity are infinitely more practised and effective than Mrs Duffy's - as evidenced by his disgraceful grandstanding, complete with corpse smile, outside her home, after his apology; Jesus, where would he begin, apologising to the Iraqis, if this is what he does for an unguarded remark, harmless, if not for skymadeupnewsandfilth?

Mr YIAC's point - white working class, or at least those they haven't bought off with unsustainable sums - was well made in this danse macabre, she listing all the things she wanted, Snot and his stooge ticking them off on their fingers and promising more.

The only winner, I thought, was Cleggie, It's done now, he's apologised, that's it, being the burden of his song, unlike that unspeakable prat, Osborne and by extension the useless Sam 'n' Daves, milking it for all it wasn't worth, playground politics.

At yesterday's Guardian, skymadeupnewsandfilth's RolyPoly Sunday Boy, Andy Blairite Rawnsley, uses this Snot moment to further promote his recent book of tittle tattle - I told you so-ing, like a maiden aunt, he's a perfect bully, that Gordon, I told you so, only to have his Saville-Rowed arse kicked up and down the comments section by furious readers; it is delicious, well worth ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

If only, if only. When Brown walked up the path all sorry like Mrs Duffy slammed the door shut and wouldn't let the fucker in the house let him suck on that.