Saturday, 10 April 2010


The Thai people engage with their government;

 the British with theirs.

The Hereditary Adjudicator discusses the possible exchange of power between the various  groups of organised criminals which have traditionally run the UK.

Amazing isn't it, how, as  the Thais resist their enslavement, we, via phone-ins and blogs and the telly, engage wholeheartedly in ours.


Anonymous said...

Latest score, at least 20 dead including a Reuters cameraman and the best part of a thousand injured. Yet they atill won't disburse the leaders have called for mass protests in the provinces there was trouble here in Chiang Mai last night (we are 7 hours ahead of GMT) The protesters have been calling the troops watermelons, green (colour of the uniform)on the outside and red on the inside not sure what they will be calling them this morning. The king whom is treated like a God has been in hospital since last September has not been heard from for months one can only wonder why, there are over 40,000 pages on the web blocked by the Thai government relating to him Le Majeste 15 years per offence. These troubles no matter what you read on Thai Visa a web site full of gobshite drunken ex pats is not over Thaxsin but power of the "elite" old money families who are living in the 1800's expecting the lower orders to kow tow to them. I should know I live near one a woman completely deranged once told my better half that she is a " big person" and the lower orders should do as she says, my missus saif yeah right.In the English language there is only one word for "you" well in Thai there are loads depending where you are up the social scale I have a felling this is about to change.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of pop wannabes flocked to Old Trafford today for this year's first X Factor auditions.

More than 6,000 hopefuls queued for hours for their chance to sing their way to stardom.

Three-time X Factor reject Emma Chawner and fiancee of Happy Mondays freaky dancer Bez, Monica Ward, were among those hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year's winner Joe McElderry."
From the Manchster evening news good to see people have their priorities right. Never mind no jobs, no work,no hope audition for this shite.

call me ishmael said...

"I should know I live near one a woman completely deranged once told my better half that she is a " big person" and the lower orders should do as she says,"

Sounds like our own, esteemed Attorney General, Lady Pat Mawhinney, or the bitch, Scotland, as she prefers to be known.

There's not much by way of explanation on skymadeupnewsandfilth UK, is there a CIA dimension to all this, for one side or the other?

"living in the 1800's expecting the lower orders to kow tow to them." We may be about to experience a revivsl of that jolly old esprit de corps in this country, should the Sam'n'Daves prevail and in any event, on a smaller scale, should Prescott's doxy get her wish and Lardman goes to the Lords.

call me ishmael said...

'twas ever thus mr a, bread and circuses, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan and all the rest are well worth their knighthoods for services to government and the establishment.

Displacement activity, as one of our anonymati on the WTC post, describes our swimming about in shit, 'avin a laff.

Our former resident classicist, mr the dyers garden, used to describe the masses, in so many words, as worthless, not worth worrying about; your own despatch goes some way to validate his scorn.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the CIA this time but in 1997 the economic crash was manipulated by the septic tanks as they realised the domino effect was defunct Viet Nam who lost/won the war was doing very nicely thank you the Philipines with Marcos and Imelda not the Bliar one the shoes one who pissed off with about 1,000tonnes of gold was safe so was Maylasia. So they pulled the plug as the baht was linked to the dollar and I reckon they must have thought you have been well paid by Uncle Sam for using Thailand the same as they used the UK as an unsinkable aircraft carrier for bombing Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos there were more bombs dropped on both Cambodia and Laos than were dropped on all countries in WW2. There are still thousands of wounded and fatalities now every year from unexploded ordnance and birth defects from Agent Orange who you gonna sue?. Any wonder the world hates the yanks? As for the 6,000 nitwits trying to be "TV personalities" someone should have a word with them and tell them soon there will be more people on than watching it, how very very sad. My daughter has just come back from Chiang Mai tells me handgrenades have been thrown and shots fired, fucking great as we have to shopping soon.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks very much, mr a.

If you had a TESCO there, they would deliver it all to you. They'll get there eventually.

Mind how you go.

Anonymous said...

TESCO? A bit late the country is full of the Tesco Lotus supermarkets the Lotus bit is another rich family. We have Carrfour etc but Tesco have Tesco express small shops putting the Mom & Pop stores out of business. As to the CIA I forgot to mention the they had centres here where they tortured renditioned AKA kidnapped people. Thailand is a compliant country of the US. Just have a look at the joint exercises Cobra Gold where you can see all the taxpayers hardware storming the beaches just before the GI's go to Pattaya the only city in the world given over to industrialised fucking a truly awful place. The latest state of play here is Abhisit the Eaton educated unelected prime minister now involved in sleaze allegations (sound familiar?) refuses to quit the protesters who refuse to disperse have not only taken over Bangkok but a lot of other places including here in Chiang Mai I live near loads on military barracks many troops on the streets the Thai army has more generals than tanks and as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Its going to be a long slog shifting them as the military here have their own bank and TV and radio stations they also along with the police buy their comissions.It is the hot season here only get 3 seasons wet, hot and cool in Bangkok you only get 2 hot and very hot 100F plus there. Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and a happy new year Songkran 3 days of it but a bit subdued this year