Tuesday, 20 April 2010


In the Filth-O-Mail last week, Ms Mandy Smith revealed that at age fourteen, fourteen, she was nonced by dear Old Bill Wyman, original Mr BassMan with the ridiculous and deeply unwholesome Rolling Stones. Full pentrative intercourse with a child was part of Old Bill's mid-life crisis, he was forty-eight at the time he committed offences graver, we guess, than Mr Gary Glitter's fiddling and molesting but dear old Bill married the child and he is a national treasure so that's alright then.

The dirty disgusting old bastard with his child bride.

The priests do it like this, too, they blame the child and in Bill's case, skymadeupnewsandfilth blamed the child, too. Wild Child, Mandy. Her mother was no help to her, I believe she married Bill Wyman junior, how's that for parental example. Poor Mandy. She's OK now, she says, celibate and a kind of unofficial nun, in love not with some ghastly old nonce but with God, Himself.

Presumably it would not be in the public interest for that prick at the CPS to prosecute this piece of shit, Wyman; that's the message we give to the children. Any wonder they''re all fucked up?

Hanging, as mr mongoose would say, is too fucking good for him - how many more were there, little girls violated, whilst Bill was touring the world with that gang of degenerate shitbags? - but it would do for a start.


A young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

'mazing, innit? Him and Pete Townsend avoid having the book thrown at them as the high-ups decide who can be made an example of without outraging public sentiment.

But will not forgive for Townsend v Langham v The Done Thing.

Langham was no worse than Townsend and while on bail, colleague tells me, on yeah, everybody knows rape charge by young girl is cobblers but its been added to pile to make sure Langham is done over good and proper.

And, lo colleague's contact in Brummie lawyer world is dead on the money. Rape charge thrown out but the few downloads beyond the pail, locked up and ruined, will never work again.

Unlike Wyman and Townsend, of course. Them's the copper's favourites, innit?

PT Barnum said...

Given that NewLabour functionaries are apparently trawling the internet and having the Downfall movie parodies that lampoon Brown (violation of copyright, you know, although the copyright owners have never objected to the other 3000 parodies), is it too far-fetched to think that Langham was prosecuted in that manner for daring to portray a NewLabour minister as less than competent and shiningly intelligent? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

What about Owen Oysten and the travesty of what happened to him.

call me ishmael said...

The Oysten case is in Wiki. Langham is certainly a candidate for a fit-up, mr ptb, although I don't think he denied the liaison with the under-age girl and its consumation at the earliest opportunity; she only "gave" him oral sex; I know that in itself doesn't merit imprisonment but it fair turns my stomach.

Townsend needs a good hiding, has long been my view and I guess to bust the old paedo. Wyman, would kind of besmirch the knigthood given to Jagger by - wasn't it - his fellow rocker, the butcher of Baghdad and the ghastly Imelda. Amazing is right.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Oyston but be careful who you upset and if at first you don't get a conviction try, try again till you do. Old Peter by the way was only doing research into underage goat sex why should he lie?

a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Oysten is from my home territory and although I don't doubt he's a bugger, the transparency of the fit up by the Police was incredible.

Funny how they could never nail Derek Hatton. Now there was a real criminal and thug. Worse than Dame Shirley ever knew how to be, but the Left has right on its side, innit?

After all, they're trying to get to a socialist utopia so any means will do.

Incidentally, Mr I, I did not know Langham admitted to anything at all. Rather disturbed to hear there was any contact at all...

call me ishmael said...

FRom the Telegraph

"His alleged victim, who had a history of mental illness, had told the court that she had lost her virginity to Langham a few weeks after her 14th birthday, when he was starring in 'Les Miserables’ at the Palace Theatre in London.

Langham had told the court that he had only had oral sex with her, and that was when she was 18."

I don't think, Mr yaic. there was any doubt that he had groomed the girl. I don't know about the sentencing and if I did I would probably lean towards a non-custodial in his case but fifty eight year old luvvies getting blowjobs from eighteen year olds who have been under their influence since childhood, well, it burns my toast. Woody Allen comes to mind. legal but revolting.

It is a difficult area - people looking at images - and I don't understand why its ok for some - experts - but not for pthers.