Tuesday, 21 July 2009



woman on a raft said...

There's life in the MSM yet if somebody has the sense to finance this investigation.

Thanks for this; it is good to be reminded that complex subjects can be investigated and presented in a way that everyone can understand.

call me ishmael said...

Funny how Rolling Stone, launched as a counter-cultural, avant garde, hippyshit broadsheet is now MSM. It might be that it was just always an industry vehicle, like Q or Mojo or the ghastly NME.

This guy seems OK, though; he is worth watching for ten minutes, infinitely more so than Robert Peston, Will Hutton or the foxtrotting nitwit, Cable.

revolving doors said...

I noticed in the eighties, that financial deals, including mortgages, were sold on commission basis. This seemed to be a departure from the previous system, where deals were brokered on viability. What do you care if it all goes tits up somewhere down the line, so long as you've got your slice off the top?
Ever since we watched the obscene way the directors of building societies bribed the members to "vote for change", and give them the keys to the sweet shop, it was destined to end in tears.
Of course, the boy with a pocket full of sweets has lots of friends.