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Is disol-you-shun of Snot parliament of thief and blackmailing,  cocksucking sonoffuckingbitch and in own shiny battle omnibus,  stanislav follows  politicians around the country, lying fucking worthless pieceofshit bastards and  news and comment is bringing back from  most pointless election in modern fucking history and may as well not bother but just give whole fucking enslaved, ruined  country, in perpetuity, to GlobaBanksRus. Will following be all three main gang of serial criminals -  the Snots, the Sam and Daves and the ShitEaters
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Only proper thing should happen of course  is that house of commons bastards should all go in Wormwood fucking Scrub for good few years and no conjugal visit have off visiting taxpayer-funded rentboys, or special advisers, as is known. And no cocaine smuggle in from Mayor's office.  Anything else is bollocks. Election is bollocks. Bunch of thieving,  incompetent degenerates running around the fucking country shaking hand and slobbering poxed-up slobber all over innocent citizen and child and spreading warts,  like Mr Simon Hughes of shiteating party,  saying Vote for Me, No fuck off, Vote for Me when is all fucking rotten,  criminal, babykilling, monster and fuckpig, cutpursing, malevolent blackguard, crawl out from underneath Satan foreskin and up against wall, motherfuckers, should be. Like it says on 'bus.

today, stanislav takes temperature in Birmingham, used to be workshop of Empire and manufacture every fucking thing, from tiny little needle to big fuck-off Howitzer and Spitfire and lorry and van and car and see how Brummy will vote,  now  whole fucking place  just poxy shopping centre is, Selfridges ugly building and Merry Hell Centre in Duddl-eye .

But Brummy probably not vote will because is now unemployed lazy useless bastard and can only get out of bed on giro day, and can't  arsed be to vote and no point is anyway,  although Brummy not as bad is, obviously, as Jock, ginger, mutant, cross-dressing, wife-beating, child molesting  bastard out from mind on tonic wine, cheap smack and tomazepam has gone, lying in fucking gutter in vomitstained shellsuit and tattoo on forehead saying JUCK and never day's decent work has done or even can read and fucking write, only  to scribble "please fuck my arse, the noo"  down on public toilet wall, "for fifty pee, discount for parties, arranged can be, d'ye ken. Nae English."

