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That speech to Chatham House.

From the Daily Filth-O-Graph.

Useless arsehole and paid consultant to the defence industry sets out retirement strategy.

“Let us be under no illusion. The situation in Afghanistan is serious - and not yet decided. The way forward is hard and dangerous. More lives will be lost and our resolve will be tested," Mr Ainsworth said “Only not moine, no way you’d bleedin’ catch me up the Khoyber Pass.”

"No single or simple solution will work. Success will be achieved incrementally. Step by step and over time, the Afghans themselves will take full responsibility for their own security and their own governance. And do exactly what President Obama telles ‘em, just loike what we do.”

Speaking earlier on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Ainsworth said: "There is, of course, gloom and worry back here in London with the numbers of voters, sorry troops, what we've lost. If people weren't (worrying), there would be something seriously wrong with them. I mean people stand to lose their bleedin’ seats, their cabinet jobs, everything."
But he said comparisons with Vietnam were wide of the mark and insisted "there is a very real sense of momentum" amongst troops in Afghanistan. “ ’specially when they’m flyin’ through the air on fire and turned insoide out. But jokin’ asoide, the ‘ash is very good, too, bleedin’ well oughta be, hadn’t it, that Afghani black.”

"Let us be clear, sacrificing manoeuvrability for heavy armour in every circumstance is not the answer," he said. "When we target the bomb makers and take out the capacity to produce, we cut the threat. And this is why so many UK troops have been so successfully killed in the last week, because we cut the threat, some of ‘em was seriously threatened wiv surviving their tour of duty, only, thank fuck, not all of ‘em what got killed was COs, for the use of, and mates wiv His Highness, Prince Wifeswapper. We don’t want too many a them clogging up the tarmac at Brize Norton, fuck me, no."

“The patriotic thing for these coroners to do is to shut up and vote Labour. My unswerving devotion to the task of a securing a just and lucrative retirement in the defence industry has paid dividends and is ample proof that those achieving high office in the great trade union movement can shit in the workers' faces, or in this case, the soldiers’, just as fragrantly as those filthy capitalist bosses.”

(sings, in whiny Brummy voice, Pack up yer troubles in yer old kitbag and smile, smile, smile……)


Daisy said...

"Let us be clear, sacrificing manoeuvrability for heavy armour in every circumstance is not the answer"

Nor was it the fucking question.

Making mine-resistant vehicles is primarily a matter of design, not weight of armour. Is is perfectly possible for a vehicle to be both mine-resistant and manoeuvrable - the Yanks have plenty of them, we far too few.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Well said, Mr Ishmael. The government's defence policy doesn't have the interests of our Armed Forces at heart.

Caractacus said...'d know better than I, but didn't the South African security forces, years ago, have some special vehicle that was designed so that any blast underneath it would be deflected either side of the part the troops were occupying?

Daisy said...

Quite so, Mr Caractacus. Both the Rhodesian and South African security forces had a long history of developing mine-resistant vehicles.

Both ended up with similar solutions, based on a V-shaped monocoque hull, the best known South African example being the Hippo.

As is ever the case, particularly with the MOD, the hard lessons have already been learned, but they must insist on re-inventing the wheel.

The Editor said...


I believe the Americans are using something simlar, it has a V-shaped hull which deflects the blast.

Mr Ainsworth, what can one say that hasn't been said about this cunt?

What miserable fucking shits run the great departments of state these days. Any dimwit could read Flashman and have a decent idea of the problems an army would face in Afghanistan, and that's without having watched the Russians getting fucked up the arse not so long ago.

This is a government drenched in blood.

Justice would be a dead nu labour arsewipe for every British soldier killed.

Caractacus said...

I deduce from your comment that this country is being run by people with less intelligence than your average dimwit.

I find it all rather depressing...

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

Another dimension to this, beyond the question of materiel, of ministerial, mandarin and brass incompetence and the unfathomable stupidity of what Mr Swiss Bob describes as Flashman-blindness is the over-reach of the criminal law in the matter of the so-called War On Drugs.

The difficulty is that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, globally, of well-paid careers in law enforcement, customs and so on depend upon government interfering in how we do what we have always done - alter our perceptions - and to do so with such conspicuous success that narcotics - and everything else - have never been so potent, so cheap, so easily available, so widely consumed, associated crime never so high, a punitive and conceited circle of destruction, easily remedied by a responsible licensing regime. The drug war is rather like the success in Afghanistan - the more of our blokes get killed, the greater our trumpeted resolve to get more of them killed, the War on the Talimen no more successful than the War on Drugs, unwinnable. Everybody knows that. Dunno what Bob Ainsworth knows militarily that the Red Army didn't but whatever it is it'll be shit; and what we know, for sure, regarding so-called drugs, is that since forever, where two or three have gathered together they have found something to chew, inhale, ferment, distil, bake, drink, inject, sniff up their noses or shove up their arses in order that they might, for a time, sidestep the awfulness of foredoomed existence and make art or love or fun. That we permit six hundred hypocrites, many of them users, to so police, corral, hector, bully, restrain and abuse us is one of the more remarkable signs of the times.