Wednesday 8 December 2021

Now Look what you've Made Me do

 Didn't I say shuttup about the parties? Not enough that I've, er,  thrown Allegra to the mob?

Cripes, Carrie, er, what do I do now?
 What's that? Serious face? 

No, er, jokes?
How do I do that?
Okay, get, er, two really boring and really frightening men in suits who can do serious face.
Yep, that'll do. Let's have a rehearsal and for Cripes sake, nobody film this or some little grass will go running to the BBfuckingC
Right, Plan B. Look what you've made me do.This is the proportionate and responsible thing to do.

Introducing Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty on Graphs. Chris will explain what I want you to believe - Take it away, Chris. 
 And here comes the science with er, my Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance -
Cripes, Allegra, he's too much of a berk for even the public to swallow. Oh yes, I've thrown Allegra under a bus. Have I ever seen him before?
And, er, this bloke on air guitar.
Who is that chap and will someone stop him taking the piss for fuck's sake?



Mike said...

Poor old Boris has lost it; I don't blame the virus, because he never really had it. The clown act would always wear thin, then people would see that the silver was only plated brass.

As Napoleon said when asked what he prized most in a General: "luck". Boris is not General material.

As an aside: I do read the English newspapers on-line. I must say that the quality of the writing and the nature of the discourse has gone downhill. So maybe Boris is what passes as OK now?

Mike said...

Watching the start of the Ashes 1st test, it stuck me that the British national anthem is an embarrassing dirge. Unlikely to encourage performance in the national team.

By contrast consider this:

Stunned the crowd into silence, and even the hard men of the Russian ice hockey team (BTW the best in the world) were humbled. Inspiring, or what?