Saturday 2 November 2013


The PBC Savile cover-up ran for decades, probably, in fact certainly, runs still.  No senior heads have been chopped, on the contrary, shitballs like Mark Thompson sit in the house of commons lying their faces off, paying themselves millions of taxpayer pounds when, in a decent society, they'd be breaking rocks on Dartmoor; on the shop floor  unspeakable, shit-tongued  hypocrites like Terry Wogan annually lecture us  about neglected children, Sir Tel charging us tens of thousands of pounds for his time. It is the darkest farce that the national home of paedophilia, a veritable Nonces' Guild runs a show called Children In Need when what they really mean is Children In Need Of Cock.

A flicker of light, however, cheered a darkening November, it was the news that Paul Oily Bastard Gambacinni had been nicked for beasting.  A wretched, cowardly arse-creeper, Gambo has been a feature of PBC radio for decades, taking himself hugely seriously, coming-out only when it was completely safe to do so  but now trumpeting his early gay rights commitment.  In a Shhh,Don't-Say-Anything manner, this simpering turd always managed to cast himself as confidante to the Queenly Establishment of showbusiness, Mercury, Bowie, little bald fat cunt Reg Dwight and his endlessly recurring arpeggios, they all came out to him, Oh, aeons ago, darlings, simply aeons.

Even though I never spoke out about the guilty,
all my loyal listeners will know that I'm innocent.

The PBC, of course, significantly and characteristically was happy to leave Paul on air, until a national newspaper broke the story.
When you look at the very worst things of which Brooks and Coulson might be convicted, they are  trivial to the point of immeasurability compared with the crimes of the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.
Readers here will remember our rage, a while back,  at this dreadful, smirking, old ponce claiming that although he, of course, knew all about Sir Jimmy Savile, his  own career came first, he simply dare not accuse what he called his senior at the PBC, nobody would  believe him. Rather like nobody believes him now, as he protests his own innocence of noncing. Lovely. The engineer hoist with his own petard. May he strangle slowly in Celebrity's cruel wind.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone at the beeb who hasn't interfered with someone or something they shouldn't have?

They want to have a look at degenerates like Graham Norton, Steven Fry, Russel Brand, Alan Carr, Julian Clary, Michael Barrymore, Kenneth Williams, Larry Grayson and Frankie Howerd, et al.

I'll be a monkey's uncle if that Izzard is not a nonse.

If you make a culture out of employing and promoting deviants and their lifestyles, is it a surprise to find out they've been doing what they do?


call me ishmael said...

Careful, mr vincent, straying, you are, into the realms of nonceophobia, the new cardinal sin; fine, it is, and rewarding to be a heterophobe but you simply mustn't challenge the Beast.

I used an Eagles' song lyric a short while back as a title - they stab them with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beasts - ; maybe we should try stabbing them a little harder.

All those people that you mention...someone needs to rearrange their faces and give them all another name.

That Alan Carr, God Almighty, what were You thinking of?