Is not Glasgow or anything but fucking shithole is anyway,  Birmingham, these days, and good for fuck all,  now, just like all of not very Great Britain , after brilliance of KneePads Party of cocksucker governments and fuckpig billionaire  cheeky bastard shopkeeper of M and fucking S and B and fucking Q - or leaders of business as they like to be called - grubby fucking shopkeeperbastards peddling tat and junk made in Chink sweatshop and rubbish is and wanting to dictate government policy, since when is fucking shopkeeping bastard political scientist,  all can do is pay minimum wage and flog off loads of rubbish, is worse than fucking Taliban these bastards, them  and thieving bastard banking cunt are all so fucking clever we don't even make  fucking cars any more, only fucking rubbish wooden ones  -  . Morgan, they make a handful of cars and employ a handful of people, the UK car industry   - and only good for fucking Diarrhoea Balti, Birmingham  is, down Ladypool Road,  pissed up bloke and Chlamydia totty in bare leg and high heel  can eat as much rotten Halal  goat meat as possible for  three quid at Formica table and never mind poor beast throat had cut in backyard and bled to death, screaming in shit and blood, for Allah,  the merciful   and bring in own bottle of Newcastle Brown can  from paki supermarket next door,  with rotten old tomatoes and fruit sitting in  shitty old crate on pavement with dogpiss and exhaust fumes, like real metropolitan sophisticate,  for washing- down purposes and enjoy eye-watering bout of le posterieur flambee next fucking morning as  burning hot,  high pressure torrent of liquidise goat and naan bread come shooting out from arse in every fucking direction and arsehole stings just  like was swarm of fucking wasp living up Jacksie and can't even hardly stand-up straight from toilet and stink would strip varnish off from front door of hi-rise council flat and called multiculturalism,  this fucking nonsense rubbish is,  was dead ginger bastard Robin Cook who said Oh Aha, Fuck me, used to be could ask British person what was favourite dinner and roast fucking beef with pudding of Yorkshire would be answer, but now, aha, ahum, answer would be chicken tikka fucking masala and that goes to show how very far we have come as a nation under New Labour, going down Ladypool Road pissed up and scoffing condemned, unfit for human consumption  meat and arse-destroying spices, according to Cook, is equivalent of two-year tour of Indian sub-continent,  stupid ginger Jock bastard, as though eating shit curry same thing is as studying Paki history and writing and music, is not very much,  is true,  of history, because Paki country has only been here fifty fucking years or so and might not last another six fucking months and could disappear  and us too if Talimen cop hold of nuclear PakiBomb and have to get terminated with extreme and I mean fucking extreme prejudice, what with militantbastard and terroristbastard and  mullahbastard and insurgentbastard and bent governmentbastard  and Bhutto dynastybastard,  worse than house of fucking Windsor is and Prince of fucking Wales, fosterfathering Harrty Hewitt, not to mention applepie-eating, crewcut, granny-raping CIA murdering psychobastard gonzo and  embittered belligerent lesbian lunatic  Hillary Trousers flying all over the fucking place shouting at people as though it was the whole world what pissed on her wedding vows and not just Spunky Bill, the murdering, thieving, bullying, coke-snorting, whoremongering arsehole and soon to have heart failuire, with any luck is. Fucking place could go up in garlic mushroom cloud any day.  And anyway Pakistani founder  bloke, Jinnah the Paki,  only set up muslim  country in first place because he and fellow head-chopping, women-stoning hysterical beardy  maniacs and worshippers of Allah the wise and merciful, peace and blessing be upon his name can't get on with neighbouring Sikh and Hindus all down together there,  shitting in the Ganges and holy bathing all at the same time, with cow and buffalo wandering in and out from house and  shitting sacred shit on carpet  and  some bastards  so  poor are that unfuckingtouchable is. Unfuckingtouchable, worse than piece of shit. Who wants to  multicultural, all men are pluralist brothers be,  with bastards like this, fucking savages, punch in fucking mouth should get and turban set on fire and never mind pushing-in to queue down at Post Office.  The very idea.  First thing should happen when Hindu or Sikh or Muslem bastard come in country, even if is Krishnan Guru O'Murphy, off C4 news with Jon Sox, or famous gobby cricketing bastard playboy, Imran Khan,  is give good swift punch in nose, not bit of slap, good proper thump, broken cartilage and hot blood choking in throat and seeing stars and told, we don't do that untouchable shit in this country, is fucking rubbish.  And we don't slaughter goats in the back yard, neither. And No, you can't burn your dead uncle's body on the municipal fucking bowling green, fuck off and I don't give a flying fuck what it says in the European Human Rights Act;  is that fucking clear?  And while is here, is no more mosque or fucking temnple to go up, is plenty alfuckingready. Is fucking England here and not fucking Asia.  Understand?  Is fucking England, Have come to fucking England and is Christian culture and architecture and not homeland of Ali Baba and Forty Fucking Thieves with minarets and flying fucking carpet and bullock shitting in the middle of the A45 and nobody can shoo the bastard away.  Fucking England is  - or Wales or Scotland, best part is of England -  no point is trying to make home from fucking home, better off is to stay at home and use Mosque already there. Or Temple. Can build Mosque, OK,  but has to be in line with local planning and look like decent proper Norman C-of-E church, with spire. And fucking clock. And graveyard.  And gay mullah living in loving partnership before God with young rentboy. Okay, fuck off, now,  and Hare Krishna.  Is in England now and best to behave is like decent English bloke and not elephant-riding Mahafuckingrajah, with slaves and concubines. And all this Mrs  shit, her all wrapped up in head to fucking toe binbag  and walking four paces behind you down a Woverhmapton street  with her eyes cast down in the gutter, like  repentant fucking sinner from Middle fucking Ages,  you can forget all that bollocks, Ahmed, me old son;  same with your daughters, you and your half-shaven fag sons try any of that honour killing nonsense and you'll get a good fucking kicking , you heathen fucking cocksucking bovverboys.   And if only some bastard had said this all along, in best proper polite English terms of course and maybe no effing and fucking blinding, or not so much, then proper understanding and mutual respect would have been develop. Instead, bent,  jumped-up councillors and stupid,  gobby MPs have hung everybody out to dry in  deranged and chaotic equal opportunities climate, too timid, too cunning, maybe,  certainly too hungry for votes to tell our newcomers the score.

