Friday, 31 July 2009


If he drinks all the water it proves he's a terrorist and if he drowns it means he's refusing to co-operate in the democratic process.

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Donald Rumsfeld, the former US Defence Secretary, resigned to spend more time with his thumbscrews.

Reichsfuhrer Rumsfeld is described as a thoughtful man, a poet, a great American and a great friend to the United Kingdom, or the yellow-bellied Limey cocksuckers, as he described us at one of his well attended torture seminars.

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Edgar said...

Considering how readily Blair caved in to the invasion-of-Iraq blackmail, 'yellow-bellied Limey cocksuckers' seems to me a reasonable assessment.

Yes, almost certainly, the majority of the population were against Britain's involvement in the invasion and yes, there were hundreds of thousands (some claim a million) of protesters marching against it, but we still let it happen.

We still let it happen.

spark up said...

it must be something cultural

like moths to the lamp

the british population has a peculiar and perverse penchant for perishing in poppyfields

The Editor said...

mr spark up,

I always thought that was obvious given Britain's heritage. Having lived all over the World I came to the conclusion some time ago that, the British like fighting and are very good at it, a thought endorsed by a British General on Sky News.

call me ishmael said...

The Brits do fight a lot, statistially more than most; this kiddy knife and gun crime, though, that's not the same thing.

Ex-forces personnel are also massively disproportionately represented in the Criminal Justice, Penal and voluntary sector substance abuse systems, massively so. It can't be long before one of the learned friends, but not really friendly, figures out a class action - Joining the Army Can Fuck Your Life Up Bigtime, if the Wogs don't get you, Civvy Street will.

Such a shame that David Morrel's book, First Blood, was so successfully Bowdlerised by Sylvester Stallone, its central truths so diminished.