Monday, 5 April 2010



These filthy kaffir bastards should have their black balls cut off, stuffed down their throats, have their eyes put out and be flayed alive and then roasted on a fiery cross, I mean, should be apprehended and brought to justice, said Mr Nick Griffin. MEP,

Mr Griffin, MEP, enjoys  a bit of 'erb
between dem speeches an dat shit ina Babylon.

of the British Nazi Party on hearing of the long-overdue death of Mr Eugene Terreblanch aka as The KaffirBasher -  leader of his sister party, the South African BlacksRBastards Party or GayBlondBruderbond, weatherbeaten, muscly, horse-riding, firearms-toting fagsRus. It's just not right, said One-eyed Nick, these nig nogs coming into Africa like this and taking all the jobs, they'll be swamping the place before we know it. Only good darky, in the view of my party, 'sa dead darky. My good friend, Eugene. was a great bulwark against blacks taking over Africa and he will be sorely missed  in the public bar down at the  Gelding Hook and Swastika. Not many people know this, continued the BNP treasurer, HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh,

but Eugene Terreblanche was the nom de plume of Lord Peregrine Worsthorne, formerly of the Filth-O-Graph,
 Lord Perry and Lady Lucy

and his lovely, fragrant wife, Lady Ludmilla Sanilav, the famous Victorian urinal expert, off the BBC, which stands not for the Black Broadcasting Corporation but the British Broadcasting Corporation, not that you'd know that. Lady Lucinda is one of the most expert experts on men's urinals, Although, she says ruefully, there's not much urinal fun to be had with  old Perry these days, not unless you count changing the catheter bag.  That Joan Bakewell, she lives in a country house, too, like us, and everyone who counts, really,  but she gets to make programmes all about men's cocks, big ones small ones, some as big as your head, whereas all I ever get is pisscorners; I think it's jolly unfair, and she must be a hundred, at least.

Dame Joan Bakewell in the 'sixties

and now.

 It's awful about Eugene though, isn't it, absolutely awful, gushed Lady Lucrezia;  he was a Nazi's Nazi you know, not like the current editor of the Telegraph, who's all leather collars and amyl nitrate. Darkies? No, they don't have proper toilets, just do it in the bushes, or in the corner of the hut. Mmmm sort of animalistic.

Am I sorry that my fellow conservative, Mr Terreblanche is brown bread, as we say dahn Lahndun, said top Tory buffoon, David Buffoon,

interviewing himself on skymadeupnewsandfilth, yes, of course I am, would I have made him foreign secretary, yes, of course I would, stout fellow, just the sort of no-nonsense Old Etonian Nazi  we want if we're going to  right thirteen years of Tory misrule in the white hot heat of the technological revolution, sort of an Oswald Mosley,  de nos jours. Mrs Buffoon, yes, she's fine thank you, would I give her one? Well, I think, in the circumstances, you can see that I already have. Or someone has, anyway, Boris?  No, only joking, gotta 'ave a larf, aintcha, as we say dahn Lahndun.  But was it a truly dreadful thing poor Mr Terreblanch getting chopped-up like firewood for mr stanislav's Aga? Yes, of course it was, I want people to understand that we in NewLabour will have no truck with violence, not unless its on a global inferno scale and there's more money in it than we're gonna inherit anyway,  and even more once we cut the inheritance tax. If anyone in my shadow cabinet

  Oh, we love Day-vid Ca-meron, doo-dah, doo-dah....
The shadow cabinet

decides they don't want to toe the party line - Wogs Out Now - what will I do ? Why I shall jolly well ask Mr Spit-Gove, he's the clever one. Remember, a vote for the BNP is a  useless, wasted vote; if you want to waste your vote properly, vote for me or Mr Snot or Mr Suit-and-Haircut,   decent, white, English political parties that you can trust, only not with your money, obviously. Or to tell the truth.  Are young, white Conservatives all across the country celebrating Easter in the traditional, white, Conservtive fashion?

Of course they are.

And, you know, as I stand here, in my prime minister suit,  asking myself these facile questions  and impudently refusing to tell you all how we are going to rub your noses in the shit until they bleed, once you have formally elected us - or them, for that matter - I cannot help but reflect that,  regardless of our colour, we are all brothers under the skin, as long as it's white.

Vote Buffoon for a proper white government. With a few token darkies. You know you want to.
Dave Buffoon is appearing on skymadeupnewsandfilth, tonight, where he will not be asking himself questions about  how Prison Works or Why We Must Be In The ERM, his previous, brilliant policy initiatives,  when he was "advising," God help us, the deadbeats, Michael Howard and  Norman Lamont.

Two useless Tory wankers.
Spot the prime minister.


Race Equality Secret Service said...


As a result of the excellent work being done by the Black National Party (BNP) we are pleased to announce that the White Supremacist Racists in positions of trust and authority are getting weaker and losing power within the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Anonymous said...

Are you being sarcastic? The BBC and all 'western' media are nigger ass licking 'liberals' and all the hypocrisy that comes with being one.