Anyway, Jinnah and Co said fuck all this superstitious shit, is only one god and Allah is his name and peace and blessings be on it and anybody disagree get  Fatwahed and beheaded on TV and we can't be doing with all these long beards and fucking turbans and mad sexual intercourse all day long,  all twisted-up like made of rubber was in Hindu book of Kama Sutra, filthy fucking bastard nignogs, we off out of it are, in new place and call it Pakistan, is long way of saying Paki.  And from there  we invade Birmingham. But if Paki bloke cannot get on with Sikh and Hindu what fucking chance is with Godless, heathen bastard Aston Villa-worshipping Brummie nutcase? Is not integrate, anyway, no matter what City fathers say, no matter what Baron Hatterjee of Sparkbrook says, horrible spit-spraying old faggot,  is just ghetto of Labour-voting shopkeeper and cash 'n'carry wallah. Or disgusting banana  republic, as High Court Judge, Mr Justice Knobrot QC, said, a few years back. 

Is hardly no bastard in work anymore here in Brum apart from probation oficer and outreach worker and fucking imbeciles in Selly Oak Job Centre or Restart. Anybody hear this cunt of a man, manager of Selly Oak Pisshole Job Centre on skymadeupnewsandfilth's Radio Four Programme?  Radio Four does worthy and concerned  programme, all  shit fucking rubbish  with no advert or jingle like decent station and daytime or early evening is like wander into world of phony, thoughtful, sanctimonious  caring, is fucking endless, Woman Hour with wretched old fucking boot, Jenny Murray and  Pee Em with Eddie Smug and WATO with Martha Kearney and MoneyBox and some tight-fisted, mean as fucking dirt busybody  old fucking bastard from Hemel fucking Hempstead or Tunbridge fucking Well  phone-in, whining and  screeching, Can get extra farthing per month on pension, please? miserable, grumbling skinflint old  codgers and fucking tied-up and tortured should be in own home by Hoodies and set on fucking fire or  else is, Hello...Hello..can you hear me ...I want to give money to poisonous fucking bastard grandchildren to help them through Uni - Uni is what used to be called college of fucking cooking and hairdressing and watching telly studies and is run on cheap by local council with wanker lecturers who can't write a fucking sentence in decent fucking  English and need themselves Educayshun, Educayshun, Educayshun - and fund their fucking Gap year, obnoxious, smirking luttle consumerist pricks, and what best way is to pay no fucking tax? Oh, fuck me, thanks for your call, Margaret,  there, in Saffrron fucking Walden and I am joined in the studio by an accountant, another accountant and another accountant, none of which fuckwits saw the credit crunch coming until it had wiped out all their clients' monies  but they'll be able to advise you, becuase they are the experts.......Anyway was programme on about Selly Oak Job Centre and was interviewing clients - ie deadbeat bums on fucking dole,  most of West Birmingham - and everybody says is all shit, no courses, no advice, no funds, get treated fucking worse than  whore at hockey match, come in the door and get fucking ignored by staff and eventually told is that  nothing fucking doing is and that all the jobs on the board are all made fucking up, honest and not invent, all made up, no point applying is because what happens is Ree-surcher from Job Centre telephones employer and says Any Job Going ? And employer says No, fuck off, be down there meself, soon, in fucking Job Centre. But might be jobs, one day?  Well, might be. Can put you down for twenty, then? Do what the fuck you want. Okay, then, forty. And soon all the boards and computer screen is fill-up with jobs which aren't, but might be. And government lying bastard minister for benefits can say, Oi, citizens, look,  here is million or two of jobs unfilled, better get off down Job Centre of Shit and get one, even if is all imaginary, imaginary job is better than no job, innit, and better watch out or will imaginary benefits be collecting.  Interviewer says to Job Centre Manager, Wossallthisshit, then, made-up jobs?  No, is straight up, meet all criteria of Department of Work and No-Pension, which is main thing, otherwise I get the sack and is coming in here myself and applying for jobs which figment  of statistical imagination are, and not really there at all. No, no,  no, is plenty of courses, paint and decorate and cv writing, to name but all of them...But Mr Smith says your staff told him no course was and to fuck off and get course from private firm...No, no, no, I do assure you he is wrong.....Is not fucking wrong, is fucking outside, Mr Smith,  go and fucking ask him, has sorted out course for himself which you useless fucking bastards should have sorted out.  Have spoke to dozens of fucking people and all the courses which they should be able to get for retraining for new fucking jobs in the new fucking economy of the fucking future and which Gordon fucking Brown and Ed fucking Balls are always going on about, and that useless  walking disease, Lord Nothing-Wrong-With-My-Arse Was -Just -Routine- Emergency-Arsectomy Requiring-Few-Day-In-Royal-Hospital-For-Officer-And-Poof Mandelstein, well, your staff have never fucking heard of them.  No, no, no,  I assure you and your smugbastard RadioFour listeners that this will be just a question of minor adjustments as the new programmes are rolled out across the country. And can't fucking obviously, comment on individual case, So there. Bollocks. Restart, down SellyOak Job Centre of Shit is,   like every other fucking thing, whatever we say it is.

