Tuesday 12 November 2013



This really is a beaut. At a Remembrance jolly former coalition army minister, the unspeakable smarmhead, Sir Nick "Nick" Harvey, MP, was sandbagged by a former WREN, incensed at his previously claiming a few coppers to cover his expenses to a previous Remembrance do.

In front of assembled reptiles she stiffed him with an envelope, published below in the Telegraph, refunding the rotten bastard's expenses, for the second time. It is not known whether, in true frontbench LibDem style, Sir Nick eats faeces from rentboys' arses but he has all the hallmarks. His slithery response is below, as is the fact that he did the same thing the following year.

The MP said: "Two years ago my monthly travel claim for November inadvertently included the mileage cost for attending the Act of Remembrance.
"Had I spotted that individual item I would not have claimed for it, even though it was permissible within the rules.
"Unfortunately I did not notice it: we are all capable of human error and regrettably this was one on my part.
"When the matter was subsequently drawn to my attention I apologised immediately and paid the sum in question (and rather more) to a veterans' charity collection.
"I certainly had not intended the slightest disrespect to our service personnel and veterans.
"The matter was extensively aired in the media some 18 months ago. As far as I am concerned, once I realised what had happened I acknowledged my mistake, apologised and made reparation.
"If Ms Laing supplies me with a postal address I would like to return the £7 to her to donate to a veterans' charity as she sees fit."
It emerged that the MP had claimed Remembrance Day expenses in May 2012. 

You just have to love the "And rather more" Doncha.


Anonymous said...

I think the 2012 claim was for the 2011 remembrance service.

Still an utter bastard though.


call me ishmael said...

A bit like Mandelstein: Oh, gosh, silly me, I simply do not understand mortgages. That must be why I'm seckatry of state for trade and industry.

This guy was responsible for the fucking army, wasnt he? How can he not do his expenses properly?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't defending him, he's a cunt. But even he is not so fucking stupid as to do it twice.

I think the reason these bastards consistently enter fraudulent claims is down to the fact that they don't actually submit them themselves, they 'employ' someone equally bereft of morality, usually the person they are shagging at the time, on 40 grand a year, as their secretary. These secretaries have no doubt been instructed to extract as much juice as possible and haven't got the fucking brains not to claim for stuff that will enrage the public, stuff like poppy wreathes and travel to remembrance services. And electricity. And gas. And duck houses. And moat cleaning. and wisteria removal. and Sky TV. And, well you get the point.

I used to be a monarchist, through and through, and now I despise the parasites, particularly the Queen. If she had ANY decency, a scrap, some sad, shrivelled vestige left over from a previous monarch, she would ask for this man's resignation, and the resignations of all the other piss takers who are doing fuck all and getting paid shit loads for it.

But she can't, because she herself, the richest woman the world has ever seen, is doing exactly the same thing, on a galactic scale. Fucking hideous liar and a traitor. I used to think I'd like to see her hanged, and the rest of her fucking mob, every last one of them, but I have changed my mind. I'd have her, her mob, all these fucking ministers, MPs, councillors, MEPs and numerous other bastards living in the shit hole they have created; I have them in a council house, next door to druggy Kev and his latest slag, with their 10 kids and four bull mastiffs ; I'd have them stripped of every last fucking penny, every last acre and every last brick and tax them on their cold, unheated bedrooms; I'd have Phillip sitiing in his own shit, attented to (or not) by someone fresh off the banana boat, not a word of English, drinking from flower vases to eek out a few more days of disgrace and indignity. I'd have them burgled; I'd have them robbed at knifepoint, I'd have them working in one those fucking concentration camps that passes as a factory nowadays, on minimum wage, on a zero hours contract, doing a job so repetitive, boring and meaningless that it damages the mind, the soul even, utterly devoid of hope.

Just like some of the people these fuckers 'rule'.


yardarm said...

Bastard spent twenty years slagging off the Tories then at the drop of a Red Box the bastard`s got his arse behind a ministerial desk, part of the Junta of the Damned, signing p45`s for squaddies and now he`s Sir Nick, Mr Ishmael, damn our eyes, as compo for being expelled from the Junta to make room for the cunt Laws. Voted for this arsehole, to my shame. Next time I`d sooner piss in the ballot box.