Thursday 22 December 2011



The Frogs want to prosecute a hard-working, decent Tory MP, simply because he did a Prince Harry at some piss-up.  So what if he sang the Horst Wessell song and roasted a few Jews in front of the chateau fire? 

Prominent Nazi, Kelvin McKenzie, writes:

Pissez vous off, M'sieu Frog,  that's what we say here at the Sun.

Say wotchalike about Hitler but he was a decent sort who paid his taxes and called a spade a spade.And then gassed him.
Wogs start  at Dover, women are slags, fuck 'em as soon as they're sixteen;  where's my fucking knighthood?

There's a Jew and a cripple and a nigger and a trade unionist, right, and they go in this crematorium.....

Mr  Flashman shares a joke with young Nazi, Master Aiden Burley, MP for CannockChasehoffen.

Unelected PM, Major Flashman,  has said that he believes in giving people a second chance to be good Nazis, but only if,  like himself,  they work for Fuhrer Murdoch. 

As far as we can tell, said a Downing Street aide, Mr   Burley has never performed a single service for Herr Mudoch, so he's out on his arse.  Andy Coulson?? Never heard of him. Sieg Heil.


Dr Yllek said...

Perhaps most of cabinet members are crypto Buddhists? Karma, punishment for previous life and all that Cabaret...

a young anglo-irish catholic said...

Yeah. It's those terribly smart uniforms....just so hard to resist.

I was once at a country house party in a 1750ish pile near Norwich. Somebody turned up in the full Nazi regalia.

I was genuinely riveted to watch him stride through the entrance hall: really a snapshot of what so very nearly happened within living memory. All those looneys taking over the country houses of England.

I'm glad I saw the sight, to be honest.

call me ishmael said...

I bet you are; the rest of us have to be content with the likes of Francis Maude and Philip Hammond, in civvies.

mongoose said...

The silly dressing up of silly men is not that much of a worry to me. What begins to give pause for thought is the occasional similarities now start to form themselves into battalions. Piss-weak currencies; unstable treaties; unstable Europe; today's anti-Ayrab USA now little better than the 1930s anti-Jew Germany; poverty about to strike millions. ANd, heck, the Forties followed the Thirties. Jesus!

And now the ECB has pissed another half-trillion to the banks. Are we here the last sane people on the planet? Has everyone else gone completely bonkers?

call me ishmael said...

And don't forget the Enemies Within, mr mongoose, the new Jews - public sector pensioners, people feigning disability, the workshy.

I hope that this much mooted Facebook, Flashmob, instant demo, as seen in Arabia and now Moscow, gets its Mojo working here, the sStreets, the new Ibiza.

a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Deciding to build motorways, that's were it starts.


Work sets you frei...I mean free.

call me ishmael said...

We call them autobahns, here, in the new EuroReich.

Trevor said...

Is it possible for me to complain of Racial Discrimination or harassment, because today I was referred to as A WHITE MAN by a person with a severe sunburn.