Wednesday, 13 October 2010




Mr Mad Mike Beardy-Git, Portsmouth South MP said on his website that he had voluntarily attended a police station and "co-operated fully" with inquiries.  Great how they all "co-operate fully" isn't it?  I would of even have reported myself if I had thought it was going to of come out, that's how decent I am, said the  beardy bastard.
Mr Hancock has declined to give any further details of the case, but previously denied any wrongdoing and claimed he had merely offered "help and support" to the 36-year-old woman. Nothing like a tongue down the throat to help and support your constituents.

It has previously been reported that the MP forcibly kissed the single mother as well as sending her late night text messages and lavishing gifts on her.

The MP, who married wife Jacqueline 43 years ago and has two children, was allegedly reported to police by a family support worker for the woman, who is understood to suffer from borderline personality disorder. ( ie she voted LibDem)

Tory leader of the LibDems, Mr Nick Gimp, below,

said, Am I saying, as Deputy Prime Minister, Second Class,  that it is right to snog one's constituents,  especially when they are mental cases? Of course I am not but if you ask me are Tory and LibDem  MPs above the law, Well, of course they are, just as long as  they support the Coalition which the nation, to a man, has voted for in an unparallelled act of democracy and which is a vindication of everythingwe said before the election, before we had a chance to see what was  written down in my friend, Mr Osblow's, rough book. Now, shall I ask myself some more questions, No, I am not saying that, I am far too important, for the time being. Off now to a meeting with the chief whip, Big Al (simper)


Woman on a Raft said...

lavishing gifts on her

That's the bit I have trouble believing.

call me ishmael said...

Tut. 'Sall relative, a box of Dairy Milk. And probably claimable on constituency expenses. That's the trouble with you rafting women, too cynical by half.

a young anglo-irish catholic said...

First instinct says this bloke is as guilty as sin.

Second thought is that the amount of mental disturbance among younger women is on the rise.

Lying through your teeth seems to have become the quirk du jour among the empowered young women.

Quite a few have been sent to clinker (often false rape claims) because they were caught out by text message and phone records.

Back in the day, razor-bladed female verbal abuse was not on record and we could argue all day about who said what to whom...

Amazing how few people know that phone records (including your position) can be downloaded by the coppers at the touch of a button.

Even today, the 7/7 inquest is told that text messages were 'found on a phone in the wreckage.'

Not true.

The soon to be ex-missus had some kind of dalliance (physical? probably hadn't quite got that far yet...) with a Police 'security' officer.

I sent her an email (through her .gov email address) pointing out that phone records could prove they were having 'security' meetings in cafes and pubs.

He read the email, of course, and next time I checked he'd left his post....

Ha. Liars.