And Redditch, too,  just down the A435 is. Is Birmingham overspill town and full up of  hereditary burglar and violent car-booting nutter.  And unsafe seat of Jackie Smith, cookery teacher from Leys High School - motto Average age of pupil pregnancy is fourteen and falling - former  worst fucking Home Secretary in history of law'n'order and wanky husband, Richard. And one thing for fucking certain is that Jackie is out on fat arse, Redditchean is thick like pigshit but even so, is not standing for that nonsense. So, can see Dimblebum on telly on election night Redditch, Con gain, Redditch Con gain.

Birmingham economy is fucked,  manufacturing is destroyed  by people who lied and stole and killed and cheated and blackmailed and now can only mouth jargon and fucking slogan about imaginary new economy, imaginary jobs and imaginary prosperity, thieves and jackals, good for fuck all and up against wall should go. Steven Byers, now touting his arse around Lobbyville,  gave Longbridge and its traditions away to thieving bastards, beyond the law or morality's reach, its workforce now at the mercy of government intitiatives at Selly Oak Job Centre of Shit is . And if any justice was Byers and Hoon and the rest would be in custody remanded at Winson Green and no fucking bail, pending trial for deception and theft and good kicking having off thin blue line of lazy fat screws. Only trouble is skymadeupnewsandfilth quickly hoovered-up mess of ExpensesCrime and MortgageCrime and WarCrime and JunketCrime and EarthCrime and most especially, in Scotland, best part of England, of massive NonceCrime. And business back to as usual is. Pretend election between two cheek of same poxy arse.

George Cadbury great Edwardian philanthrowotsit was, here in Birmigham and made ethical business, sort of, was better, anyway, than nasty fucking leprechaun,  Willy O'Walsh,  does at BA and now is sold off to GlobaCorp, just for fucking money. as though money was real, like people and soon Cadbury chocolate outsource will be in New fucking Delhi, with cow and buffalo wandering around production line.  End of road   for Workshop of Empire and just instead cheap corner shop will be and sharp-faced, ferrety Brummy  a citizen of depressed EuroRegion become. Like Albanian.

And testament will stand, Birmingham,  to growing our economy of goodforfuckall service industry, of worthless lying bastard financial adviser, of light regulatory touch. And culture will be of screaming  fag hairfuckingdresser  and Cruelty TV  and celebrity slapper with big plastic tits;  toolsetter and capstan operator, like  miner and steelworker and shipbuilder,  out on street with outlaw junky angel and prostitute will be, in Ruin.

