Saturday, 10 April 2010


The Chief Executive of a frocks and knickers company fucks the nation.

 Stuart Rose is a greedy, gobby, belligerent fuckpig and in a decent country he'd get a punch in his fucking mouth, instead, skymadeupnewsandfilth fawns all over the cunt, as though, demanding more for his shareholders and himself, he was advancing the national interest.

Those flogging outsourced-manufacture  lingerie in Stewie's emporia earn an average of fifteen grand a year, way below the threshold at which  the proposed new NIC kicks-in - and which amounts, anyway, to fifteen quid a month, hardly a massive deterrent to recruitment,  Stewie's snorting, therefore, is just archly  party political and should be reported as such, he is a lying bastard.

Stewie, million pounds a year piggie,
urges cuts in public sector jobs.


jgm2 said...

I too urge cuts in public service jobs.

A million or so would be a good start.

I do not know Stuart Rose. But on the principle that he's got an opposing opinion to the Maximum Imbecile he can't be far wrong then I suggest Stew knows what the fuck he's talking about.

call me ishmael said...

And a million more families shat upon, mr jmg2, whilst bankers dance their merry larcenous waltz, politicians shower one another with honours and pensions, their fluffers, like Stewie, with yet more tax breaks ? Surely not.

jgm2 said...

I hesitate to disagree with you Ishmael.. but I will. Not a few days prior you were raging against the legions of health and safety fuckwits, diversity jackasses, five-a-day advisers and suchlike oxygen thieves as you fitted your fine new chimney cowling. It is this one million bedwetters, boxtickers and sanctimonious bastards I'm talking about. The one-million goodforfuckallistas, conjured out of fresh air back in 2001/2002 to make good on Labours' 'education, education , blah blah it makes me feel fucking sick to have to say it again.

There you go newly minted graduates of fuckallofanyuse. You've spent four years at some shit university (used to be an adult literacy evening class) getting a till receipt degree and look, just like we promised - a job. A job with prospects. A government job. Free pension, loads of money, pointless regional office in a marginal constituency, parking space. Just like we promised. Don't forget now - tell all your friends and family - Vote Labour.

Education, education and education, that's what I'm talking about baby...

Them's the million I'm talking about.

The million fucking ruckled rugs and spring-busting potholes getting in the way of every fucker looking to trip us up and smash our teeth out or turn our ankles over as we try to get on with our life.

Bastards. Arseholes and bastards.

Fire them all. They know they're not doing anything useful. You know they're not doing anything useful. They're just political appointees, many too fucking thick to realise the pointlessness of their existence. They're just leeching off the rest of us while shoving forms and directives under our fucking noses.

Fuck 'em. Fire 'em. Fire 'em all.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr jgm2. There is usually little disagreement between us, as you say; there is, however, in this instance, a difference of emphasis and interpretation. I am closer to public sector management than you might guess and a lot of the time they are shit upon, absent staff are not replaced and workloas double and triple on the basis that we are all in this together, overwork and impossibly unreasonable demands from central and local government do genuinely create stress and poor health; Chief Executives and Service Heads are often unaccountable bullies, protecting each other, blackmailimg each other, scapegoating the weakest; policy is often dreamed up by fuckwit consultants without any professional experience, responding only to government jargon and slogans, the slogans themselves the brainchildren of maladroit and utterly inept fools like Byers or Boateng or Schmidt or the ludicrous lardball, Salmond.

That there are very senior managers, vastly overpaid, corrupt, even criminal, is not in dispute, but they will not form part of your million, it will be drawn from the weak, the seven pounds an hour arsewipers, careworkers busting their backs working outside health and safety practice guidelines and policies, in understaffed and under resourced homes for the elderly. It will not be school heads or college principals or University vice-chancellors who are culled but already poorly paid teachers and lecturers.

Productivity in large parts of the publicly funded sector has soared; consider that since the IT explosion practitioners and their managers now, without recompense and without time-and-motion recognition, discharge the duties of at least one admin/clerical, secretarial worker and often more, the introduction of email has added a hitherto non-existent burden of tasks, the expectation that all will write - and answer - their own letters, papers, minutes, memoranda is universal, that professional workers often managing desperatly sensitive, potentially life-threatening cases are expected to act like typists and are denied a moment's reflection, a moment's peace and quiet in which to mull things over and when colleagues are off work or on training practitioners are expected to cover their caseloads, too, their typing, their record keeping.

With an unimaginably, unforeseeably large retired population and with a caterwauling crescendo of demands on the health service, with the expansion of higher education and the demands of criminal justice and so-called anti-terrorism measures it is inevitable that the public sector expands beyond what was hitherto thought to be fundable; this is not the fault of the lowest-paid employees in those sectors and if there is fault it lies with a greedy and demanding wider society, grunting, ever, for more yet unwilling to pay the necessary amounts of taxation.

