Saturday, 25 July 2009



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Social mobility ? Cunt. Working class, doped-up, idle bastard Trots like him can always betray their class by sucking the right Labour knobs, in his case the foreskins of Kinnock and Blair, and be rewarded with cabinet positions and subsequent lifetime sinecures.

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The career anti-racist – like Milburn and nearly everyone else in parliament - can always sign up to an illegal invasion in which the wog dead are not even counted; can preside over the meanest, most divisive welfare system in Europe, in which the eldery are the frozen few and the disabled are institutionaly despised; can devise an incomprehensible education system which his chums, like Lardy Abbott, so endorse that they by-pass it altogether, using money hustled from the poor to buy their brats special treatment and then they can bring forward proposals, chiding, superior and hectoring, like fucking Presbyterians, to correct the very fuck-ups for which they are responsible. There’s only one thing that thieving, idle, arrogant, smirking, sticky-fingered, useless, heathen bastard cocksucker, Milburn, needs and that’s a quick rub-down with a housebrick and throwing down a mineshaft, give him some subterranean social mobility, of the permanent variety.

Meantime, quite why this mouthy tosser needed to suddenly, instantaneously spend more time with his obviously judgement-impaired partner and brats is probably known only to a few in some clandestine Mandelson-Campbell charmed circle of disinformation but if anyone has any ideas it is their duty to share them; it is the right thing to do, for the country.


Alan Milburn (left,) and Charles Clarke have been agitating for leadership change from the backbench

Former Health Secretary Alan Milburn has landed a lucrative post as an adviser to soft drinks giant PepsiCo.

The company is best known for recruiting stars such as David Beckham, Britney Spears and Beyonce to promote its products.

But it is turning to Mr Milburn to help fight the backlash against unhealthy snacks and drinks. He will sit on an advisory board looking at how the company can build a healthier product range.

A spokesman for PepsiCo in the UK said: "What we are doing is following the precedent of our US company. The new committee has been set up to look at health and wellness and environmental sustainability.

"We believe the UK business will benefit from outside expertise, and Alan Milburn's track record will be of enormous value to our strategic direction."

From the Daily Filth-O-Mail

In other words Milburn receives 25 grand a year for having his name on the letterhead and taking Pepsi executives for drinks on the Westminster terrace, subsidised, of course, by the rest of us. O brave new, Geordie world, that has such people in't. Bonny lad.


Anonymous said...

Pop for the bairns? Dee 'em nee harm at aal, bonny lad!

caesars wife said...

interesting critique stanislav I dont think Nu labour quite realise yet what they have created .

however to return a cultural favour if ye not be at the clan gathering !!

margret hodge once described the proms as "to posh"

tonights offering was one of those moments of shear elegance and beauty, the BBC philharmonic and BBC choral conducted by 84 yr old Mr Mackreish
was just beyond words . I still cannot even begin to describe Delius "song of the hills" , it must have been quite amazing to be playing in the performance let alone listening .

Cant thank the performers enough !I just hope it was recorded .

call me ishmael said...

I hope to catch it on a repeat, thanks, Mr Caesar's Wife, I just caught the last few minutes tonight. I don't know the Delius and look forward to it.

A pox on Hodge, I once was in a choir of a thousand working class people on that RHA stage, doing the Messiah with, I think, the LPO. If you ever get the chance, do it, and the glory of the Lord will be reveal-ed, in a manner of speaking.

spark up said...
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spark up said...

The career anti-racist – like Milburn and nearly everyone else in parliament - can always sign up to an illegal invasion in which the wog dead are not even counted;

i believe gordon brown offered him the post of chief inspector of schools, helmund province, where he was due to lead the special governor service (sgs) into action behind enemy blackboards - but for reasons of health he has decided to stay home with his partner, dr ruth, and count his blessings. the taliban are inconsolable.

Dick the Prick said...

A 1,000 strong choir belting out the Messiah? Gadzooks, by crivens & a fair dash of tinkety tonks - bet that was awesome. How can the proms be 'too posh'? It's the same bullshit argument that makes golf out as 'exclusive' or 'middle class' when virtually all the top golfers came from nowt, just picked up a stick, twatted a ball and walked off after it. Stupid bitch - ooh, look, they're using their ears the hoyty toyty barstaards.

PT Barnum said...

Dumbing down, lowest common denominator, prizes for all, we have a hatful of cliches for this anti-intellectual, culturally impoverished and impoverishing government of none-of-the-talents.

Gordon Brown namechecks nanocelebs, lauds the latest faddish karaoke singer, while presiding over a regime which has left A-grade A-level students unable to think, spell, punctuate or engage with anything unless it's "on the exam". Universities carry out remedial teaching in the first semester of degrees, stealing time and resources from degree-level study. Students boil with indignation at being penalised for work which borders on the illiterate. Reading anything not on the required curriculum is "not cool" or a "waste of time". And where there used to be heated debate and disagreement, there is now the plaintive cry of "what's the right answer?".

It was not always thus. In fact, it became so in the last decade in an increasing downward spiral to apathy and ignorance. And these are the best and brightest products of the education conveyor belt. The rest? We see them on street corners, "talent" shows and court reports.

Twenty five years teaching in the university sector, before a disgruntled student took out his ire by stabbing me in the head, and I feel like the traveller coming upon the tomb of Ozymandius, a ruin of self-aggrandising ideology that used to be called education.

Attentive schoolboy said...

I went to a well respected grammar school in the late sixties, when the transition to comprehensive's began. The first noticable change was that although, we continued to sit O levels, some subjects, sociology being one, the exam was changed to a CSE. An O level was a straightforward pass or fail, but the CSE was graded, so in effect meaning any score received constituted a "pass" grade. It was this focus on everyone's a winner mentality that convinced my headmaster, a well respected academic to retire.
Of course, being a pimpled fifteen year old schoolboy with a crush on the hippie art mistress, it passed me by at the time.