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The Nonce-Protector General of all Ireland, Father Doctor Cardinal Sean Brady,

Primate of All Ireland and Cardinal of Armagh, the rotten piece of shit, is resisting calls for his resignation, although none such come from his boss,

Pope Nazi, who, as Ratzinger, consigliere to the tarmac-slobbering previous incumbent, the Polish guy, attempted to sweep aside the scandal of priest noncing in the Eastern United States and when he couldn't do that sought protection for Mother Church Of All The Nonces by seeking section 11 bankruptcy, putting her ill-gotten gains beyond the reach of hundreds of nonced victims awarded compensation by the Federal courts; even by papal standards, Ratzinger, Pope Nazi, Benny the Fourteenth or howeverthefuckmany it is must be as much of a disappointment to a bewildered God as he is to decent, unsuperstitious mortals all around the world; he hasn't, anyway, sacked the cocksucker, Brady, why would he, hundreds of millions of people queue-up weekly to have their heads and their children fucked by these monsters, what's one more?

This from the Times

The Cardinal, who is being sued by a victim for not taking the allegations to the police, was summoned with all 24 of Ireland’s bishops to the Vatican last month to account for the shocking findings in two government-appointed independent inquiries into the Irish Church’s record of child sex abuse.

One of the reports found that the Government had colluded with the Church and legal authorities to cover up almost four decades of sexual abuse and beatings by priests and nuns of thousands of children in state care. The other revealed a litany of cover-ups by senior clergy in the Dublin diocese to protect the Church’s reputation.

In 1975 Cardinal Brady was a 36-year-old canon lawyer and a teacher at St Patrick’s College in Co Cavan. In his role as diocesan secretary he acted as the recorder of evidence on behalf of the bishop at a tribunal session.

At a second meeting a few weeks later he questioned witnesses and recorded their answers. The hearings were held behind closed doors at a Dominican friary and at the Norbertine Order’s Holy Trinity Abbey. They were presided over by three canon lawyers.

Father Smyth

Smyth was accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old altar boy and a 14-year-old girl. The boy and girl were required to sign affidavits swearing they would not talk to anybody except priests who had been given special permission by the tribunal. The church authorities did not inform police of the allegations.

In court, Smyth admitted dozens of counts of sexual abuse of children in nine counties over 35 years to 1993. He died of a heart attack in August 1997, one month into his 12-year prison sentence.

Mr O’Gorman, a survivor of clerical abuse, said it was obscene that the victims were required to sign oaths of secrecy and that it was unthinkable for Cardinal Brady to remain as head of the Church in Ireland.

“Whatever his youth, experience or supposed innocence back in 1975, I do not find his defence of ‘I was following orders’ remotely satisfactory,” he said.

Brady, as a canon lawyer - how very mediaeval - in the seventies, officiated at a hearing in which child victims of a Superstar Priest-Nonce were bound to silence over their treatment. We know how these things go, terrified children and cruel grown men threatening them, their parents, their eternal souls. Monsters, as bad, almost, as their physical abusers, maybe worse. Now Cardinal and a Vatican intimate of long standing, Brady denies that he did anything wrong, denies that he needs to, at the very least resign and fuck off. But preferably face serious charges and spend some years on a Paddy Nonce Wing

The Irish are a lyrically melancholy bunch and some of them are murderous, torturing filth, emboldened by crass, fairytale mythology and Guinness-swigging, spud-gulping, rosy-faced, sentimental, thick-as-pigshit, MommasBoy repressed homosexuality. If there is some tribal slight buried in aeons of fanciful history, Paddy will excavate it. And sing about it. Not for him a modern, secular, pluralist approach to history, his ancestors were all saints and scholars, warrior kings, chieftains, seers and bards, the dumb fuck. Worse than Jock, is Paddy. And at the recent IRA-SinnFein conference Gerry Adams, of the Noncing and Torturing Adamses, barnstormed bilingually about what a great place this island would be, so it would, if only it was a one-party Marxist Republic, with him in charge.