I grant you that there is an unacceptable contingent of Jobsworths, many of them in hi-vis yellow jackets, obnoxious and tyrannical, requiring a good swift punch in the face, a kick in the asre or a right good bollocking but that is a fault of their managers and does not justify widespread unemployment and the despair and chaos which attend it, to the punitive detriment, incidentally, of all.

Below Chief Executive level, the pensions aren't that good, the salaries aren't that good, already meagre allowances are chipped away at yearly. lavishly pensioned assistant chiefs of this and that red-penning the essential users car allowance of a newly qualified, debt-ridden=graduate, bottom-feeder.


call me ishmael said...


Vulnerable staff, nurses, are lampooned and denigrated for their supposedly high rate of absenteeism, as though they didn't work in close - intimate - quarters to desperately ill and dying people, day after day, year after year; their inevitable illnesses now targeted by braying dunderhead chancers like the Sam'n'Daves.

A levels and degrees, it is true, under successive governments, have been devalued, no-one on Earth will persuade me to the contrary but this is as much due to unreasonable demands made by pushy but otherwise lazy and indifferent "caring" parents, only wanting what's best for little Chardonnay, not that they have the faintest idea what constitutes "good" for their ghastly spawn. All shall have prizes, part of their Yoom'n Rights. No point sacking the teachers or teaching assistants, better to discard the careerist, lying gabshite professional politician and his rentboy army of Spads and gophers and demand meaningful participation from parents.

It is among the villains of the piece and not their often clueless victims that the scythe should be wielded - the filth in parliament and their symbiotes in skymadeupnewsandfilth; the Quangoistes in parasitical semi-retirement, the Defence and IT contractors barefacedly robbing us blind and then employing the ministers who advantaged them; the rentboy armies - Spads and consultants and thinktankers and the banks, of course, sat with politicians on Power's latrine bench shitting in our faces; these, mr jmg2, are the enemy within; the idle civil servant, the bolshy road sweeper, these are just a skirmish, a mopping-up operation for a later date, First thing is put the motherfuckers up against the wall.

mongoose said...

It is almost a truism, Mr Ishmael, the more money that anyone spends, the more is wasted. A millionaire is unlikely to wander the house turning off lights and turning down thermostats. That this waste is especially so in the case of Public sector spending - wherein the money is not even one's own - is, I venture, all but beyond dispute.

But your point about the fuckers is also true. The axe will indeed fall on the little people. It isn't anyway just about the numbers of people employed. It's about the fifty quid light-bulbs and the three quid biros. It's about the teachers not being allowed to reach up and change said lightbulb, the chit, the memo, the email, the requisition, the order placement, the appointment booking, the overtime after-school visit from the contractor. When I was a lad I'll bet every schoolteacher had a spare lightbulb in a drawer of the desk. Nicked no doubt from the storeroom and therefore a terrible bloating of the inventory. And how many teachers died by plummeting to their deaths?

And medicine. I could cut the drugs spend of the NHS by one-third any Monday morning you care to ask me to do it. The major suppliers Chief Execs would be invited to kneel quietly in front of the Health Secretary's desk, and to listen politely. "The price we will pay you for your drugs is hereby this minute reduced by one third. Hands up who doesn't want to be a supplier to us any longer. Nobody? Good. Now, fuck off and be thankful that it wasn't half, you bastards."

That economies cannot be made is nonsense. That useless bastards cannot be fired is too nomsense. Can we not start with the most egregious thieving, the mst worthless fuckers and work our way down?

PS I see BTW that Cameron is going to reduce the number of MPs by 10%. That is a start. It is almost enough to get me to vote for the horrible, oily, little fucker. Almost.

call me ishmael said...

All that is true, of course, mr mongoose, but it won't happen. Chief executives - the people who are to blame for all the profligacy you mention in the public sector, will first of all ring fence themselves in order that they may drive forward the necessary blah blah blah to protect blah blah blah and move forward and then they'll protect their mistresses and rent boys and the people who will support them in the hope of promotion and then they'll discard the hard-working and those without friends in high places. That's the way it is. And with any of the above that's the way it'll stay. The poorest, the least pushy, must pay for the mistakes of the rich and poweful. Here are our faces, please walk on them, for our own good.

As for this cunt, Rose, well I don't know how much of M and S gear is produced - manufactured - here but I suspect fuck all, really, I suspect, also that he talks-up his business rather more than it is worth, a bit like the house prices were and come another dip we might see the reality of M and S, grannyporn adverts notwithstanding,

mongoose said...

I do not doubt any of that, Mr Ishmael, and it ill behoves the almost useless arse Rose to pontificate about running anything. What do they know of the world who only M&S know?

It is true that the standard of senior-middle management in the Public sector is pretty poor. These are the fuckers who have learned to play the game, risen according to some twat's law to their point of incompetence, and now cling like leeches to the carcass of the service they are supposed to be delivering - teeth in deep and sucking for all their worth. These often are the bullies, the liars and the swine we wish to be rid of. Without them many a real worker is freed to do a better, wiser job unencumbered by the brutish horseshit that flies around the workplace these days.