Wednesday 13 November 2013


This piece of shit, the man who single-handedly gave blindness a bad name,  is back, not in jail, where he should be, the rotten fucking bastard but rabble-rousing up North, inviting locals to riot over immigration policies launched by the government which employed him as the token disabled person at the cabinet table.  
Yes, we do let the dog watch, he 'as to be there, like, in case I fall out of bed. 

You couldn't nightmare him up, Blunkett, cock-waving, corrupt bullyboy, more intelligent life in my compost heap than in this gurning, demanding, vicious, over-promoted idiot.  For fucks sake, if anyone ever - some sentimentalist, like me -  thought again of voting for Labour they need only conjure up in their minds this cunt's endless lying, bullying, brutality, stupidity and naked, shameless corruption.  A decent law enforcement system would've locked him up, years ago. Disability only excuses some things  and in any event the Schmidt legislation which all parties support is trying to make disability a crime in its own right.

It should be a crime for a politician, blind or otherwise,  to suggest the machine-gunning  of anyone, even prisoners;  it should be a crime for a home seckatry to deploy Special Branch officers in the bullying of another man's wife; it should be a crime for politicians to do insider trading; it should be a crime for politicians to take employment with those to whom they had awarded contracts; most of all, perhaps, it should be a crime for politicians to write for Rupert Murdoch. Fifty grand a year was Blind Boy's Sun-bung.

It's not too late, he should be hoist with his own HateCrime petard. Throw the bastard hatemonger in prison, let him see how much of a holiday camp Wakefield jail really is.


jgm2 said...

It is indeed astonishing that this cunt, protected from too much righteous public abuse because, aw, bless him, the poor cunt is blind, has the fucking gall to 'warn' about unrestricted, rampant, ghettoisation through immigration. Brown was cut similar slack, partly because he's half-blind and partly because, aw, the poor man, he lost a wee child, can't be too hard on him. The wicked, vicious cunt. Hiding behind his bad eye and his dead daughter and his wife's skirt. Defying us to defy the taboos we grow up with of cutting the less fortunate some slack. The evil, manipulative, cowardly bastard.

And this cunt. No doubt front and centre when anybody questioned what the fuck all these PIA flights were doing arriving full in Birmingham twice a fucking day and departing empty, decrying them as 'racist' or 'bigoted' or whatever non-fucking-crime the cunts invented and put on the statute books. But it's okay to be concerned about white immigrants fucking the whole place up with their inability, nay, wilful refusal to play the fucking game. Same nonsense the poor fuckers in Southern Sudan had to put up with for two decades. Slaughtered in their millions by the Religion of Peace but nobody dare say anything for fear of upsetting the Saudis. Anyway, what the fuck the arabs are only killing blacks, christians, anamists, what the fuck do we care. It's what muslims do innit, kill Christians and other religions. Best leave them to it. Best not to upset them. Touchy fucking lot.

As soon as the cunts start killing 'their own' ie other Muslims suddenly the international community gets all brave. Oooh, stop that. Fucking cowards.

This cunt and his fellow travellers are the same. The Roma should just declare themselves muslim then the cunt wouldn't dare open his fucking mouth. Although I fancy the thieving gypsy bastards will be more than a match in our Balkanised cities if Abdul fancies a fucking go.

Cedric said...

Am I to understand that this chap is a bit "off"?

Anonymous said...

Ishmael you are fucking awesome. Reading your diatribes are pure catharsis.

Alphons said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ishmael you are fucking awesome. Reading your diatribes are pure catharsis."

I do not think you can compare the writings of Ishmael to any part of a feline's anatomy.

Ragarse said...

I concur - again.
Enoch Powell said all that was needed:
The odious turd Blind Pugh can't even get the grammar right.

Anonymous said...

This was the cunt that had the red flag flying on Sheffield town hall, to 'honour the martyrs'.

Sheffield. Fuck me, what a fucking mess. An Industrial giant, crippled and wrecked.

I had the misfortune to lose a friend to lung cancer a while back. My misfortune not so great as his, obviously. He knew he was done for, and so did I, and he battled on for over 2 years. He was a very large man before his illness, and he did lose some weight, mostly muscle, but he never really wasted away. He was still large toward the end, and, if you hadn't known him before he was ill, you wouldn't have guessed it at first glance, that he was running out of time. Still a smile, a sparkle in the eye. But he was dying, faster than most of the rest of are.

I went to see him one day, at his home, toward the end. We never actually said it, but we both knew we would not meet again, not in this life at least. We chatted and laughed, like nothing was amiss, and tried to ignore the obvious. Time came for me to go, he was tired. He showed me to the door, and we looked each other in the eye, and we knew. But the thing that struck me, it always springs to mind when I think of him, was his handshake; it was incredibly strong, so suprisingly powerful, vigorous. This dying man, breathing on just half of one lung, had a grip stronger than mine ever was. He looked OK, outward appearances were good. He died 4 days later.

That's Sheffield: terminally diseased, dying, staggering on, and if you had never seen it in rude health, had nothing to compare to the rotten husk that is left now, you might be fooled into thinking there was not much wrong with it, that it was still strong and lively, when in reality it is walking dead, a zombie, propped up with quack remedies, rapidly running out of time, just like all the rest of the post-industrial North.

When that dreadful day comes, when the affliction finally overwhelms the host, you can bet your bottom dollar Blunkett will not be there, no martyrdom for him, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that Mr. Vincent

I remember, not too many years ago being awed by the acre upon acre of heavy industry. A lot of dirt for sure but the place was like a beating heart.

Now those same acres have become either waste or retail parks it seems. Christ, how many fucking shops do people need? Real prosperity replaced by the likes of Meadowhall (meadowhell as it is better known).