Tuesday 15 October 2013


I often think that we live in a series of parallel worlds, these days.  I don't give a flying fuck about sport, for instance, and I am not alone in this indifference, yet sport, its fixtures, its trivia and its personalities threaten to overwhelm us;  like most people, I despise the very idea of political parties, their existence and structures are     contrary to the idea of public service, yet  we are  cinstantly fed a diet of pap,  concerning  the wicked doings of three uniform gangs of criminals; MediaMInster haughtily claims to represent us, to intercede for us, to make us better and yet they are vermin, all of them;  the cops claim to protect us when, in fact, they kill us and beat us and frame us and they are never, ever, ever convicted, well, maybe one in  a thousand.  The person most likely to kill you is your doctor, he will find a way; he will mis - or over-prescribe, he will ignore obvious symptoms, he will be a dirty, filthy bastard who does not think he needs to wash his hands;  if he is in a hospital he will bully you, perform the wrong operation and send you home without proper care or medication and yet,  thanks to a ridiculously over-promoted Labour Health Seckatry, we shower him with money,  the drug companies shower him with money, everybody admires and respects him.  Many of our soldiers, never mind being heroes are sadistic  and murderous brutes.  These are just a few of the conflicting parallel realities,  the wilderness of mirrors amid  which we wrestle.

Now and again, though, something happens which lets the truth in, draws back the veil and on the Filth-O-Graph, today,  the ghastly Ben  Hodges, a formerly showy, faux-Labour activiste but now an angry, showy Ed-basher, wrote a piece circusising the McCann horrorshow, asking  the odd pertinent question - what about all the other missing kids ? There was a comments sign on the piece but when I looked where the comments should be there was another sign saying Comments Closed,  there weren't any comments at all.

In my experience of cyberspace, commenters - on 'blogs or 'papers - are generally quite sceptical;  they are naturally disobedient  and forthright - that's why Power hates the Internet - and I guess what happened, today, with Hodges' piece, was that there was a deluge of anti-McCannism with which the Filth-O-Graph did not want to be associated, comment, therefore, in this section of its comment section was forbidden.  I cannot but find this quite comforting, even the rednecks despise the McCanns with a ferocity that MediaMinster will not permit to speak its own name.

The world which gave Obomba a Peace Prize is the same world that tries to bamboozle us about Gerry and Cilla;  we should hunt-down its inhabitants and expose them, sunlight will kill them.


Mike said...

Its not only the parallel world you describe, Mr I, its the fact that they are increasingly encroaching on our lives, hounding us and telling us how to live - despite setting the worst examples. One small instance: I have just has to register my swimming pool (on pain of fine, and despite the fact its already been certified by the local council) and in due course a box-ticker will inspect to check the fencing is 1.2m and the necessary signs are displayed etc. All in case some kid falls in - my kids are 18 and 20. But they overlook the fact that at the end of my back yard (garden to you Poms) is a fucking great pool called the Tasman Sea which kids are in all day. Trivial I know, but it makes me angry.

PS: feel sorry for Hodges, what with that ghastly mother of his.

Anonymous said...

The more I look at Gerry McCann, the more I want to wipe that smug, haughty, arrogant smirk off his moisturised face.

I will piss my pants laughing if they lose this libel case in Portugal and are bankrupted, although I suppose they would not have brought the case unless the outcome had been predetermined in their favour, by their freemason mates.

Caratacus said...

When I strip away all the bollocks surrounding the McCann case, I am left with the fervent wish that Madeline is still alive and is with a loving family somewhere.

All the rights and wrongs to one side, that's all I really care about.

Alphons said...

Well M. Caratacus, I am in agreement with you, if it is a real loving family she is with. However,if it is not she may well not want to return to the one that did not seem to value her and her siblings.

Alphons said...

I should have said:-

Well M. Caratacus, I am in agreement with you, if it is a real loving family she is with. However,if it is she may well not want to return to the one that did not seem to value her and her sibling