So,  Asian vote will stay largely with SnotParty and so will probation officer, teacher, gay and bisexual community relations officers. And nurse and social worker. Blue collar bloke, still wiping off Byers' shit from face, will not vote Snot but will not vote Sam and Dave, either and  unlikely is to vote ShitEaters4HomeSeckatry. (Note off editor for overseas readers. In run-up, as we say, to last UK election, LibDem shadow Home Seck discovered was to be   dirty bastard copraphiliac, in house of commons was saying You watch me, voters, when I am Home Seck, which, actually speaking will be never, I tough am going to get with prostitution and stuff like that,  But and is big fucking but,  huge fucking but,  same bloke, Mark Eaton, MP, was doing unmentionanle shit with rentboy, unfuckingmentionable, in fact, in United State of Obama, would have Hizonner Judge Hymie Goldblum yelling Yes, you can't,  you miserable sonofafuckingbitch and probably go in Old Sparky and get fried-up with eyes popping out and dangling down cheek and veins bursting and cock shooting sparks out from end, like Mount Vesuvius and crowd of Anafuckingbaptist witnesses in Sunday suit singing We Shall Overcome But You Sure as Hell Won't, Motherfucker,   if caught is doing this shit . 

Was German sort of perrversion.  Everybody know that Herman the German is filthy fucking bastard and poking about in shit is every morning with Mrs and Jah,  Liebschen-ing is, dis poo is sehr gut, Liebschen,  is firm and gut colour and smell fresh and happy und look, Lieschen,   mein own poo is wunderbar, is neine  blood and full of seeds is so mein bowel is gut und cleansed, scrape clean with seeds from gut German wholemeal bread. Could probably, Liebschen,  pull rectum inside-out and eat dinner off. Come Liebschen, let's sit down together, holding hands  on our side-by-side Herr und Frau toilet bowls and do our liddle, healthy poos together, Jah? Heil Hitler.

Is famous for being romantic like that, German bloke. Only not with Jew. Or gipsy. Or poof. Well, Oaten bloke was worse than this, was worse than Herman the German. After day in Snot parliament, passing laws,  would go in rentboy flat, take off MP suit and lie under glass coffee table and rentboy poo would do on tabletop only tabletop not there was and, well, is fucking decent family blog here and not go no further but Fuck me, Jesus, what sort of people can be who would   have shit-eating freak in front of front fucking bench ? Here is our shadow Home Seckatry. And in his spare time, he eats shit, yes, that's right he eats shit, not his own mind, no, that would be disgusting,  he pays other people to shit on him and eats it. Is fucking  having fucking laugh, innit, with voter. ShitEaters might win in Solihull, which is very posh part of Birmingham and so full of poof and freak is but out of work car and chocolate egg maker will not vote for ShitEaters.)

Is some racial tension, growing unemployment and Austerity Years of National Recovery from the Bankers' Depredations are coming for all. Never mind, always is internet porn and daytime telly and burglary to fall back on. Probably political map  of Brum will remain mainly SnotGreen  with a few splash of Sam and Dave Blue and maybe little spot of ShitEater Brown, like skidmark.

Outside the fithy lens of telly,  maybe some independents, some green and UKIP fuckers, some BNPers, some lunatics may squeeze into a seat or two of disgruntled apathetic voters, voters too bad, too indifferent to make the effort to connect with the main parties of our democracy - as the BBC sees it, and skymadeupnewsandfilth - which those who have dragged it through the shit - ie all of them -  are so busy reforming for us, that we might love them the more, the better, the truer. Time is for change. But not really, absolutely not.

And now is back in studio with Jeremy. Or Kirsty.  Or Adam.
No change there, then. No busness like showbusiness is.


yardarm said...

Welcome antidote to the bollocks spouted by the wankers on the T.V.I am watching now, with never a word of how this recession took them by surprise while they were fiddling the exxies. And how they not going to arse fuck us all to pay for it.

Mind you, you couldn`t get the motherfuckers up against the wall. They couldn`t even stand straight.

PT Barnum said...