Adams, over forty years or so, commanded the murder of thousands of entirely innocent citizens and perhaps more cynically the cruel, deliberate maiming of those he felt were petty criminals, teenagers, their knees shattered, a mother suspected of what Adams would call treason, buried alive. In all this glorious time the bold Fenian NancyBoys have never administered a punishment beating to Father Nonce - some kid selling a bit of blow and not paying Gerry's bumboys their cut and JesusMaryAndJoseph the wee fucker'll pay with his knees, so he will. But thousands of children molested, assaulted, raped, buggered and passed around from priest to monsignor, well, that's no business of the IRA. Funny, that, ever quick to police anti-social behaviour, Gerry and Marty seem to turn a blind eye to this most scandalous aspect of Irish life.

The Roman Catholic church in Ireland and the IRA have long been uneasy bedfellows but bedfellows nevertheless. Maybe it's a case of we'll overlook your bombings and shootings if you overlook our wee foibles. It is time that the decent people of Eire, if there are any, rose up and threw both these gangs of fuckers into the Liffey, there should be no legitimate peace process with either of them, that we now hallow the mass murderer and his dialectic is just another of Blair's toxic leavings; that we, all of us, not just Paddy, maintain diplomatic relations with the Vatican is a stain and a problem and a disgrace which future people will find incredible.


Edgar said...

Indeed, Mr Ishmael, one hopes that a future world will look back in horror and disbelief at the events that characterise these nauseating times. That the Cardinal could claim, without dissolving into self-disgust and shame, that he didn't believe that this was a 'resigning matter' encourages one to wonder just what he would consider beyond the pale.

As was the case with the Birmingham Six, the 'authorities' (Christ help us!) deemed preservation of an image - the 'dignity' of powerful institutions - transcended and annulled the cry for justice from individuals. When the State, or the Church, or any institution whatever, dare claim that injustice must be tolerated to preserve a lie, to hide the truth of its own corruption and incompetence, then that institution must be brought down, and kept down. Regrettably, I still don't know how that might be achieved, other than by waiting for the whole rotten fucking mess to crumble under the weight of its own bullshit.

call me ishmael said...

That is the way of it, mr edgar. It was Lord Denning who said that it didn't matter if the entire West Midlands Police Force was lying about the Birmingham Six,(which, bless him, they were) it was better by far that the lies stand than that such a terrible thing be exposed. Where would we be, his Lordship enquired, if people didn't believe the police? Regarded by the learned friends as a great jurist and human being, was Denning.

mongoose said...

I see that one of them, at least, has something resembling a conscience. Now that we know that His Holiness the Fuhrer-Pope swept his own nonce embarrassment under the carpet, the Catholic Bishop of Arundel has said that the Church is holed below the waterline. (Below the waist-line, I think you'll find, matey.) It is little enough but it is a start.

Dick the Prick said...

Hee hee hee. I know it's not funny nut is. Another excellent post Mr Ish. Cheers.

A young Irish Catholic said...

I'm more Irish than English, but Christ almighty, the Birmingham Six, self-confessed IRA fund raisers, making for the Fleetwood ferry to get to the funeral of of a IRA murderer who blew himself up by mistake.

Once spoke to Chris Mullin's researcher about the his Birmingham Six book. Said I read it and was left with the impression that at least some of them were involved in the pub bombings.

Ah, said the immaculately liberal research cunt, Mullins never they never done it, he said they were incorrectly convicted.

Of course! The Liberal New Labour feminised view of the world. If I was never convicted squarely, I never done it, even though I did.

Fuck me, I was in Eire as a child on the day they blew up Mountbatten. Nobody I met was impressed.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks and fair enough, Mr ayaic but if we were to jail Republican sympathisers and fundraisers then the nicks would have been full of US Senators and Congressmen and the half of the West Midlands and a good part of London and Liverpool.

We simply can't jail people for life on suspicion and dodgy evidence and confessions obtained by torture. Fuck me, this isn't America.

Too long and complex a case to rehearse here, the Birmingham pub bombings, and the fact that I was there, in the Midlands, when it happened, gives me no more authority than does your childhood memory of the Warrenpoint bombing.

