Friday, 9 April 2010



Anonymous said...

"My first reaction was to think of the families" My second reaction was "Fuck em"

black hole sunset said...

Silverstein, what a nice chap. A mate of Blair's, by any chance?

The fact and nature of massive 'put' option trading in the days running up to 911 is, I've always thought, one of the most significant, convincing and, correspondingly, underreported aspects of the whole 911 story.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting but very time consuming to look at the wide variety of reports, testimonies, video footage and so on, and, given that the commentary made on this site tends towards the thoughtful, most would come to perfectly sensible conclusions based on the weight of evidence.

The problem that I have had, and respectfully suggest that some others might have (before spending too much time) is that, despite all the information available, some of it credible and some of it crackpot, it seems to be in the interests of a very few* to actually do anything about this crime.

The war aims had been advanced, the political, media and business careerists have presumably advanced themselves, the insurance money's been paid out, the bright shiny new 'fit for purpose' asbestos free buildings are going up.

I can only deduce that the majority of Americans, however sentient many undoubtedly are, can't or won't stomach the realisation that parts of their governing classes and parts of their protection forces could be involved in, or in any way responsible for, the production and distribution of this Category B horror movie. The suspicion remains that they would prefer to leave their memories of it in the dark cinema and stroll out into the daylight, dreaming of, and looking for, newer and fresher 'realities'.


(* how can the families of the murdered and debilitated exert significant power against organisations who have proved themselves willing to use such means?)

call me ishmael said...

These events actually silently prompt much of what I post here, the world is in the state which it is because of them. Are we to believe that an incriminating passport survived the burning of thousands of gallons of kerosene and fluttered down at the feet of an investigator; that the mightiest aeronautical, military and surveillance engine in history was wrongfooted by a handful of hysterical arabs; that so many buildings collapased -impossibly- at freefall speeds, when none had ever done so before without being the subject of synchronised explosive demolition and so on and so on. Yes, we are expected to believe this and largely we do. We do so to the extent that our leaders can link these matters to totally innocent states and attack and brutalise them, that, citing these events, our leaders can restrain, beat, torture, imprison and kill us.

I like your mordant view of it, mr anonymous, (of people) stroll(ing) out into the daylight, dreaming of, and looking for, newer and fresher 'realities', for that is what happens; it is so demonstrrated here and up and down cyber avenue, we vex ourselves about the doings of stooge pygmies, like Brown and Merkel, hiding our heads from the grim, huge reality of GlobaCrime Incorporated.

PT Barnum said...

After years of perpetually asking Cui bono? of every major news event, including natural disasters, it was the 2006 invasion of Lebanon by Israel that finally showed me the interconnectedness of the processes governing such things. And the question still is Cui bono? and not necessarily 'follow the money' since money is only one vehicle for accruing power.

Dick the Prick said...

It's been going on since 1945 I reckon. That such technology was so developed, that arm chair generals became arm chair air marshalls too - well, obviously, piece of piss.

I guess the incredulity with 9/11 is that the military industrial complex rarely fucks its own on purpose but brave new shite and all that. It may be a response to the interweb, that governments had missed the game and so had to ratchet up defence spending markedly in order to control absofuckinglutely the rest of the world.

1 thing's for fucking sure - I ain't ever walking into a skyscraper which has symbolic value. The problem with blowing up Westminster though would be it's a really nice building - Canary Wharf would be architecturally less relevant. I've got quite close links to one of Barrie's earlier buildings and they really are a treat for politicians - nooks and corners everywhere for plotting and the porters have quite a few tomato plants on the go too.

mongoose said...

There are two things to say. Firstly, that not just one, but three, very big buildings fell down in their own footprints one day is all but impossible to achieve by chance. To have the two towers do so after having bashed into them with big airliners is frankly impossible. The asymmetric damage at the impact sites must render that unlikely; the build up of debris as the upper floors fall must make a completely orderly collapse impossible unless managed by demolition charges.

Secondly, if the above makes any sense then the scale of the conspiracy must be mindboggling. It cannot be true. Surely not. They cannot be that fucking evil. It is this disconnection upon which our masters rely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr Ishmael.

Yes, an arsenal's worth of 'smoking guns', and yet we still spend time looking for more of them, perpetually nuzzling the security blanket of displacement activity that enables us to continue "hiding our heads from the grim, huge reality of GlobaCrime Incorporated".

And yet, and yet. Maybe there is a counter intuitive benefit to be derived from all this displacement activity; the ability to be patient, to bide our time. Because, all the while we promenade "up and down cyber avenue" or sit in our cyber salon, we have the chance, the duty even, to point out, in so far as we are able to make sense of it, the nonsense and especially the criminal nonsense.

Of course, we can and should comfort and sustain ourselves with mutual endorsements. But if one telling image, one illuminating insight, one persuasive argument, one searing rant, one enduring song, encourages 'normal' people to stand firm by their voluntarily altruistic beliefs, then, if nothing else, we have continued to hold the barricades against those Abnormalities, those "intraspecies predators", whoever they may be and whatever they may do.


Bit gushy, I realise, but the sun is shining here, and I feel the Spring of optimism on my pale pate.