Tuesday, 5 October 2010


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Hundreds of Tories listen to Mrs Theresa Shoes as she spells out the latest  Law 'n' Order policy.

Mrs Theresa Shoe-Fetish, Home Seckatry and Minister for Wimmin's shoes.

And so I said to the Chief Constables, you just have to cut your costs, I mean, you can get your men to wear leather trousers AND high heels, like I do. And if they don't, well, you can just sack 'em. Brave crime fighters or not. Or I'll sack you.

Applause, applause, applause.

And Harriet Harman is a complete, wossaname, a complete bitch, yes, and a slag.

Applause, applause, applause.

And Labour, I mean, wotcannIsay, shit, innit, conference, alltogevva now, Shit-On-New-Labour, Shit-On-New-Labour to-night.

Applause, cheers, Shit-On-New-Labour, Shit-On-New-Labour to-night.

Police back on the streets. Not behind their desks, No more paperwork. Chief constables accountable for cutting crime. Gimicky appointments of high profile victims' relatives - Knifing Czarinas. Jesus fucking wept.

Applause, applause, applause.

Tomorrow on The World At One: David Cameron, How she didn't really mean  any of that .


mongoose said...

It is a vile spectacle, is it not, Mr I? It comes to something when we have have had Blunkett, Straw, Reid, Smith and now this one is even more of a vacuous idiot.

And where is this liberalisation? Where is this Great Reform Bill? Where is the shredding of the - admittedly incompetent - police state in which we live? Where are the skips for the ASBOs, CCTV cameras, and PCSOs? And why is everything that is useless a four-letter acronym?

PT Barnum said...

ACPO, Mr mongoose.

call me ishmael said...

You forgot, and he is easy to forget, the singing postman, Mr Wotsisname, Johnson, the diseases man, who turned the hospitals into death camps for the vulnerable, he, too, was home seck, and once darling of the Party. Ms Lilith once remarked that ShoeWoman was a Tory own goal, that she gave any decent person the creeps, now, in coalition world, she is home secretary, with Kenny the wheezing Jazzman blowing his seen-it-all-before horn in discordant accompaniment.

Remains to be seen, me ptb, but ACPO may be the only resistance to this horrid old boot; they won't fancy her elected police commissioners idea. Strange times indeed, when we might justifiably cry Support Your Local Chief Constable!

mongoose said...

Shadow Chancellor now, Mr I. He'll put the boot into Little George. We can but hope. Don't hold your breath though.