Sunday, 11 April 2010


   So often others see it more sharply, frame it with more authority. This, from the post about the improbable collapsings all over Manhattan of heavily-insured real estate,  is  an example.
Anonymous said...
Thank you, Mr Ishmael. Yes, an arsenal's worth of 'smoking guns', and yet we still spend time looking for more of them, perpetually nuzzling the security blanket of displacement activity that enables us to continue "hiding our heads from the grim, huge reality of GlobaCrime Incorporated". And yet, and yet. Maybe there is a counter intuitive benefit to be derived from all this displacement activity; the ability to be patient, to bide our time. Because, all the while we promenade "up and down cyber avenue" or sit in our cyber salon, we have the chance, the duty even, to point out, in so far as we are able to make sense of it, the nonsense and especially the criminal nonsense. Of course, we can and should comfort and sustain ourselves with mutual endorsements. But if one telling image, one illuminating insight, one persuasive argument, one searing rant, one enduring song, encourages 'normal' people to stand firm by their voluntarily altruistic beliefs, then, if nothing else, we have continued to hold the barricades against those Abnormalities, those "intraspecies predators", whoever they may be and whatever they may do. .................... Bit gushy, I realise, but the sun is shining here, and I feel the Spring of optimism on my pale pate.


black hole sunset said...

Many thanks to yourself, Mr Anonymous, and our kind host.

The illumination cast by these pages is very real gift.

PT Barnum said...

I second that emotion.