Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Unelected prime minister of England  and First Lord of the Treasury, CallHimDave Cameron at an Old Etonians Reunion.

And at his day job
Noddy, Dave and the spunkfaced zombie.

Mr Spanker, I would just like to add my condolences to those of, I am sure, the whole house, as we pay tribute to the life of and to the family who have mercifully kept the fuck quiet over the death of  their daughter,  Ms Linda, ah,  um, er Ms Linda, um, er, Ms Linda Linda.  And I would add that her death is nothing whatsoever to do with my right honourable friend, Wilhelmina, the foreign seckatry.

Tory cheers, Labour boos, LibDem hisses......

Mr Spanker, I would just like to add the condolences of these benches to the family of Ms Wotsaname, killed by the incompetence of the silly tart, the member for Richmond....

image from website, wait for it,  SoSoGay.

who, probably, Mr Spunker, had his head up some boy's arse, tromboning him, the disgusting bastard, when he should have been concentrating on his job.

Labour cheers, Tory boos, LibDem simpers

Order! Order! The gentleman, the Leader of the Opposition,  should withdraw.

 And so should have he, Mr Spanker,

Labour jeers...

everybody knows he's an iron hoof, but out of deference to you - you're not one, are you? - I will withdraw my remark about the foreign seckatry being a predatory arse bandit. all very well telling lame jokes to a bunch of gabshite Rotarians but good for fuck all doing something grown-up.... rather like a brother I know but never mind...

Order-order. I think the point is made. Why do you think I hate the Tory party, too? Questions to the unelected prime minister of England.  Mr Ed Milliband.

Thank you Mr Spunker and perhaps the prime minister will tell the house just why his first cutting initiative is such a fuck-up, is it that he hates mothers and children or is it, as we  on this side think,  that the Exchequer dog is wagging the prime ministerial arse, well you know what I mean, tail, or dog.

Well, Mr Spanker, I may well have a spunkface zombie for a chancellor, but at least he's not a sad old postman, boring everyone with his singing and his fucking awful guitar-playing.

I think the prime minister should recognise that the music appreciation is down to me and that he should answer the questions. That' why it's called PMTs. or Qs.

Well, he may say that, Mr Splasher, he may say that, but it was his govament that has left us with no option but to fuck the poor even more vigourously, in order to please the rich, who own us, all of us; I mean, what would he have us do ? Should we just sit back and  let him fuck the poor in his own, Labour way? Or should we try a new way? Let's face it, Mr Speaker, fucking the poor, it's what we all came into politics to do.

Hear-Hear!!Cheers all round. More expenses!! Longer holidays!! Wives and rentboys on the payroll!! Fuck the Poor!! Long Live the bankers!!!

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