Monday, 6 July 2009


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Bishop Nazir-Ali regularly generates headlines with his forthright pronouncements on gay issues.

Senior Church of England Bishop says gays must "repent and be changed"

While just over a million people turned out in London for gay pride, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester called on gay people to "repent and be changed" saying the Church of England must not be "rolled over by culture." Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell called on the Bishop to "repent his homophobia." Webslice

Sarah Brown marches with gay MEP Michael Cashman

Sarah Brown marches in Pride parade

The prime minister's wife Sarah Brown today made history by marching in London's Pride parade. Webslice

Harriet Harman was booed and heckled at Pride, while Tory MP Jeremy Hunt had bottles thrown at him

Boos and cheers as politicians address Pride crowds

Just a day after a heated row over homophobia between Labour and the Conservatives, almost one million people gathered in London to celebrate gay Pride. Webslice

Peter Tatchell at Pride today

Peter Tatchell reminds Sarah Brown gays can't marry

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has reminded Sarah Brown, the prime minister's wife, that gays cannot get married. She marched in the Pride parade with Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill and gay MEP Michael Cashman as she waved a pink Union flag. Webslice publisher Benjamin Cohen and Attitude editor Matthew Todd outside Number 10

Gordon and Sarah Brown host Pride reception

Gordon and Sarah Brown hosted an intimate reception in Downing Street's gardens this morning for organisers of London Pride and the pink press. Webslice

Alan Duncan called the report

Gay Tory MP attacks new expenses story

Openly gay Conservative MP Alan Duncan has attacked the Daily Telegraph over the latest story on his expense claims. According to the newspaper, Duncan claimed £63,000 by "flipping" a mortgage to a property he had owned outright for ten years. Webslice

Harriet Harman has said the Tory party is still homophobic

Exclusive: Equality minister Harriet Harman warns gay voters 'should not be fooled' by Cameron's Section 28 apology

In an exclusive interview with, leader of the House of Commons and minister for equality Harriet Harman has echoed gay Labour MPs' views that the Conservative Party is homophobic. Webslice

Chris Bryant has extended his support to the two ambassadors

Gay Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant writes to ambassadors attacked over LGBT rights

Openly gay Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant has extended his support to two British ambassadors who were criticised for their support of gay rights. Webslice

Gay Tories, including Alan Duncan, will not appear at Pride today

Gay Tory MPs miss London Pride

Gay Conservative MPs Alan Duncan and Nick Herbert will not attend London Pride today. Instead, shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is not even gay, will attend in their place. He is to make a speech at Trafalgar Square this afternoon. Webslice

The research suggested most Toriy candidates wanted equal rights for gays

Poll finds 62 per cent of Tory candidates support equal rights for gays

A poll of 144 Conservative Party candidates has found that just under two-thirds support giving same-sex couples the same rights as straight married couples. Webslice

The gay charities called the decision

Gay charities condemn 'weak-minded' decision to change teachers' code on gay issues

Two gay charities have attacked the General Teaching Council for England (GTC) for rewording a teachers' code of conduct after faith groups complained they would have to "promote" homosexuality. Webslice

Alan Duncan said the attacks were a

Exclusive: Gay Tory MP Alan Duncan calls Labour's homophobia accusations 'a sick scare story'

Gay Conservative MP Alan Duncan has responded to attacks from Labour MPs who called the opposition party 'homophobic'. Webslice

Politicians from the three main parties took part in a debate last night

Gay politicians pitch for your votes

Leading Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs took part in a special Pride London event at the National Portrait Gallery last night. Webslice

Glenn Rycroft will serve at least 25 years in jail

Man who killed gay lover with a fire extinguisher jailed for life

A man who murdered his gay lover by beating him to death with a fire extinguisher has been told he can expect to serve 25 years in jail. Webslice

Joann Wood has been jailed for four and a half years (Photo Trevor Poapst)

Lesbian jailed for conning chatroom users out of nearly £100,000

A lesbian conwoman who targeted users on gay internet forums has been jailed for four and a half years. Joann Wood, 53, duped her victims out of almost £100,000 by claiming she was dying of cancer and needed money for life-saving treatment. Webslice

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call me ishmael said...
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Daisy said...

Jolly decent of you, Mr Ishmael, to broaden our limited horizons in this way.

My favourite bit was the adverts.

