Friday 18 October 2013



call me ishmael said...

New to me, I learned of her only via an Emmylou Harris cover of this song, Berg is an American chanteuse nouvelle of extraordinary power and confidence, writing heart-breaking songs, rib-tickling, ball-breaking songs; Millie Jackson meets Joni Mitchell.

She seems best with a big acoustic guitar but this song just tears me up.

Back when we were beautiful, Amen to that.

DtP said...

Ay, she's a bit special.

Bit of Scandanavia?

DtP said...

Cheeky fucks wrote it just to sort the mortgage out. It's the 'money' song apparently. Fair enough - being totally contemperaneous with Bjork and fancying her arse off disposes one somewhat to all things Icelandic. I think it's the Norwegians who call Brits 'their aggressive cousins' but Iceland's as good as Nashville if you've got a cardigan.

peep-2-peep presidential scatrooms said...

obama's been eavesdropping through merkel's mobile, probably peeps through the phone-cam too, whilst she's gobbling on bratwurst - well thank the fuck for that, i was beginning to worry about the guy...thought he was just snooping on blokes for god's sake.

and now there's two frogs in the room next to me who return to their room whenever i switch on the computer, knock on my door as soon as i start to enter a comment, and then, under the pretext of borrowing a screwdriver or some-such-shit, try to take a peep at my screen in order to confirm that my system is the same one they're hacking into and monitoring - snail-sniffing cunts who will no doubt soon have a tadpole, but not before the assiduous local gangster-tappers and career busy-buggers have, without any request or tip-off fom me, automatically made a full investigation of the aforesaid frisky french-fiddling fuckeurs' background networks and sold the results of their extensive professional enquiries to every global intelligence agency and spy-works willing to cough the cash. that's how it runs 'round here, it seems.

obumbavision said...

motherfucking frog-pervos and their all-pervasive porn networks - a bit kinda obvious in their surveillance techniques though, sound like rusticated amateur bodgeur-buggers to me.

actually, the cia only notify michelle and moi when the hardest hausfrau in the west's on the brink of taking a dump - that's highly classified shit, you know, we only show the action replays to our closest friends, family and colleagues.

we've also got a shot of vlad the lad riding bollock-naked on the back of a real rugged russian bear and then frenziedly jazzing his best beluga caviar all over the beast's butt - our satellite-cams don't lie you know, it was all yummy black and lumpy, and the cia can confirm that mishka was deeply honoured to have been big p's country-dancing partner, was most impressed by the understated cross-cultural-sensitivity displayed by the premier with respect to their brief but progressive interspecies-relationship, and was intensely satisfied, both emotionally and physically, by vp's tender, thoughtful, yet profoundly ursido-erotic performance, which mishka later rated as a perfect 10 (i think we hacked that last part from a top-secret kgb report, but don't tell anyone).

yep, i'm posting the vid up on e-bay for $50 - it's 100% genuine right, the guy even asks his long-haired playmate 'how was it?' after they finished-up, and then he gives mishka a great big sloppy-wet kiss on the lips as he's saying farewell at dawn. the first lady thought it was all just so sweet and romantic, dintya hun?

obumbavision said...

sorry, left a 'u' out of "buggeurs".

what a shame, on second-reading i sense some small element of uneducated disapproval lurking within the dim recesses of the remarks made by peep-2-peep presidential scatrooms.

yes, like my presidency, the dawn of the digital revolution has brought unimaginable change to the world - we can snoop on anyone we know, and anyone we don't know, we can monitor people 24 hours a day, turn their lives into an unlimited hell if they don't comply with our program, exploit them, but most definitely rob them...

...and anyone who doesn't take advantage of this technological progress is obviously totally out of touch with reality, eh mr ishmael?

fucking arsehole

Ernest said...

It is such a shame that many people can not see the dividing line ..