My own belief remains that they were tortured and fitted up and that was my belief before Mr Mullins published his book. It's not very hard to believe, is it, that for the reasons you state at the beginning of your post they would seem like ideal suspects, put them in a room with Alsatians and men with guns and who knows what they might say.

It does matter that people are rightly convicted and even if, as you say, there was some connection between these men and the events then the cops and the prison service and the lawyers, by their corrupt and brutal actions, assured an eventual acquittal. It doesn't matter, in short, what the accused may or may not have done, the cops torturing them, as they did, means they must go free. Wrongly convicted means what it says.

A young anglo irish catholic said...

For sure Mr I, but IRA bag carrying and supporting in the UK is worth 20 years of anyone's time.

If we could trust the judiciary, the buggers could have been convicted for supporting IRA operations, rather than the police trying to kill two birds with one stone - get justice for the victims and get a bunch of IRA supporters in jail.

For my money, they knew the risks of supporting terrorists in their adoptive city and when the terrorists go way to far, they catch the flak.

They might as well stand in the middle of the A38 and complain about being run over.

But yes, the dim coppers denied us proper justice for these enablers by duffing them up. Doesn't make me think that they didn't deserve 20 years, though...

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

Whatever the truth is, mr ayiac, it was rendered redundant by the Good Friday Agreement which put those guilty but not convicted of serial mass murder in government over their victims. And I don't resile from my point and mr edgar's, earlier, that the Courts may not uphold a travesty of justice merely in order that some institution be protected -for the cops to act like terrorists is terrorism's victory,innit.

mongoose said...

My, my, Mr Ishmael, that liberal conscience of yours is doing overtime. I too was in the midlands when it happened. If memory serves, the funeral to which the Six were going was of the prat who blew himself up while bombing Coventry's telephone exchange. If that is true, I heard the bang. If not, I heard the bang anyway some other day.

Dear God, the WM constabulary was as corrupt as any bastard police force that has ever smacked a hooker's face and emptied her purse. Vile, horrible bastards.

Did the Six do it? Probably not. Did they know more than they let on now? Probably. Does this excuse the Ruin of the Rule of Law? NO! No probably applies. "What would you do, Brother Roper, if the Devil turned and the laws of England were all flat?"

The horrible truth is that the IRA were completely compromised even then and MI5 were playing them like a fiddle. Realpolitik, Sir. The Brits fucked the Boys from the beginning to the end. 800 years and counting. "Here, Gerry lad, a couple of hundred thou a year and ye and McGunshot keep yer gobs shut, will ye? You can go on the telly and talk about what Jesus would have done. Laugh? We'll shit ourselves."

I have not the slightest doubt that the various miscarriages of justice were bargains. Just as the pro burglar did his bird when fitted up for the one in a million he didn't do, so the Boys knew their bargain. They sacrificed the fellow-travellers, the weak, the daft. It was always thus. Jesus, I crossed a picket line to listen to Christy Moore shout his rebel songs in Birmingham. It cannot have been 1981. How he, or I, escaped unhanged is beyond me.

Happy Paddies Day to yous all!

call me ishmael said...

This liberal conscience thing is a shit gig but someone has to do it, mr mongoose, and a happy Paddys Day to yourself, so it is.

It was only his thumb, wasn't it, they were going to bury, the rest of the body having been blown up outside the Coventry Post Office?

There was always talk that MI5 were more involved in the Birmingham bombings than we might ever know and like the citizens of Omagh the poor Brummies will never even know the miserable comfort which a conviction brings.

Aside from Don't Forget Yer Shovel I can't stand that man Moore. Maestro Brady, now, a few posts up the road, there's chilly, Paddy virtuosity.

mongoose said...

You're re about Christy Moore but we were young then and knew no better, so we didn't. Paddies, eh? What can you do with them feckless eejits?

And am I not away on the morrow to Cheltenham to wallow even deeper. I may even wear me balaclava and sunglasses.

call me ishmael said...

Ah but I was so much older then....