On Golden Gate Bridge, where you're only a small step away from Eternity.
On a remote mountaintop - Mt St Helens - blow that, you bastard.
Or our piece de resistance, down a fucking coal mine, with the lights out.

Are you a fat bastard - and gay to boot? Some people have all the luck. But here's the good news - worry about your weight no longer. HIV, or anally injected death serum, is also known as "slim" in Africa, for obvious reasons. Keep plugging away, you'll be thin in no time!

call me ishmael said...

My own horizons, really; and my favourite bit, Ms Daisy, was the comments, down the bottom. So to speak.

Daisy said...

Ah! I hadn't looked, but I do see what you mean.

They make Guido's crowd look like the Mothers Union!

Daisy said...


Fancy a bit of sunshine? How about mixing with a lot of big, butch, sweaty soldiers? Yes? Then Afghanistan could be just the place for you.

A vacancy has suddenly appeared for a person to clear minefields by walking through them with his fingers in his ears. You don't have to be a bit queer, but it helps, obviously.

No previous experience needed, full training given.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Couple of queers. One of them dies. Survivor tells the undertaker that he wants his ex-lover turned into a very hot curry.

"Why?" asks the undertaker.

"So I can feel him running out of my arse just one more time."

Anonymous said...

How much did this cost me as a taxpayer and don't divide it by how many of us there are.

Daisy said...

You’ll like this, Mr Ishmael, though perhaps not a lot.

According to Lord Bingham, who retired last year from his position as the senior Law Lord:

“Are there, for example, and this goes to conflict, not post-conflict situations, weapons that ought to be outlawed? From time to time in the history of international law various weapons have been thought to be so cruel as to be beyond the pale of human tolerance. I think cluster bombs and land mines are the most recent examples. It may be — it may be, I’m not expressing a view - that unmanned drones that fall on a house full of civilians is a weapon the international community should decide should not be used.”

His Lordship, talking of “unmanned drones that fall on a house full of civilians” is presumably referring, with all his customary clarity, to the Predator and Reaper aircraft armed with laser guided Hellfire missiles. Whilst they are unmanned, they are, of course, under human direction at all times and do not wander about, willy-nilly, crashing into houses as the notion takes them. (Hellfires, as well as being laser guided, are of course programmed to seek out wedding parties, particularly those where, although dress may be optional, the carrying of AK 47’s and RPG’s is de rigeur.)

But his Lordship’s distinction between manned and unmanned bombing escapes me. Last May, a B1 bomber dropped five 500lb bombs and three 2000lb bombs on an Afghan village, killing around 150 people. Why is the B1 presumably a legitimate weapon of war, but a Predator, unmanned but under human control and direction at all times, a weapon which his Lordship considers “so cruel as to be beyond the pale of human tolerance”?

One would have thought that it is the targeting of civilians, by whatever means, that is beyond the pale, but his Lordship who, it should be emphasised, was our most senior judge until his recent retirement, apparently thinks otherwise.

Daisy said...

This blog has now, apparently, become the cyberspace equivalent of the Marie Celeste.

The Plumber's van has been found, empty, in the mysterious dark fastnesses of Higher Jockland, its master and crew vanished into thin air. The Plumber’s overalls and customary half rolled down wellies were found lying neatly on the passenger seat along with the trusty adjustable spanner that never left his side and, in accordance with legend, there were rumours of half-drunken mugs of steaming tea, half-eaten sausage sarnies and a strange, shrivelled, woe-begotten creature that answered to “Dog, Buster”, and did nothing but shit all over the fucking place. Some talked of the vehicle’s milometer running backwards, but they were probably thinking of a previous occasion, prior to the Plumber selling his old van on E-bay.

What happened to the Plumber and his motley crew? Were they abducted by aliens? Did he mention the rocking horse once too often? Did he drive too close to Nessie and the monster from the deep consumed him? Or has he again been in communication with the Twilight Zone?

Stay tuned hereabouts, readers, when we discover what terrible fate has befallen our valued and much missed Plumber, you’ll be the first to know - you’ll hear it here first.

call me ishmael said...

My friend, stanislav, the plumber, has a heavy work load; Jock, as you know is an idle bastard and when his toilet goes wrong is happy to piss in the sink and shit in the garden, rather than do some work, our young friend is thus often on call, lest Scotland, best, as he puts it, part of England, be carried away on a tide of effluent. He is ever the optimist.