Saturday, 3 April 2010



As - acting on instructions from the 6000 year old Book of Leviticus or Numbers or Deuteronomy or the Dead Sea Scrolls - Israeli jets strafe civilian populations in the name of Jehovah,  we ask leading commentators what they make of all this Middle East Shit.

Firstly, we turned to Col Guido von Fawkes
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of the website PizzaHouseOfBlood and founder of the charity, Kill The Children.

Well, Kirsty, the best way is to get pissed and drive down the road, like I do, you can kill significant numbers of kiddies like that, gushed the father of two, but unfortunately due to our Draconian blah blah blah the police stop you from doing that, not very libertarian, I must say, so the next best thing, said the twice-banned recovering alcoholic, is for the Yids to do it. You know most of those dead kids in Lebanon or wherever, they would certainly have grown up to be terrorists and come over here and do all that stuff it says in the Sun and the Mail - did I ever tell you, Kirsty. that Kelvin McKenzie is my hero, no, really, if only I could grow up to be like him, stupid and mean and vicious but rich and good at frightening people then I'd be a happy drunken Nazi, talking of which, all this stuff about the Holy Father, complete bollocks, it is, I'm one myself, not a child molester, I prefer to see them napalmed and run over by tanks, but  a member of the one true holy apostolic whatever church and I think that the Dead Kid Press or the MSM or wherever it is that his enemies lurk is entirely wrong in condemning Israel, I mean Pope Nazi or whoever it is that's being cruel to children, only not mine, of course, who are special, made of gold. People who aren't as clever as me, probably haven't done as many drugs, tend to forget the real victim in all this - Wall Street.

Would you like, Kirsty, to see my share portfolio?


PT Barnum said...

Flattering the nasty little abcess again, Mr Ish? He'll only see it as a shy form of flirting ;-)

call me ishmael said...

Time of the year, mr ptb, that's all, thoughts turn to the unGodly, the Pizzamen who dwell among us and their ranting customers.

mongoose said...

I know that you don't like links, Mr Ishmael, but forgive me the one below. Night comes falling from the sky for some poor folks. Watch to the end, if you can, and as two wee girls are sped away to who knows what fate, you will hear some brave hero say that it serves them right for bringing their kids to a battle. Ponder if you will the effect of a 30mm cannon shell or two on what looks to me like a six- or seven-year-old body.

Semper fi.

call me ishmael said...

Roger, wilco, copy that.