Wednesday 27 November 2013



Actually, Mister Seckatry, manlove is,

 in my view, indeed, 
in my judgement, rather preferable.

 Is that right, bubba? 
You do that shit, that, um shit shit?

That's not how I would, in my considered judgement, describe it but clearly that is what it is; the downside, of course 
 being just the, ah,  might I say inevitable miscarriages...

You sayin' that fairies have miscarriages?
How's that, dude?

 Well, it is ay strange thing, Mr Seckatry.  
You see, whenever anyone calls me gay,
 which is nearly every day,
my long-suffering official wife, Fffffffion..................

She what you Limeys call a beard...?

Yes, quite, ay, ah,  beard, but she  has to have ay miscarriage or two,
just to indicate to the press that I give her her fair share of what I believe you Americans call Meat'n'Potatoes. Even though I don't.

They call you a faggot much of the time, then....?????

Largely so. Pretty much, ah, always.

Jeez, these Limey fairies, what are they like.
By the way, foreign seckatry, my new face hasn't slid off, has it?

No, it hasn't, 'srather attractive actuallyI do like that in a man, a plastic face.   Is President Hillary Trousers having one, too?
Ay face lift, Mr Seckatry, I merely ask is she having ay facelift, too?

Fucked if I know, how would ya tell?

Gimme that fucking job.
I must have that fucking job.
I deserve that fucking job 

She's a fucking raving mad dyke, ain't she?  Mad as a fuckin' hatter. And who could blame her, what, with ole Spunky Bill stuffing her full of the contents of a tobacconist's store every Saturday night, ya don't think he just done that shit with little Monica Lewotsit, do ya? 

Yo, sweet thing, I want y'all to think of me 
as a big brother, doin' some good ole incest on your ass.

Hey, purty first Lady,Hillary,  y'all wanna  just walk around the Oval Office for me with a Havana ceegar stickin' outa yer ass, eh? 
 That ceegar still in there, bitch?
Just so long as I get to be president, big boy.

An' if yer real good I'll jizz all over yer dress, bitch. Don'tya just love it when I talk dirty presidential talk to ya?   

A fine man and a fine president, William Jefferson Clinton;  a thief, a liar, a massmurderer and a whoremaster;  a great, great American. Ya know BillyBoy, he toasted a mentally ree-tarded nigger on his first Inauguration Day,

 just to show he wasn't soft on crime.  

Yeah, burn, baby burn.
And don't. Stop.  Thinkin' about tomorrow.

Guilty, what was the nigger guilty of?  Hell, he was a nigger, ain't that enough? But no,  she's one a your kind, Hills,

 well, not exactly one of your kind

 but ya know what I mean.

Yes, quite, what we would call ay muncher... 
A muncher? 
Carpet, carpet muncher ...
'Sat what you call them down the Conservative GayBlackLesbianTransgender Association? Only joking. I know your folks don't go for them perversions.  Leastways those a your folks that's left after you legalised faggot marriage and let all the gipsies in.
And anyway, can't you just tell everybody the baby's gone tits-up, fucked, SNAFU, you could say the little fucker failed to initialise or something; I mean you don't have to prove the bitch dropped one out, gasping an' lookin' like fried eggs covered in tomaytoe ketchup, do you?
Oh, I rather think I do........
Why in Hell's that?
Well,  I have to show the newspapers the scans and x-rays and all that stuff .......
And why ya gotta do that?
Because if I don't nobody will believe ay single word I say.  About not being gay.


But personal troubles aside, I do believe we done sorted this Eye-ran shit. Goddamned beardy sonsafuckinbitches.
You ran where, Mr Seckatry?
God fucking dammit, HagueyBoy, Eye-ran's the place we're in.
Ah, I see, like aloominum.
Like what?  Never mind, don't explain, it'll just be some Limey dogshit.  But we do seem to have at least made a start.  Sorted all that centrifuge shit, gonna give 'em back some of their own money. let their sick folks have some medicine, but not too much. Them coke-snortin', head-choppin' cocksuckers in Saudi Arabia ain't too happy, whole deal put 'em off their sheeps eyeballs, fithy fuckin' savages.  But fuck 'em anyway, we already let 'em away with 9/11, what the fuck else do they want?  Main thing's keeping Hymie onside. Y'know, Billyboy, some of my best friends are Hymies, trouble is, though,  mosta them seem to be Jews.  This Israel shithole, seems to be fulla fuckin' Jewboys.

