Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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In the appraoch to the illegal invasion of Iraq, NewLabour propaganda echoed Mad dog Thatcher’s description of ordinary people as the “enemy within”, describing the threatened firefighters strike as a threat to national security at a time when the country was on the eve of murderously blitzing the Iraqi population.

The firefighters, for charging into burning buildings, sought a wage of thirty grand, less than half that of the crooks troughing in Westminster, a fraction of those worthies' bloated, total takings.

Both parties, typically, condemned the firefighters' demands.

Today, in Edinburgh, thirty-five year old enemy within, Ewan Williamson, killed on duty, was seen off by comrades from all over the world.

Tony Blair, twenty million pounds richer, is still setting the world on fire.

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Erasmus said...

Why is there a preponderance of skinheads in the police and fire services?

Anonymous said...

The cry of 'National Security' is always the herald of some filthy lie.

mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

Pay package of a fully-trained, five-year man in a fireman's helmet in New York? $86,000 which is about £50,000 this evening. Cost of living index v UK... etc etc.

And don't start me on 18-year-old squaddies getting blown to bits for tuppence.

PT Barnum said...

Thank you for the reminder of that specious jibe at the firefighters by "God's" own child.

One wonders, if the military had the right to withdraw their labour, whether this war, fought on one leg with one hand tied behind the back, against an enemy regrouping in Pakistan and Somalia, would be enough to make them strike. But no, they understand about integrity and responsibility. Tis shameful that this cesspool of a government don't.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this never happens but if your on the third floor of a burning building who would you rather see at the top of the ladder a fully trained (if underpaid)firefighter or that lump of shit Bliar? On second thoughts perhaps you could pull the grinning buffoon war criminal in and get down the ladder yourself.