Tuesday 12 November 2013



call me ishmael said...

I must've sung some John Taverner stuff, along the way, certainly heard a lot of it, in ecclesiastical settings. He died yesterday, one of the 'sixties wunderkind, he was ill a lot and during his final illneses he found comfort, he said, in Beethoven's late quartets. I find a lot of things in them but comfort isn't one of them; looking for one I came across this piece of painful sweetness, instead.

the noblest prospect said...

Ah, Mr Smith, yer an awfy man. This chiaroscuro that you paint is indeed a wonder.

Careful with the speccy German, it can get a bit Leider. That was great.

Good news about the terrier. Regards.

call me ishmael said...

Danke, Herr von Prospect.

Be interested in your view of the Rhapsody, up the road.