Wednesday, 31 March 2010



Agatha said...

Yes, Yes, very nice and very clever, Mr. Ishmael, but you are a man not of your word, a man of no substance, a grievous disappointment. Did I not ask for the Barry White Bathroom Dance? Did you not say, oh yes, agatha, 'twill be in the Sundy Supplement? And what was in the supplement? (well, a lot of good stuff, actually)...Ally McBeal dancing like a loon. And no dancing lawyers. Bring on the Dancing Lawyers.

call me ishmael said...

Or the Dancing Wu-li Masters or the Skating Vicars. It proved impossible for me to post the Barry White thing, although I tried and tried and tried and am currently having the same difficulty with one of the Sugarbabes posts, it just won't post.

Were this VIZ magazine we might find the reason for this cyber contrariness for in the back pages of VIZ there is a small column by Professor Fuck, in which the eponymous don explains the otherwise irresolvable paradoxes and enigmas and curiosities sent him by readers; the column is called Fuck Knows and I am sure, in the case of the missing Ali McBeal post, he does, even if I don't.