Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Millionaire Chris Huhne, the Lib Dem Energy Secretary, 
has  signalled ministers could make a fresh attempt to cut winter fuel payments,
which are worth between £125 and £400 a year per person. 
Anything, rather than upset the bankers. British bankers, foreign bankers.
Bankers anywhere.

Mr Huhne,  above, a shitminister,  was so excited by being in pretend govament
that he ditched his wife to become shacked up with a bisexual, 
for now.

Ministers are considering raising the age at which the elderly can claim winter fuel payments to 66 – and slashing the payouts by £100. Mr Osborne is still considering cuts to pensioner handouts and Department for Work and Pensions officials have been asked to find savings in cold weather supplementary payments for the elderly.


"   What's involved here is not a temporary downturn, after which conditions will improve for the masses of people, but rather a fundamental realignment of class relations based on a drastic and permanent lowering of working class living standards.  "


mongoose said...

It is the stupidity of it all that makes you want to thump them. Anbody who has ever had to work for a living - or lived in a family that does - knows how it works. Maggie, horrible old harridan that she was, knew how it worked. Mad McDoom even knew. A child in a fucking sweet-shop knows how it works.

How much money, George, do we have to save? Now the answer is several shedloads, Dave. Whole warehouses full of money, mountains of money with numbers nobody really understands. Big, fuck-off numbers. "Ok, we'll have that ten bob there and this five bob here. How much have we got so far?" "Fifteen bob, Dave." OK... Meanwhile one more grannie in Invernesshire will freeze, if not to death, then into not-going-to-make-it-through-this-winter sickness. Fuckers. Madness. Oh, and fuck tertiary education as well, will you, Lord Browne? (Of all the many stupid things I have seen governments propose this is surely the most stupid. I'll spare you all having to read the argument again though.)

The answer can be found in the grisly but more than capable hands of the ghastly Phillip Green. Government procurement is easily 100% inefficient. That is, the public sector easily pays £2 for things I can buy for £1. And, yes, some of that will turn into lost jobs but the vast majority of it is simply bunce, extra profit. "How much shall we charge?" "Can they go anywhere else?" "Yes, but they won't. It's in the bag. Stands us at £1,000". "OK, let's say £3,000. Do you think we can get away with 4?" "Expect so but let's say three-and-a-half. No, £3,780." "Will it go over?" "Yeah, we'll get more than 5 by the time it's over." And it's true. I've watched it. But let's not sort out that. Too difficult. They'd actually have to do some work. All in this together. Except for them.

yardarm said...

There`s a couple of questions Green should have asked.

One: why did it need some billionaire tax dodger to take a couple of months to find no doubt a great deal of waste which we pay 650 oxygen thieves in Westminster to find, especially when the ConLib gang have had years of opposing the Lab gang responsible for said waste.

Two: how come us Joe Soaps are all in this shit together when billionaire tax dodgers manifestly are not. Green, e mailing in his report from the deck of his yacht docked in Monaco, Michael ' Dr No ' Ashcroft controlling his Tory cyborgs from his base in an extinct sub sea volcano off Belize and Rupe who does suffer his sedan chair to be carried by lesser mortals than Prime Ministers.