Monday, 5 April 2010


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"   no new new new taxes...".
"   I love it when yoy talk dirty to me, Alastair...." 

HM Chancellor of the Empty Exchequer, Mr Alastair Darling, celebrates a traditional family Easter with his wife, Mrs Darling, in the garden of number 11, shortly before he is thrown out of it, the useless, shit-eating bastard,  either by a rejuvenated Prime Minister Snot or by Mr George Osblow, of the Cocaine and Unionist Party or indeed by the  electors of Edinburgh South West;  one way or another, though,  he's waved his last red box. Still, a generous pension awaits him. And probably  a seat of the boards of Northern Rock, RBS, Barclays, HBOS, Lloyds - all of them really, duly grateful, to him, obviously, not us.

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yardarm said...

Darling will fall to his knees before the banksters, trousers wet with terror at the thought of having to earn a living and will beg along the lines of " Have mercy, I saved you, save me ".

No doubt they will.As for the rest, Blair, the disgusting piece of shit, is their exemplar. The U boat to Argentina will be crammed to the hatches.