 I beg your pardon, Mr Seckatry.
You didn't really say that, did you?
Yeah, fuck me Jesus, they seem to be crawling all over the fucking place, crying and banging their dumbfuck Hymie heads against the wall,

 like the whole motherfucking world was just one big Temple to Abraham, or whoever the fuck it was held a knife to his kid's throat. Anybody'd think they won the fucking war, the Hymies, the way they go on.
Well, I hardly think so, Mr Seckatry,  I hardly think that.

Well, maybe, but at least that war got them a country they've been desperate to steal offa the Ay-rabs for thousandsa fuckin' years.  Just marched in here and stole the whole fuckin' place, just like that.  An' the nukes, where do they get off, bitchin' at Eye-ran,  kike sonsafuckinbitches got huge amountsa secret nukes, secret bugbombs, secret nervebombs, fuckin' uranium shells,  plutonium blowpipes, napalm flamethrowers an' enough landmines to blanket the fuckin' Sahara.  Hymie's pointin' that shit at every bastard on Earth.  Takes his orders from some stone-age books  written on fuckin' goatskin an' full of fuckin' superstition,  worse than  our own Creationist assholes back home.  An' he, too, Hymie, just like Ahmed, he don't give a fuck either, if he blows us all to bitsa fuckin' shit, goin' home to Jehovah, goin' home to Allah,  they're all the fuckin' same.  No point playing lawyer shit with Eye-ran, not when  all that Hymie arsenal's fuckin' illegal and no motherfucker says fuck all about it.

But, Mr Seckatry, didn't you, ah, sell them all these weapons?

Shit, no, boy, we give 'em that shit.  
Didn have no choice, Capitol Hill's got Hymies comin' out the cupboards, hidin' in the fuckin' johns, lurkin' in the fuckin' corridors, just waitin' to bribe decent white christian anglo-saxon legislators with their filthy Hymie gold.

Mainstream America.

No, it ain't right, BillyBoy,  if the Jews got nukes and gas and megadeathshit, then why not the Eye-raynians?  Just as long as Uncle Sam got a thousand times as many as anyone else, shouldn't be a problem.  And ten million men - and broads - under arms.

But Mr Seckatry, you don't, with the, ah, greatest respect,
 have that large ay military.

Just you wait til I'm in the White House, boy, I'll militarise the whole fuckin' nation.  Trust me, I'm a liberal. 


Anonymous said...

What on earth is wrong with Kerry's jaw?

You want to be careful what you say about Hague. He drinks 10 pints a day. A real man's man, apparently.


Reginald said...

"He drinks 10 pints a day"
Of what????

Anonymous said...

I can guess, but I don't fancy it much myself.

Anonymous said...

It's probably champagne nowadays, but I was referring to little Willie's ridiculous claim to have regularly drank more than 10 pints of beer a day whilst working as a drayman.

Looks like a sausage jockey to me.


Anonymous said...

Ishmael you are one funny sob.
Mock and Ridicule the pompous asses.

yardarm said...

Hague did tend to overdo it in the ' Look at me, I`m a real man ' spin. Ten pints a day, all that kung fu with Seb Coe and Thatcher being ' shocked ' when he shared a room with the beard at the conference. And as if any of those headbangers in Israel, Iran or anyone else give a blind fuck what a pair of pricks like Hague and Kerry say, think or do.

jgm2 said...

Ten pints a day? I have never, in my whole life, drank ten pints in a day. The sheer volume of liquid would overwhelm me if nothing else. I'd die not of alcohol poisoning but of having my electrolytes diluted to fuck.

Ten pints a day? That's the alcohol equivalent of a bottle of vodka. I'd be spewing in the street. The room would be spinning. I'd be sick for a week. I wouldn't be able to eat for about three days.

No wonder FFion can't conceive. All his little sperm are probably reeling around her cervix pissed out of their tiny little heads looking for a nightclub.

call me ishmael said...

No, no, that's enough, mr jgm2, more than enough cervix horror.

call me ishmael said...

I thought he said sixteen, anyway, sixteen pints a day, back when he was a RealBloke/

Officer Sławomir Płewa of CPD (REINSTATED) said...