Friday, 23 April 2010



 Cleggie is on air-guitar, bless.

 They all do this shit with their hands, chopping, framing, emphasising but Gordon Snot's clunking, snot-stained, nail-bitten fist of Doom and Ruin does something else.  In Tonight With Adam Lard (Mr Anji Hunter) side shots of Snotty revealed his right arm repeatedly punching forward, in vicious jabs, as though he was  beating a defenceless, restrained  man in the kidneys;  he really is a horrible fucking bastard, a bully, a coward; a lonely, fucked-up, desperate wanker.


lilith said...

Nick Haircut is all shook up.

yardarm said...

Looks as if Clegg`s about to unzip his trousers and piss all over the stage.

Which might be the best comment on the whole thing.

black hole sunset said...

Or, Three (very) Wee Kings. What little news I've failed to avoid about that whole bumfest (being, for the moment, gainfully employed) has roughly translated into "Clegg Stole the Show".

It's now apparent that my previously strategy of assuming the worst just isn't going to cut it.