Friday, 22 October 2010




At the brief height of the now forgotten organised criminal expenses scam, Nadine wailed that things were so tough and unfair that she should be on suicide watch. She really is an utter cunt.

This one sort of defies description. Tory bint, Nadine, above, in order to clear herself of  suspicion that she was involved in the by now quite normal MPs' second home scam, had to confess to, or invent, take your pick, the revelation that everything she wrote on her constituency blog was a pack of lies;  she wasn't, in fact, staying nights in her constituency, drinking in the local pisscorner, walking the dogs around the place or getting the sort of feel for her constituency which a proper MP finds indispensible and so she was cleared of the scam which such fictional activities  suggested. Her blog indicated that she   was spending most of her time in the constituency home and it could not, therefore, be the second home for which she was claiming thousands of my pounds.  Confessing to Commons' authorities that seventy per cent of her blog was lies, Dorries managed to get herself cleared, although rebuked.

"My blog is 70% fiction and 30% fact. It is written as a tool to enable my constituents to know me better and to reassure them of my commitment to Mid Bedfordshire."I rely heavily on poetic licence and frequently replace one place name/event/fact with another." Rather like the Coalition, then.

Imagine a doctor misleading his patients like this, or a teacher his or her pupils and their parents, or anyone, really, conistently and wilfully misleading their employers and laughing it off.  There will be no word of rebuke from CallHimDave, busy with the New Politics. And Fairness. Shit, all of them, filth and rubbish.

They're only fucking constituents, who gives a fuck about lying to them?


Grob Bone said...

It's the feeling of helplessness that hurts the most, Mr Ishmael. Devoid of honour, they are, and filled with contempt for the hosts they parasitise, and there seems to be not a single useful thing we can do to get rid of them. Driving stakes through their black hearts? Might work ...

MIke said...

Its pointless any more watching/reading/listening to what the bastards say.

Its every man for himself. Live by your own code of ethics; the law is now bollox and only for avoiding rather than obeying.

Dick the Prick said...

Good song, though?

Dick the Prick said...

Ah, sorry, came up the other way so did the Band & Chuck Berry - didn't realise about the Dorries woman. Hmm..yes, less said, the better. Friteful creature.

Agatha said...

I hadn't heard about this until Mr. Ish brought it to our attention, so was quite appalled, although not surprised - no, never surprised, by what they do. I visited her blog, in curiosity. You'd think she would have taken it down, in shame and embarassment, but MPs don't have an embarassment gene. She is brazening it out - says people are getting quite excited about her 70%explanations of her blog writings, but she does it to protect her family and staff. When will these bastards stop lying to us? And she's obviously of the same self-delusion as the tragic Liverpudlian Madonna, Dr. McKann, in that she clearly considers herself so beautiful that she attracts loonies and unkindness. Hence all the photos.
I think I'd like to become Amish.

mongoose said...

Horrible, fucking self-righteous git is Dorries. Too stupid to come in out of the rain too. She has been squirming on the hook this last year or more. Silence and hiding was what was called for, you daft muppet.

Suicide is painless, Nadine, do get on with it.

Verge said...

Sure she's not a LibDem in drag?

Name appears to be an anagram of I DO ARSE-DINNER

Woman on a Raft said...

I was minding my own business and someone had the telly on in the background. Dorries suddenly came on claiming to have been terrorized, had eggs chucked at her house and threats made.

Normally I'd be very sympathetic but Dorries has a very poor grasp of factual reality so I'm not sure how much of this happened and how much was a product of her imagination.

Dick the Prick said...

There's a Labour blogger - Chris Paul - (seems to have given up after the election - very good info on Cyril Smith as it's Rochdale based) who has charted her indiscretions assidously. She's blatantly horrid.

Woman on a Raft said...

DtP - indeed. I'm being more polite here than I wish to be because I'm trying to untangle personal antipathy from political evaluation and I'm aware of how very much I don't like Nadine.

I wouldn't want to be friends with her because she's a manipulative lying two-faced self-centred bitch, much worse than Eggwina who at least isn't a sanctimonious cow to boot.

That matters only when Dorries' normal behaviour becomes her political behaviour.

Still, shows you how useless McBride was that he couldn't be arsed to do the research on her and ended up compensating her, making her look like a wronged innocent. All he had to do was a day of serious googling and he'd have had her. No need for smears; could have done it all by telling the truth.

Woman on a Raft said...

Thanks Mr Ishmael for this. I never appreciated Chuck Berry until you started pointing out how it is his work which informs the others. Now it makes me smile.

call me ishmael said...

Chuck Berry, Mrs WOAR, could play his guitar just like ringing a bell. Chuck Berry is the first singer-songwriter, the real Elvis, the real Bob Dylan, the real Lennon and McCartney, the real Keef Richards, the real Bruce Springsteen. He's the real stanislav, the voice in off the street. Gonna write a little letter, gonna mail it to my local DeeJay.

Richard Neville, writing of the pop 'sixties, remembered that Mr Pete Nose, of the Oo, wouldn't let his band appear at some show or other unless they topped the bill, over the head of a visiting Chuck Berry. These child pornography researchers, what are they like, eh?