Thursday, 14 October 2010


Denis MacShane, unpleasant, motormouthing former Labour minister and MP for Rotherham,  is alleged to have charged us twenty grand a year for an office he ran in his garage, thousands of pounds for eight laptops over three years, as well as  claiming sums for translation and research from a Euroquango run, coincidentally,  by his brother, Edwin Jabberwocky.  MacShane is the first MP to be referred to the Filth directly by his own colleagues on the Parliamentary Standards and Cover-up Committee. It must be bad, for them to turn on one another like that. Good-Oh. Shit, all of them.

Wakefield nick, that's the place for him, MacShane.  In there with proper hardcases, not effete parasite bullyboys, like himself.


Onanymus said...

How does one refer the Filth to the CPC?

Dick the Prick said...

Wakefield nick is right next to some lovely real ale boozers slap right bang next to Wakey train station so on a sunny night or a weekend or just because a few ales have been supped; well, err... it's quite common custom to hurl abuse, have a bit of a sing song and generally really quite horribly take the piss. Silence I could kinda cope with, people laughing their tits off going out drinking, dancing and may be some lervin' would be proper torture.

And what's with the polak deed poll? Got a secret, cunt?