Tuesday, 14 July 2009


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I call on the member for Sheffield’s stupidest people, the Rt. Hon. Blind Boy Blunkett.

Thank you, Mr Deputy Spunker

I’d just like to remind my right honourable friend, Mr Bubbles, that many senior citizens at retirement age often have very young children that they have fathered with other men’s wives with whom they have, quite rightly, been in a bullying and predatory relationship, which is, of course, part of the cement of decent civic society which I mentioned earlier, fucking other blokes’ wives and getting their nannies special favours.

I turn now to my other concern which is that many men of retirement age have spent some time flogging their government contacts to disreputable companies, in order that they might increase the already staggering amounts of brass which they have been able to liberate from the public purse. Will the right honourable gentlemen assure this house that people such as myself, fucked-up, greedy bastards, the very personification of selfless public service, bullying and bribery, are not expected to pay for anything ?

Hear-hear, hear-hear, cheers.


lilith said...

It's not very PC but I would like to push those teeth down his throat.

call me ishmael said...

It was a joy to see him back in action in the commons; a lesson to us all, he is wasted on the backnbenches, not that he ever is. I wouldn't let him tune my piano.