Tuesday, 6 April 2010



Although Col. von Fawkes and his gang would cheer and throw pizza, this, from wikileaks, via mr mongoose, contains video images of the fight for freedom and  to most people they will be distressing.


PT Barnum said...

The Youtube feed here seems to be a bit skew-whiff, so this video can be acquired from:

mongoose said...

The film, while disgusting and horrifying, is not as horrifying as the "commentary".

It's just GI Joe mowing down civilians who may or may not be carrying anything. One carrying what might be a sound recording box - "mistaken" to be an AK47, and another carrying a shoulder-mountable video camera (but not on his shoulder) - "mistaken" to be an RPG launcher. "Let's light 'em up." And the other ten civilians carrying nothing. And the van who came perhaps to collect innocent casualties and take them to hospital. It is too horrible.

And the treatment of the wounded girls... No, let's not take them raghead babies to our nice uber-hospital. Off to A&E Babylon with them. Horrible.

PT Barnum said...

I too found their words utterly repugnant. I could hardly bear to read beyond this point:

07:18 Bushmaster; Crazyhorse. We have individuals going to the scene, looks like possibly uh picking up bodies and weapons.
07:25 Let me engage.
07:28 Can I shoot?
07:31 Roger. Break. Uh Crazyhorse One-Eight request permission to uh engage.
07:36 Picking up the wounded?
07:38 Yeah, we're trying to get permission to engage.
07:41 Come on, let us shoot!

Like some computer game with real blood and guts. Yippee.

call me ishmael said...

We feel, here, the hot breath of the Jihad, blowing our illusions away.

Maybe Tom Hanks and Stevie Spielberg will make a movie, giving the proper emphasis to America's heroism.

Maybe there are American heroes, but they ain't these psychobastardcocksuckingmommasboys.

Rally round the flag y'all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr PTB, it shows what a sheltered life we must have led when, seeing some humans trying to save another grievously wounded human, we are appalled to see their efforts being rewarded by American cowherds, remote in the saddle of their vantage horse, who put their hands together in a deathly stutter of applause.

black hole sunset said...

To think that this is but a glimpse, a narrated, cutting room floor snippet, of the airborn democratisation which's engulfed so many other innocent bystanders; it's merely rare for Westerners to see it in such graphic detail, not for it to happen. Is anyone of sane mind arguing for a figure of less then a hundred thousand civilian deaths in Iraq alone?

Blair, the foul, gold digging shiteater, recently, and selflessly, he no doubt presumes, set aside his otherwise relentless courting money and sperm that we might all benefit from his scripted, NWO scat orgy fluffing insight into which coven of blind, clueless theives are best placed to relieve us of our fillings.

It is a cruel injustice that so many have met their end in the electric chair, for what are, without doubt, comparatively trivial offences, while the few, genuinely monstrous individuals, who might actually deserve it, are rewarded beyond the dreams of avarice, if not their own.

Blair's ragged, bloated corpse being kicked and booted along at the head of an angry mob; that'd be worth seeing.

call me ishmael said...

I've mentioned before that I came out of the womb opposed to capital punishment but Blair and his monstrous ilk truly test my resolve. Imelda, too, urging MPs' doxies to persuade their spouses to vote for this shit; string her up, along with him.