Thursday, 16 July 2009


ps, we are on their side, special relationship.
Send pizzas.
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Anonymous said...


black hole sunset said...

Standard proceedure, those Abu Ghraib / Gitmo goings on, if Panorama have it right (suspect they do, myself).

If 'merica was serious about avoiding a repeat of 911, they'd take a serious look at visas, flight training, suppressed investigations, 'failed' air defenses etc.; but they aren't, so they don't.

Torture's just something they get a kick out of; what a bunch of toughies.

call me ishmael said...

As a life-long abolitionist, I would hold my nose and hang everyone in this picture, bar Ahmed and the assorted dogblokes. And then I'd hang their COs and their COs. The waters of the North are littered with the bones of those who died, ostensibly to stop this shit happening and not so that we could do it ourselves, to the greater glory of Tony and Imelda.

Dick the Prick said...

I've had her, she were shite

black hole sunset said...

It's tempting, Mr Ishmael; poor bloody Ahmed almost certainly knew nothing anyway; 'released without charge', as they say (if not his sanity, or even life).

In the end, I'd settle for honest to goodness imprisonment in the vast majority of cases, but justice does seem to demand a 'Nuremberg' approach where top level facilitators and profiteers are concerned.