It was bad enough when these ringworms were ignoring us and getting on with screwing the country (it's the right thing to do). Now they're trying to pitch their virtue and wisdom and expertise, it's bloody unbearable. There's an army of bollock-naked wannabe Emperors marching around with their todgers waving and not one single voice from the meeja commentariat pointing and saying 'I can see his willy!'.

Where's the hemlock?

jgm2 said...

Thankyou Stan. Grew up in Birmingham. Brother still lives there. He'd agree with you. Fucked. Completely fucked. Boulton, Chamberlain, BSA, Castle Bromwich, workshop of Britain.

Fucked. Fucked. George V pub a fucking Chinese buffet. BL - used to employ 10,000, 20,000, fuck knows - now a big bombsite, maybe turn it into a retail park or a fucking 'university'.

Nice job Red Robbo. Could have got smart like the German unions. Could have co-operated with the management. Built lots of good cars. Lots of 'em. Fucking heaps. But no. Had to make your point. Do minimum of work for maximum of taxpayers money. Had to have your fucking fifth columnist wars - moving your 20K muppet brummies around the chessboard as your KGB handlers ordered.


I thought all that was behind us Stan. But now we have the same class divisions and union jackasses rising again. Probably that intellectual Titan John fucking Prescott getting his order on his scientific lecture tours of China.


By jackasses.

call me ishmael said...

Last year, mrjmg2, I was in one of those Chink Buffets, in a nice, between the wars Birmingham 'pub on the Woverhampton Road, oak wainscoting and Deco lights, quite made me squirm, all you can eat for, I dunno, a tenner, a fiver, maybe, I felt ashamed of myself for going back up to the counter and stuffing myself; gluttony and stupidity, the staff probably laughing at their barbariab customers. I'll never set foot in one again, fucking rubbish.

jgm2 said...

Don't blame the Chinese Ishmael.

You don't have the Chinese blowing themselves up on the fucking tube. Or making home videos prior to their fucking idiot 'martyrdom'. Although I think they have a bit of local difficulty with Allah's Own Muppets (Ughyar Division).

It's our own fucking fault. We had no fucking reason to slit our own throats like this. When I say 'we' I mean 'the British'. Not me obviously 'cos I ain't a fucking imbecile. But our charlatan fucking cuckold fucking we-know-whats-best-for-you-we've-got-a-vision-we've-got-[drum roll]-an ideology fucking jackass political class.

I don't have much of an ideology. I was glad to see the back of Thatcher/Major. But not half as glad as I'll be to see the back of the Brownian Idiocy. We seem to have a political system where the sole qualification for advancement is being a lobotomised party clone. With an ideology.

I'm becoming more and more unpatriotic. I despair of my fellow Britons. To think, in the teeth of the Brownian Moronity, that 30%+ would entertain more of this idiocy for a second just scrambles my brain. What am I paying my taxes for? 30% of the population are fucking imbeciles. Clearly. Minimum.

We're at the whim of 5% swing-voters - folk with an IQ slightly higher than fucking morons.

I understand why you'd want a house overlooking the sea Ishmael. So you didn't risk looking at the 1 in 3 retards who would still vote for this fucking idiocy.

Yeah. The last 13 years was a smoke-and-mirrors financial fuck-fest. Lets give the guy who sat through it all proclaiming his financial brilliance another fucking go.

It's like a financial re-enactment of 'The Boys From Brazil'. The imbecile is dead (not yet sadly) - lets clone the fucker and let him have another go.

And 30% of the UK population are that fucking stupid that they will.

We're on the wrong fucking island.

Even Islam only mandated a 10% tax figuring that only 10% of the population would be such fucking idiots they'd need looking after.

We're now at 53% idiot tax.

But I saw it coming. And to my shame failed to act in my best interests by fucking off completely.

Anonymous said...

Vassili Blokhin, where are you? Your skills are needed. Actually, I read he died in a lunatic asylum in 1955. Probably misdiagnosed ... was more than likely suffering from Alzheimer's. Wonder is he had offspring? Must look ...

Elby the Beserk said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

Best one yet Stan.

a young anglo irish catholic said...

pure joy